Episode: Show 44 - Wrath of the Khans II

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Show 44 - Wrath of the Khans II
The Mongol leader Genghis Khan displays an unmatched level of strategic genius while moving against both Northern China and the Eastern Islamic world. Both civilizations are left stunned and millions are slaughtered.

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
the ratio is brought to you by horrible pleased as all rubble pile gas dot com forward slash hardcore history for your free audio book and what you're about to hear his part two of 'em altay park pod cast on the mongol conquest in the middle ages to look you little mine starting a story in the middle of it will please by all means stick around for someone who likes to get all the background and catch up to what we're talking about before the story begins your check apart want in the spike s. series before you do that now without further ado part two for africa carnes getting some of them neither am i going on that a day with a low ebb game and meets his true love while i'm i'm have our huh gone i'm bernard other do you then stoked had what i had had a bad at it at and how and had one guy who will in that at all and the owner of dead wrong that kind of slutty and additional it loses the queen and really what hit a home that whirled code right well listen and examination as to what let little build bridges and when students are not yet if we did beat the martyrdom of dog and one of the yen to them the local women pack it's hard coal refused to me well the year twelve fifteen the all been coming ruler of the giant chunk of the islamic world shaw the place known as clarice 'em census bodies to china the shaw's name was muhammad money was entertaining the idea of maybe invading china the place but he knew little about other than the rumors and things he heard from trade nations the emissaries were the spying mission was led by one baja albion and sometime between all fifteen a twelve twenty the spy mission arrived in a city known as shown do modern day beijing by the time than he should arrive there they had already figured out that something was terribly well on the way they had encountered what they thought was a snow covered mountains when they saw in the distance as they get close to return got to be an absolutely massive pile of bolt action then the road on the way dijon do became unstable the ground marshy saturated with greece the result of decaying human body use of such incredible numbers but the rohatyn be abandoned and detoured around the stench was so horrible the persian chronicler gianni rights several of the nation became ill and some actually died by the time the mission reached this former capital of northern china they found the place devastated and tales of sixty thousand virgins who would supposedly jumped off the walls to escape capture any other people the shock or isn't he you've virtually nothing about the people that must've been unbelievably powerful because the city usually do in the ruins of this in a place that would later become beijing must've overwhelmed by all day and all by itself don't do a population often million people each cheyenne metropolis by the standards of the time and walls of stamped clay that were forty feet high with nine hundred babel tower surround it thirteen gates subterranean chambers that led to thwart fortified cities each was about five thousand soldiers in the new shown to at least twenty thousand in it's own garrison the city had been devastated the people wiped out and baja albin had to report back to his master that not only were the chinese this amazing magnificent civilization immense power sophistication but that apparently there was some group of people out there with the power to destroy that this was the muslim world's first real encounter with genghis khan and his mongols they would not have long to wait before their next but before muhammed score is me and this would feel the wrath of the khan is it was to turn it on the northern jeannie dynasty chinese the war that will lead to be shown to becoming a charcoal house can supposedly baja held in witnessed still few years in the future we pick up the story the war itself will be launched until twelve eleven don't you false in twelve fifteen in between that time the world receives one of the great shocks in all military history when the people hitherto scorned by perhaps the greatest eight in the middle ages this gene china attacking with a paltry force when you consider the magnitude of the task at hand decides to launch its war against the most populous state the world in may twelve eleven changes sets out for a change china with an estimated one hundred thousand horsemen this is considered to be at the time loop the maximum amount he could put into the field of course they would all mongols it should always be remembered that the mongol confederation like every other major step confederation and the people at the tip of the pyramid in this case the catholic mongols rolling over and allied with the rest of the base of the pyramid which include lots of other step tribes of various no ethnicity as many of them may be the majority of the turkish this one hundred thousand horsemen showed up outside china's our defenses by june twelve eleven he's our defenses were fabulous sophisticated walls and channels and moats battlements and towers now can it wasn't the famed great wall of china agreed to worst attraction that track so many people to china now mr refused to believe that the great wall existed back in these times the most recent belief is that the great wall didn't it's a later or invention of the main dynasty but certainly the chinese had for centuries even before this massive old structures and fortifications designed both to keep the nomadic horse people's out but also to force them to go through certain unpredictable aliens the main danger you have been all things no matter course army says their mobility if he could control where they went you know where to put shore or meeks you could channel the attacks through certain passes in mountain arranges for down sir no roads are valleys you'd know which station you were in a formidable defense armies the problem that the gene had was that they were each colonel e. week on paper genghis khan's attack against the so called golden keen golden carl golden emperor the base called all three names looks like a fool's errand the g. in the path of more troops by far more people buy for more resources by far better defense is by far genghis khan has no chance of all on paper the wars are not far on paper and often when military strategists some odd situation is the focus on sexy things like numbers and weaponry fortifications at the expense of the less sexy things that sometimes are the true determine ers of it all turns out to be the victory entrance onto the vanquished in the case of the northern jane dynasty chinese the bush unity one can make a parallel comparison to the french in nineteen forty one of their mocked invaded on paper the french should've been able to put up at least as good of resistance as they had a generation before the first world war as a matter of fact many in the german high command expected them to that defense took years and cost millions of german lives trying to o'brien in fact is most people not the french actually build huge defense is the national law in another's based on the idea that the conditions are gonna be the same if your defenses were ready for the journey to be able to count rhythm with even more casualties but what is the national line was not held by frenchmen instead i'll bite ethnic germans for 'em in alsace lorraine and when the fairmont shows up they decide they just hand the keys to the german generals because they can see which way the wind is blowing and they wanna be on the winning side that's exactly what happened in twelve eleven the hour when all the genie defenses was held by other nomadic course peoples and even more have anything to do with going up against genghis khan who seem to have enough had been his blessing because those people were very well aware the internal divisions inside in china you see the chairman were ruled by people called the church n. the church and we're not chinese a hundred years ago they had come from their homeland in what's now manchuria they had been semi nomadic people who inhabited this step in the four zones but manchuria and they came screaming down like mong goals of the generation before really 'cause they're very close i took over in northern china they took it over from another group that had done the very same thing in a generation or two before that people call dutch town now it should tie on and instead of being all wiped out or driven out or kept in place by the church in this as a modified form some of the most unique an important troops in this defense team and yet they hated their rulers it's never smart to be sure defense on a budget people who hate you i just that the ethnically han chinese the people who were the actual know chinese people who'd been in the whole time didn't like the juror channel or the chertoff on to them these were all for a barbarian conquerors that we are really worth dying for him grand scheme of things and i just that but times are not good they were friends they were floods the wrong kind it is the peasants were rebelling genghis khan probably knew all this yeah in intelligence service that is one of the greatest of all history some effect historian richard a gabriel considers it more of the best in all history says that the column was always always looking for divisions amongst his enemies that he could exploit on paper the june were practically incomparable in reality genghis khan knew that the entire structure within northern chinese dynasty rested on the house of cards the house of cards begins to tumble weave astounding speed want the mongols make it past the hour the defense is chinese records from leader pure english so you have to go on up the chinese bureaucracies which survived the rise and fall dynasties for millennia had a tradition and tradition was once a dynasty felt they sat down and wrote the entire complete history of it so sometimes these histories of these dynasties are censure we're too old by the time the written to get taken with a grain of salt and sometimes they're not that specific in this case they talk about the mongols getting past the hour defense is and swooping down on the towns of the north they're not specific about how the mongols conducted themselves but you can sort of in for their behavior by the way that they acted in later campaigns in eastern europe for example in persia in the middle east the mongols tended to kill three one townspeople farmers in the field on the marketplace people you just ran into now some of this may have been wanting cruelty afterall man's inhumanity to man is one of the favorite themes in literature is not but it also was probably calculated for a fact people with absolutely mathematical cold calculating precision like the biblical syrians were known to do the same frank because in poetry defensive adversary in a terrible position seized the initiative from them the juniper woodland to just be concentrating on his defense is getting his troops in the right places for a final that instead he's getting his frantic calls for ms northern territories from the civilians in the governors of these towns and come and help us where are you we'll see our armies anywhere but the models are reaping burning looting was gonna save us the temptation of course is to simply ignore those sorts of please except that they do that these people are liable to surrender stead of locking the door studies fortified cities and putting up a good fight and taking maybe a bunch of mongols with them the models like many people's had a policy you surrendering you can live sometimes you put up a fight or break till everybody was treated the city all the sudden the janet emperors and generals have to think very strongly about abandoning whatever their defensive planes were going in rescuing all these people that are being killed the piecemeal the divisions within the gym dynasty surface immediately once again these towns in the north a place called whining to surrender completely the governor of the town of switching sides joining the mongols and given a plum coming into the man i'm on the regiment for a long time after this period the gene wake up to what's going on they're quickly we've already had the outer defenses turned by treachery know what these major towns in this area and goes over to the other side genghis khan biographer paul richness he says that at this point that she in court is terrified and arguing you all for the right policy the emperor decides to ask genghis khan for peace deal genghis khan turned him down so the impersonators a general to consolidate the defense is up in the north this general gets the bright idea to send a negotiated a personally know as genghis khan two and maybe the little personal touch to make all the difference unfortunately the negotiator happens to be a teutonic as we said they're not too pleased anyway living under church and when the ship he goes to genghis khan and promptly defects as well bringing all sorts of military information with him next jedi one of the great generals and genghis khan is dealing with his own problem in more the strategic passes that the chinese are fortified they're holding with their most elite troops church in the kitchen don't count henri now there are two stories on how this went one is that you had another raft treachery and the whole defensive ranger was simply turn when the commander went over to the mongols again assumed to be happening left i'm mike the other story is the jet a known as the arrow uses the age old step tripped up pretending to felipe drawing out the defenders who think that they just won a victory in the need to pursue until all these mongols we're running away and once again and a prepared defensive positions they're surprised by mongols we're waiting for them in ambush should destroy the whole thing as a matter which of those two stories are true the bottom line is all the sudden an already terrified interchange ruler ship has just lost the very best church they have at the very same time this is going on another column you're having a complete the other directions walks down on the impure real pastors in the north driving off all of the cavalry in the horses that are just sitting there in a fattening up for use the away during the war boom in a moment they're gone all these things happening in quick succession is like a in medieval version of a blitzkrieg the chin reeling the entire ching dynasty might collapse very quickly to sport had not been for one of those strange little happenings in history they can muttering things on the dot in this case according to genghis khan biographer historian koresh mesquite ray construct by straight arrow now he doesn't seem to be a big deal the second die you're eating we asked to turn over command to his underlings and things don't go quite as well within the city with the conning command and the chinese you're able to stabilize things a little bit right yet dominoes tumbling here in the last moment agreeable to sort of like the battle of them are known for the french in the first world war save the day in and we stabilize things for a minute and a problem for them own goals is to not dealing very well with the climate at this point apparently the combination of several factors the fact that the defense isn't been stabilized the mongols were stuck there while longer the climate seem to be inducing disease in the mongols soldiers in their horses and maybe the fact that the condom wounded by a narrow made the mongols more open to the idea of a peace deal and they had been the first time that they rejected the golden emperors offer down the secret history of the mongols which is a much more contemporary source than the chinese records but is also look difficult to understand and very convoluted when it comes to war against the chinese to people that the secret history calls the cafe n.'s as in cafe they described an aborted attempt on the chinese capital don't you placed at the spies from the car is in shock later find in all the roads covered with greece in the mountains of bones supposedly according to the secret history genghis khan makes an attack on the capital it is rebuffed and then they make another one hears the way the secret history described court when they attack shall do once again the golden chain of cafe is great genera prince who shane advised his cane as the news with the mongol have an arthur on their side at the time come when you'll be forced to give them your thrown up the mongol arming is so powerful it killed the finest the most courageous soldiers of kappa at the church in the midget tom fighters and slaughtered so many of our armies destroyed the capture bar trusted fortress at chu yong kwan if we were former army to attack the mongol again and once again they defeat us building nothing to stop them from taking all of our studies at the cities are forced to fight the mongol army will most likely turn against us and surrender to them i say we should offer tribute to the comet the mongol for now at negotiate some settlement with him once we've negotiated a settlement on the mongol army has returned to the north then we can consider ramon ourselves what more we can do i've heard it said that the mongol men in their horses are consumed by diseases and find the southern land and paid for their way of life it's given one of your daughters to their car on let's give the man of their army heavy burdens of gold silver saxons another goods how come we know they won't agree to the easter eggs the gold again agreed with prince blue jeans advice annie said that we will do all these things he said the message offering tribute to genghis khan i gave him one of his daughters as a wife the gates of john du were opened and they set out great quantities of gold silver satins another goods letting the men of the mongol army divided themselves depending on how many beasts each had to carry the load prince hussein went on to negotiate with genghis khan agendas agreed to talk with him accepting their tribute and ordered his men to stop fighting and return all the towns that they had taken the army withdrew to the north it's losing road with genghis khan as far as the ridges of mold chew at war two and they returned the court is shown to enter soldiers carried off this much that is in good as they're beasts could hold when on their way securing their bottles with ropes of silk and co now this is part of a very confusing part of the story the entire campaigning gets china in this period confusing sources deferred they don't really get specific i mean for example several times to get this feeling like the mongols uptake in the capital johnny do only to find out later that they haven't we're really looks like is like many great cities the world over john du may have been the largest city in the world of the stolen i had suburbs you had this great walled city with a nine hundred been about towers and the triple mocha giant forty feet high walls all that stuff you had this in a growing area held side the main defenses were people started living in the marketplace with crop up in you get this in a suburb essentially and this was what the mongols had taken or besieging the main city from there and apparently having real problems with both the sea is starvation that issue surprise anyone because none of the stab nomadic enormous rock any purina history before this time had been particularly good at supply trains and bringing in all stauffer the troops they were expected to sort of little land live off their courage and if you were camped outside jaya city like this for very long time food might run low according to some of the source is the way the mongols dealt with this was by eating each other supposedly the resorted to cannibalism now most of the historian for modern times the red think that this is a confused account of an earlier story while the mongols may have feasted on dead bodies they don't think what some of the earlier sources said happened happened the people like jonathan okra pini say happened was that the commander ordered some troops to be killed in the army defeat the rest of 'em the sword maybe they draw lots and losers get thrown into the pot no winners get to eat there no former they're rick smits historians think that this may actually better related but not with them on goals with their forebears to cheat on the people who were fighting the church an supposedly during that conflict the church and had gotten us to toronto situation where they were starting and they may have perhaps he can thousands of their own troops losing some people in the army we sure that the rest of the army survived nonetheless the story is believable because the mongols garland was repellent to the saddle civilizations again it shows a certain level of off the ones that people for example like the islamic society to a very strict i jury comes could turn their nose up the pangs the people at the mongols or the hounds or the church or the skiff yours would eat after all the free port forced to deberry borders of starvation these nomadic societies were they need anything that was annabelle my niece dogs his saxony be if the situation warranted the people as a particularly on the nasty story and i'm i'm awesome chronicler tells all of a mongol horsemen who's eating an apparently this is something they had all the time the intestines or recently killed animal but they don't wash 'em they just roll 'em up you know about pushing out the material inside the intestine as they got leading intestines does this was the sort of stuff that just made the islamic societies to shot her made the mongol sector scary to you nonetheless it's sort of explain to the mongols really were on the verge of cannibalism why the great khan who was it literally inches away from victory would be willing to a cease and desist even after all the trouble he already gone to he goes back to mongolia they say in the second month of twelve fourteen year twelve fourteen and a little peace agreement with china so even make it to the end of the year by the end of the year or the mongols are back there back because the chinese rulers made a horrible mistake they decided that johnnie do was not defensible nine hundred battle sours forty feet walls of stand quiet subterranean chamber it doesn't matter we get the famous capital it's too far north let's move it south to nanjing the problem is is moving the capital south was a little like telling genghis khan you were preparing to straighten yourself to fight him again and he was not prepared to allow begin to recover bingo you're back at war what's more the southern chinese state the people was assaulted to know quite how to handle any of this some of the adviser's we're looking at this is a great thing yes our enemies the genial defeated us before are now being defeated by these models fantastic maybe we should help the other half of you guys as we're sitting in goma you crazy you get rid of the g. and then all of a sudden the only thing standing between us and genghis khan is gone all the sudden he's our neighbor the song who maybe could turn the tide here at the scene be in a collective threat or enjoying the other main enemy that gina being in trouble too much to do quite an effect this time when the war resumes john do is going to fall and this time we're told the one the mongol surround the chinese capital city perhaps as i said the largest city in the world at this time there's no getting away the government may have moved down to nanjing but the million inhabitants of zhang do we're still up in your modern day beijing a surrounded by the mongols when the mongols surrounded the city they began to starve in asia and you were told that they began to resort to cannibalism inside the giant tinoco maximilian people unable to get food the two golden came in golden con golden emperor sensor relief column of supplies to us all the city starvation problem but the mongols destroy the whole thing as soon as the commander of the city here is you don't see the starvation or in here is that the relief column has been destroyed he takes poison and commit suicide apparently the suicide along with the starvation and the destruction of the relief column sapped the will of the people to resist and the final assault of them on goals was accomplished relatively quickly military historian paul the coco picks up the narrative court the models accomplish the final assault to capture the city very quickly when the mongols road in dijon do the sack of the city was terrible trouble hold for several days the mongol set loose and devastated the city thousands were slaughtered and raped an allegedly sixty thousand women and girls committed suicide rather than allow themselves to be ravaged by the mongols soldiers caravans with thousands of carts called luke to mongolia for weeks and the fire started in the city reportedly lasted for over a month the mongols quietly left joan do with their last courts will wonder when the station dead bodies became too much even for these men accustomed large-scale death even years later traveler for poured the area around the city was littered with the skills of those killed the coco continues quote surprisingly to capture zhang do and the devastation lowlands of northern china did not in the war either wall again took place in john do the gym courted kai peng said another relief force the mongols intercepted this force on the whole unit was slaughtered nearly the whole of northern china was devastated enormous tracks of problems were burned flooded rather was destroyed hundreds of villages towns and cities were leveled and destroyed many more empty desert result of the deadly diseases that always accompany such death and destruction in some cases the mongols borscht whole populations to leave an area they join the millions of newly almost want reach rubble and looking for food insecurity constance dreams of people clogged road and waterways going south away from the dreaded mongols banditry became the leading occupation after scavenging and there was tremendous societal breakdown and quo now this would not ended the gina as we said this was a massive no empire with lots of fortified cities that to continue to hold out no-one prolong the agony of the death rattle for years to come nonetheless people like that should tonya we're turning on them the hammock chinese people in these areas win over the mongols very quickly genghis khan's attention though was drawn to the west you left the rest of the conquest of the g. in toulouse on the wings and the final nail in the june coffin would actually happen until after changes leaves the scene nonetheless the destruction of what was almost certainly the greatest city in the world at this point is a massive holocaust is no way to sugar coat it and yet people do in the first episode of the sea reach we talked about this idea of creative destruction where historians and others will look back i noticed the by products a terrible events and hailed him as milestones towards progress i have for example an appetite keep on my phone it's intended to spur creativity and one of the sections in the act is called steroid things op and in it the creativity director who were with the app quoted story in chester star says that is quote every so often civilization works itself into a corner from which further progress is virtually impossible long lines been apparent if new ideas are to have a chance the old systems must be so which arguably shaken but they lose their dominance then the author of the writes quote genghis khan's mongol invasion of china in the thirteenth century shook up what'd become a stagnant country the iselin mixture mongolia literary tactics an expert horsemanship with chinese iron technology in the ministry of know-how lead to political unity a flourishing commercial sector an expanded trade routes in court now i'm not picking on me creativity altered the sap his view is a standard revisionist view today think about that though folks the greatest holocaust of this time period probably he's merely in our minds the mines are people who none of the dead shaking things up to open up new venue is a good thanks i've often said and many others have to do political system in the united states is somewhat stagnant and maybe could use a little shaky not how would we feel it the shaking up process killed ten to fifteen million of our countrymen what's worth that but let's take another realm of the purely hypothetical for second you're a great many historians who when cited the role that the i. which the murder or six million jews during the second remorse holocaust played in laying the groundwork in creating the conditions for the creation of the modern state of israel what's remember the modern state of israel be your new jewish homeland or the reef founding of the jewish homeland is something that you said prayed for hope for work for former laney out literally was it worth the loss of six million of them to get there what was he just did it depends on who you ask i can almost guarantee you historians five hundred your chanel think it worth it because they seem to do that most of the time my chinese history professor with the unusual ability to tie into the pain in his ancestors were example most of the time historians look a big picture things like trade and commerce and we're all manson the individual lives if we pointed out into fade into the background what you asked is really sell five hundred years from ellis they thought the price of six million of their ancestors was worth it blood at that they're still feeling the pain even five hundred years turnout but it should they would think that that was a your priest it was worth it for what they got those people sacrificed themselves for millennia of jewish hopes and dreams but again they're not the ones to ask they're not the one to barry did the older just the beneficiaries of that to want to ask of the ones that paid with everything go holocaust or vibrant and lost their parents and their children their cousins and everyone in their family and ask them if it was worth it it seems to me the only way would be fair is if you offering the people who paid the bill a refund if they wanna bet gore those tragic figures hoosier viable loss of everything in the holocaust and ask them if they wanted everyone back and with the trade the resulting state of israel to get back to like to ask those chinese people too who lived in that does that one individual suggested that stagnant society that country that had come to a creative you know in the past asked them if they'd be happier i have losses restored to them and continue to live in a stagnant society or two you'll embraced the creative destruction that was being brought to them by the you know historical arsonist was genghis khan well twelve sixteen the contemporary break the historical arsonist returned to mongolia for a while 'cause he's got the shoes that requires attention besides what's going on in china the war in china never stops but without changes they are monitoring it personally it's a lot less blitzkrieg like that it was in the chinese were able to you hold their ground for a while watching the steals with she's in asia we're over the west the issues in his rear involve people that he thought he'd already dealt with tribes that he conquered during his rise to power that formed a part of the core of this mongol confederation we decided that the mongols we're so involved in china right now the perhaps it was a good time to see if you can get your independence back and some of the rebels are thinking that the mongols were unable to really respond in force b. c. is they were in the largest countries in the world of the time countries being a modern term of course for example people mona's the markets of mongol turkic people on the rebelled and the constant his generals out to chew destroy them destroying the leadership destroying most people in the tribe the markets according to some historians ceased to exist after the con punishes them further insurrection his generals go couple other locations deal very harshly with some of these other insurrection hissed and then he turns his mind towards a figure in the west but rather unique in the history of genghis khan it's one of the few of the cons enemies ever to survive his wrath and his subsequent activity so improved genghis khan the wisdom of making sure these people don't live to fight again another day at the figures name his record mr perot different versions but coach load tuesday when you see most often this could look was a member of the nyman tried as a matter of fact he was one of the leaders of this tribe his father had been the kind that would fought against genghis khan during jenkins is rise to power had died on the battlefield which will got away dingus became busy with china any sort of forgot about you're the danger that this nyman prince out control more annie to wait empire in the west and sought protection as sanctuary from in his pursuers agendas hat on his tail at all times mean he was relentless but could look find safety looks nice people moment the carotid taunted the house watch it on us now then incessantly you're it it doesn't involve the same people we talked about many times but to tongs the people who were old northern shine up before the june did jeanne dynasty was a conquest dynasty from injury of the people called the church in came down and displaced the rulers of northern china oh it's rulers had also been a conquest dynasty of outsiders they were called to tell and many of them stayed with a warrant for seventeen against angus come before changing sides as we said but not all of them some of them fled westward and took over this region in modern day kazakhstan and became a military dynasty there to outside observers they wish seemed thoroughly chinese by note that the shiny is any chinese name for the whole people they called them the western allow dynasty the reality that we formed the ruling elite ovary mainly islamic people were very powerful for awhile forming a major bator state that separated genghis khan in the east from this rising empire in the west the strict islamic society ron by shaw muhammad the core reasoning in shock the shah's territory didn't specifically touched genghis khan's territory 'cause this karachi tawny umpire was in the way and now these karachi times are giving coach will protection here's where the story gets interesting if we had a hundred episodes to deal with the speaker going to la detail to really important going to come out of this pardon tale that need to be related one of them is really just i would look happens to be in astoria christian now that's not that unusual small percentage of the stab people had been converted to restoring christianity brother interesting to think of christianity on me no edges of china and it would end up creating some very interesting legends and whatnot in the west down the road which will get to eventually but coach look marries the daughter are of this karachi tom leader who gives a sanctuary she happens to be a buddhist he converts to buddhism while all this is going on he's asking for favors from the karate tae leader one of the favors is kenny please gather the nyman tribesmen the genghis khan had scattered in a hitherto dreamy on you'll also one of the protection of the crotchety and probably saying something like listen these are great fighter should look to have been a fighting for you too an interim moved us again in hindsight looks incredibly stupid the carotid town leaders assure you can in a ditch or nyman tribes and i together knowledge is going on the existence of these nine trident don't even seem possible to believe the mongol sources they suggest that the white powder all the nine a couple of a mountain after the defeat of them in battle other historians suggest that many of the nine were killed but others were scattered the revisionist is story is trying to portray dingus in a more positive like to get to nine or just incorporated into the mongol tribes that doesn't sound that viable go because if they were working for genghis khan pining for him how the heck does coach look ever get them here to desert him come to him nonetheless he asked for permission is granted the start bringing in his own soldiers into this project on empire building his own strengthen and secretly working decor reasoning in shock on a deal the corps reason you shall was not too happy with it right to tell us he has to pay them tribute that's how powerful they are and what do this anymore and coach will basically to do with him saying listen you support me on takeover discouraged on empire and you will have to pay tribute anymore the shaw's all on board with an insult the secret arrangement they bring in roger tottenham pirate out they do this for wardrobe is a big battle and the sources differ when the switch look good or the carotid talked it doesn't matter though because when the battle's over whatever's left of the crotch tom armies immediately swept down upon by the entire up in a massive force of the chorus mean shaw who's been waiting sort of outside the battlefield to see when his hand waited until the karachi times and weekend and wiped out whatever was left of them leaving coach look in charge of that former empire he now adopts the name coach look on it and begins persecuting this people that he just became the ruler rot the karate tom's ruled over a population of almost entirely islamic people coach look at the former yeah storing christian converted to judaism now starts forcibly trying to convert muslims ended up doing things that are not calculated to make you look like a good ruler run from muslim population starting with their most worthy your d. moms he has this religious leader thrown in prison naked in chains yes and no food no water several days later drags him out in crucify sam on one of the maine religious schools his people begin to hate him this is exactly the sort of dissension within the ranks that the mongol intelligence service was wonderful what taking out the chink in the armor crack in the unity of opponents in your twelve eighteen twenty thousand mongol show up outside of what the cities of coach lupone is new empire temper claim that the genghis khan it is a believer in religious liberty but he believes everyone should be allowed to worship the gods of their fathers now modern historians go see genghis khan in a very positive light often use the cons views on religion as a way to show how tolerant the mongols were or how comparatively modern and liberal they are you could worship anyone you want how unusual for the times right that's not why genghis khan was doing at that he was doing it for the same reasons than any other great empires in history that you would never called liberal court tolerant or nice did the same thank we take the romans for example to route most of the roman republican empires world you can worship anyone you want to as a matter of fact was positively encouraged not just to believe your own gods but to believe in the dodger neighbor worshipped as well empires want stability they want peace within their borders they want people to be content and pay their taxes other than some in an attempt to destroy those rost religion in persia even alexander the great dinner party at a warship is gonna that donegan just be quiet to pay your taxes the reason the romans for example have so many problems with first the jews and then the christian is was this whole idea that there was one true god that implied a bidding war two was worshipping that god was wall that was a threat to the stability and um capacity of the empire and that's exactly the sort of thing that genghis khan didn't want to happen either in fact he used this toleration of people's faces a weapon and work wonderfully on coach look on it because she's people hated him an intensely the idea that genghis khan would come in and restore religious liberty to the moslem people who lived under coach was dominating and persecuting him temperament resulted in them rebelling in overthrowing coach look now a little about this mongol religious toleration it's fascinating awake especially some of the earlier stories deal with it the way the guy lady did morgan for example history in um this period talks about it is perfect he says the mongols believed in taking out although celeste dealing assurance the code that the great phrase not the way he you said it celeste your insurance the mongols weren't necessarily bo beavers that they're on the native religion which is considered to be sharman escaping the worshiping the sky in an undaunted nature they were no we sure that they had the right answers why take chances may be the christian god was the right daughter may be the muslim god was all they wanted from the subject peoples was that they would for a piece of the people to pray for the good health and welfare or the car by the way this is the same thing the roman emperor show choir didn't care of your day is that the other religion just bless the roman empire and the roman emperor and again he could go about on your way so let's steal insurance the great khan simply want to make sure that whomever the right gods turned out to be they had people on the imprint of the cons good health and welfare so plus you'll insurance in this case the celeste in your insurance paid off which was overthrown by this muslim people who can't stand him genghis khan is portrayed as a religious liberator and could float runs away in docks the religious tolerance aspect is one of the biggest most important parts of the karate town empire side of the story the other one what happens to the map of the world once could look on his erased from it in the crotch on empire goes way too all the sudden this buffer state that had separated in these two great rising empires genghis khan's mongols in the east in the corps is muni shah's you know turkic islamic empire in the west was gone all of a sudden the corps new shop and genghis khan next door neighbors that was not likely to turn out well but what you can say that this resulting holocaust was going to occur because of this in a side by side neighborly situation was almost certainly not genghis khan's fault the question of fault is very important here too get out of first time in the story we get multiple sources the sources broaden out for historians now that genghis khan breaks into another literate portable world instead of getting these bureaucratic chain of government spy old chinese source is written in a century or two were three later kind of emotional us what you consider the offer with the emotions that were part of the mongol attacks in china and instead of the mongols own secret history to themselves were it reads like something homer wrote the oleander the odyssey you get to read from the point of view of the victims in the islamic world this important point out that you get that ever wash 'em on the fact that when you get to see the same events from several different viewpoints because there are numerous islamic historians white about the mongols your contact in the muslim world but they're not all writing in the same conditions and who you decide to listen to when we decide to believe collars your entire view of the story some of these islamic historian is that future historians current modern people give a lot of attention to were not for your right whatever they want it to you they were writing from just after this period when the war under the control of mongol overlords people who got to look at their work and approved it before was allowed to be seen by the public people who would carter had offered to displease them these are people who when you read them see it to me to bend over backwards some time to explain away the bad things the mongols to take one out out law is sometimes they couldn't say the mongol detail all these people in the city but they could come up with a good excuse why they did a lot of the revisionist historians to try to tell you that the mongols were his bad assist report freedom tend to favor the most people and they will tend to discount the people cool had more freedom to write what they want to for the mongols took over and i'll say that they were exaggerated in that there's a lot of hyperbole new cable even the law that just over the top except for one day they would be ignoring the fact that the mongolia were option as they call it into the islamic world is profoundly embarrassing to the muslim people just as it will be profoundly embarrassing to the christian world when they break into christendom you have to have a similar view of god that those people had to see why it would be embarrassing if you believe in the right god it anti only god when you were faithful how could your god allowed these terrible things to happen is you okay comes to russia little farther on the story historians will talk about what they call a conspiracy of silence in the sources because the sources sir so embarrassed to have such a hard time explain why this would happen and if your god is the right got in fact some of the russian sources will for the twisted around say what must be because of their sins that got us in these people to punish them in other words why we got to do this to you what god's good reason in the muslim world the best historian in my opinion is a guy named even al top tier the guy who was contemporary to the events that are happening and loose ball to people who were there what's your rights most horrific accounts of these mongol tax into the middle east i don't know how historians rubbish mr otherwise can downplay would essentially say he's exaggerating why would exaggerate listen to how he frames is in you can tell it used to schooling him to even have to write now he's written a great history the talks that all about the contemporary course age of the europeans are launching crusades against the muslim world during this time but you're right agreed history of we can handle is writing what's happening now the genghis khan's mongols of turned their attention to the islamic world are beginning to destroy the act it will start with the corps new shop in twelve eighteen you warm in there but here's how how much here begins his history of these events can you tell me if he sounds he's magnifying not bad they are to me it looks like he would try to find anything he could find that would show that he has people had not been abandoned by their deity instead he is crestfallen the chapter reason titled account of the rapture of that to tarzan to the lines of islam now let's hear it writes quote for several years i continue to avoid mention of this disaster russet horrified me and i was unwilling to recount it was taking one step towards it and then another back always there would find it easy to write the obituary of islam in the moslems perot would be a trifling matter to give an account of this all within my mother had not given me bart all with that i had died before it occurred and if they've forgotten quite forgotten however a group of friends urged me to record it although what was hesitant i saw than that to leave it on don was of no benefit but we state but to do with the ball for counting the most terrible disaster and the greatest misfortune one alike of which the passage of days and nights cannot reproduce don't write all mankind but particularly affected the muslims if anyone were said that since god glory empower be he is created adam until this present time mankind has not had a comparable affliction he would be speaking the truth history books do not contain anything similar or anything that comes close to it and co in fact had been a lot here actually so we're from the glory of addresses future historians the knowledge is that the stock he's talking about is almost unbelievable but then he goes on to say that the people who lived her weight can attest to wit and they know what happened so pulling rank on later historians now what's your right to this school too indeed these to tarzan does something on the herd of an ancient or modern times the people emerges from the borders of china about four year passes some of them reach the layers of armenia in this direction to go beyond your rack in the direction of ramadan by god there is no doubt that anyone who comes after rest will long time has passed and sees the record of this event will refuse to accept it and think it most unlikely although the truth is in his hands when he deems it unlikely let him considered that we and all who write history in these times have made our record at that time when everyone living knew this disaster both learned and the ignorant all he colin their understanding of it because of its notoriety he says may god provide for the moslems in islam's someone to preserve regard them for they have been forced to meet a terrible enemy and reduced as for muslim princes to those whose aspirations do not go beyond their bellies in their private parts says the coming of the prospect god bless him and give him peace until this present time and the moslem had not suffered such hardship in misery as afflict them now and co but alex here along with all the other historians from this but to give up your him afterwards but the blame squarely on the moslem for causing this disaster someone who had the bad decision-making to decide pope genghis khan with a stick who would ever do that wow muhammad the core raising in sha wood and he's been vilified for ever since no i would like to suggest that he might not deserve quite as much blame is he's given butcher member something of the genghis khan was absolutely fearsome during this period well-known august and all that stuff but much of genghis khan's reputation for fierce and this will be made in this war that's about to start with the core which means shop he was in quite the destroyer or if he's going to be so the corps mean shot in all bad and in addition the corps raising any shelling is himself one of the great empire builders of this time period the war that's about to break out is like the war between two famous on defeated boxing champion us in tilda boxing match actually happens to let people on both sides suggesting how person arab boxer be to win this fight in it afterwards it might be ninety seconds long in every home also hot we're for think boxer ray had a chance in this don't know to what actually happened now there was a little bit of a preview that might've given you a little insight into what might happen because during the previous war with the karate tae the court wrestling shah's forces radiant with detachment genghis khan's force it's underwater because generals because general said was only one in trouble for me why actually have strict orders not to get involved with any conflict would you like what worries me a shopper have showing larry it's yours about on care which roars or i want trouble with you he said basically you're all keyed is an idolatrous for more rice standard and they thought christine shaw had a big army the mongols of small force of twenty thousand and some sources say the battle when three day is long you're saying that the blood ran into the streets and the horses were slipping in or just terrible stop and then supposedly you're both sides of the mongol sign in the middle of the night before the fourth day of the battle in ot camped in what this supposedly free to show off now because if you can't beat you know a small detachment of mongols what he did you wind up the entire u. mongol army shows aperture door this may have determined how some of the tactics would be used later on in the conflict which also be pointed out that if you think the genghis khan is going to go world war we do you eventually anyway you poke him with the speaking now and get him to attack the wings are retired down in china may be would've been dahmer if you're looking at him down the road to wait till he conquers china absorbs all those resources and then turns everything against the korea's mean jaws empire nonetheless people speculate forever about this but the corpus we shall is often given the lion's share of blame for the absolute rivers of blood moslem blog did in flow from the sea reason the vents it starts with a really poor decision involving trade genghis khan and supposedly many of the sources are from a later period were the muslim writers are kind of always finding good reasons for genghis khan to do we does little bit of an apologist sort of an approach genghis khan supposedly sends a message to the great new shop saying that you know the genghis khan is the emperor of the east the writings on a knowledge is the core is maria hsia as the sultan of the west the setting sun another which basically saying i'm an undefeated boucher overhearing champion you're not be debauchery champion my knowledge that we're both great let's try a trade is the benefit of the world any sense a caravan from the mongol chinese lions cross in a central asia to the cities are controlled by the corps mean sha bal understand how trade work in the street you had these trade routes to use in a half sort all roads don't think of roman road with the pavement the stoppages the well traveled there were hopes and sometimes the sugar few merchants if you can also few wagons but sometimes you have giant amount to trade between states we'll send out a caravan thousands of campbell's wagons and thousands of merchant in a stretching off the law lying in a past the horizon that's what this was filled with valuable silks and money and stop throughout the entire ancient medieval world these caravans had been tempting targets for bandits and attacks of all kinds and you've read about this in over an over again in a lot of times protection is afforded to them this case it seems like genghis khan was expecting his reputation to protect this giant caravan after all who would ever poke genghis khan with the stick right now the story becomes a little convoluted 'cause the sources different what happened one thing that i differ on is that this caravan is seized what rhymes at this destination the stock is taken in and i'm on gold merchants are either all put together some of them put to death the accused of spying spreading propaganda which modern historians say is not uncommon for any big caravan from this period nonetheless what's not clear is whether or not this was mohamed shah is idea or whether or not the governor of the city involved was acting on his own accord but when he then checked with the show up the shot was cool with it because what is caught no problem there this is the cassis belly what's about to happen the congo's bizarre work and he says that this is not howl rulers act that these caravans uneasy emissaries are protected individuals and any offers the court recently in shock and out rather nice thing for him to do and when you think about you genghis khan's character he tells the court is nearly shot if you didn't do this if this governor was acting in our inner rogue fashion no problem to be cool again just turn him over to me and all punish you the korea's new show up in a move that most one writer said the cost the blood of aunt hold numbers of muslims response by killing some of the emissaries delivering this message to him by cutting off the year it's a terrific insult to the others and sending them back to genghis khan now the trash talking begins and it reminds me to keep with our championship fight no theme of the pre fight press conference with the insults are being hurled each other because king his car and started and according to the dinner hour cartier genghis khan said is this message to the core which means shot quote you kill my men i my merchants and you take from them my property prepare for war crimes coming against u. with a host you cannot withstand and co and in perfect trash talking fashion in the chorus mina shum or responds with a similar message court i am coming to you though you were the edges of the art to deliver punishment and treat you as i'd treat your followers and co so it sounds like a showdown the second throw down easy imminent and the year twelve nineteen the bell ringing so when m. bell rings the corps reason shaw the star and by what happens the mall goals hit him up from so many different angles he must have been caught completely off balance as a matter of fact it for the reasons it so difficult to explain blow by blow details how does one more progress is the mongols don't fight like ancient germany for me stu they fight like modern army stu normally in the military history class if you see a map showing you the progress of an ancient medieval army it's relatively straightforward in easy to understand would be an army in it'll be one group in it's very sophisticated maybe two groups and you'll see some arrows were those armies progress the really sophisticated ones might come at you from two directions normally it's warm body of troops that gets applied in a very long supply training you can see them move from point a to point b. the pointy the mongols don't operate like that when you look in the map of omani goal military advantage looks like something from the second world war open up your history books and look at those advances in what you see instead of a single error or maybe two arrows advancing along the line of attack you see there rose all over the map look at the german advance into russia for example with the allied advance into germany you see enough in the different arrows in every direction circles mints on all sides immediate hit so complex a major head spin so when the mongols and i at the columns all operating independently at least five attacking the korea's mean shaw's empire from all different angles this was not something the military general rule and that error would unprepared for in fact historians believe accounts for why the mongols numbers are consistently overestimated binder follows to them it appeared like they were attacking everywhere wants the corps mean shaw's answer to this was not to meet him in the field of all now as i said he gets a bit of a bad reputation for competence or black the world but the time the guy was no is a second alexander the great soul he might have been little bit more formidable than we give him credit for he knew of things doll that are often not paid enough attention to you one of the things he knew was that he is giant army on paper might not be very trustworthy if you got all into one place upon time it may have been as large as four hundred thousand people not even his own troops could stand it has some of those other troops you rely on mercenaries a lot one of the people in his newly won empire didn't like each other the mongolia diligence services once again with informed the great khan of the disunity of this group he was facing it the second alexander the corps mean shot entered all this it was a gamble he decided not to meet the mongols in the field but to shot up his troops in garrison is in fortified cities he was gambling on some mistake in evidence and assumptions the idea of the mongols would not be good at siege warfare a member most step troops warrant he felt that if he could keep his soldiers in pockets of twenty thirty forty thousand many nice large cities with walls and molten defenses he could wear the mongols down hire them out maybe even bore them up and force them to go home eventually be realize is that the mongols that he was facing in twelve nineteen or not the mongols of thirty years before these were the mongols who had thousands of chinese siege in junior's captured in the wars with china fighting for them the sea change in years the most sophisticated in the world on the mongols came to these fortified cities they put the sea change in years to work the war between the mongols and quarries mean shop is a war sieges i'm on goals as part of their propaganda declared that these people before the sea to start it they surrender before the siege began switch it on the way pretty standard operating procedure for the stone history for most people will be spared if they don't every man woman and child we killed or sold into slavery or impressed into the mongol army is the devastation will be told all the story of this war consist of several different mongol columns maybe as many as five to seven gone off in the wrong direction is besieging cities and then massacring the inhabitants of them the corps mean shaw's in on paper massive military numbers are wasted in siege after she did teach the first city to feel i'm on call roth is the one commanded by the governor who first started this war by killing genghis khan's no merchants in the caravan regional we sent from the common to the core risk mean shop the city will hold out for five months of siege operations before capitulated the people of the city actually surrender and are spared but they don't know what they're in for the troops need all the ones who were in the garrison know that they're not gonna be spared so they don't surrender they fight to the last minute making the citadel but the problem is they're not really fighting the mongols because genghis khan the one wasting more mongols fighting people who were behind fortification is he takes the civilians who just surrendered and hordes them like cattle up against the walls of the citadel to do his dirty work for him this is something that the mongols hidden in china and would you throw up is war as well this is how they keep their casualties is most possible they forced the civilians up they just spared to take up the casualties for them they throw them up against rome soldiers forced them to fill in the moats sometimes even their own bodies to be the ones who become the shields that stock up the arrows on the stones and the missiles that are thrown from the defenders we're told from the chroniclers and more than once the defenders are horrified to recognize people indeed your heart of civilians that are fighting them as people by now all it's almost a portable mongol psychological warfare and it's part of what makes the mongol sparing the civilians although last one wonderful them the revisionist historians often make it out to be bill say something like what genghis khan spared everyone yes he spared everyone has to be used as human cannon fodder eventually the citadel will fall the defenders fighting to the last man and genghis khan law have been governor or killed either by the relatively merciful means of having his head struck from his body or as some sources say the relatively less merciful means off having molten silver or gold poured into his eyes and yours little bit of a psychological the message addressing the greed of the governor after the city falls will be paul karos turn next this famous silk road cd the limited defenses will be the next place to genghis khan's mongol strike they will enter that city after it's also surrendered by the civilians as similar scene will play out with the civilians are used as cannon fodder to go after the troops that are locked up inside the garrison when this happens there would be one of those moments recorded by the historians of the time it's just what those dramatic incidents were maybe you actually get a direct quote from the column every warrior or instance where you may get a feel for genghis khan and when you're rise in all but declares himself the flail of god after court by the persian historian to find him says that the column rolled into the center of the town after having the people of the town of the city able car up assembled he tells them court all people know that you could make a great seen in years and that the great ones i'm only when committed the sins if you ask me what proof i have for these words i say this because i am the punishment of god if you would not to make a great scenes god would not send a punishment like me upon you and co now the story of what happens to bow colorado's portrayed in different lights some historians say he'd been burned books are rundown other historians say was an accidental car is a tinderbox anyway in a fire starts nothing burns down the con supposedly spinners the civilian is that he killed the civilians according to historian is like the great then our party or who writes about the capture of o'connor robustly go to having finished with the citadel genghis khan proclaimed the list of the notables and headman should be made for him this was gonna one was handed to him you or did they be summoned they came in he said i want from you the bully on at the core resilient shaw sold you reid is mine it was taken from my followers and you have that you had any of it says alex here brought up before him then he ordered them to leave the city so they laughed stripped of their possessions none of them had anything with him but the clothes he was wearing the infidels meaning the mongols entered the city plundered it i killed anyone they found their he had the most loose around and then ordered his men to divide them amongst themselves which was don it was a dreadful day from the amount of weeping by the men women and children they were scattered to the four winds and completely torn apart they divided the women amongst themselves to a car became a wasteland collapsed on its roof timbers as though we had not been thrown in with people just the day before they can make it a horrid acts with women will people looked on and wept unable to defend themselves from any part of what befell bomb there were some who did not accept this and shooting death instead thought until they were killed among those who did this and chose to be killed rather than see what the bell the moslems or the lawyer ran him almost worse than howled in the almanzar day and is on for when they saw what was being done to the women folk they thought until they were sworn in the coffee solder howled in contacted in the same way though they gave up the infidels to prisoner and then they set fire to the city the blood drops us and the mosques they tortured the inhabitants in various ways in search of money and coped when our tears says that the mongols divided the people up what he means is what we talked about in the first part of this series that was the way the mongols executed large numbers of civilians you would imagine you are tasked with a massive engineering problem idea kill hundred thousand people i hand mongols did buy dividing the people amongst the number of soldiers they had an accord each soldier to do away with a certain number of people when pelletier says the mongols divided the people amongst the soldiers he means that the soldiers that matter responsibly to kill any number of people but they could often take the women for themselves again this is a had departed the story the rate up an hour to your point out over and over again how the women in your chest raped they were often raped in front of the townspeople the people who knew them in their relatives and that story he's pointing out that sometimes it just rolled them in a crazy and they would attempt to your cleaner resist and then they would be kill to use all our whole race fixing and it's let's not pretend i hope that they are unique to the mongols this is stuff that history has seen all over and over and over again and pack during the second world war one the soviets were moving into germany as sort of payback for what they had had inflicted upon them by the nazis you saw many of the same scenes as a matter of fact you can go on line now and see the aftereffects needless to say rumors of the mongols treatment of women spread widely after all there was bad anecdote to win in the city to proceed modern day beijing felt that sixty thousand virgins and ladies jumped off the walls to avoid what they thought was going to happen to them two of the chronicler from this period both of whom and revisionist historians actually like on tell the same story about some of the locals trying to prevent their daughters and women folk from being carried off by the mongols they tried to mayor reef am in advance as a way to hopefully prevent them from being taken by the mongols us lot when the song of the great cars and all but i was listening he would become the great khan eventually himself a severe alcoholics would die young because of this alcoholism this was a prom the plague many mongols on well did i heard did the townspeople were trying to shore circumvent the chance for these mongols to get these women as spoils he organized a payback here's the way historian paul rich mesquite quotes least two primary source mr range from the air i woke up there for art is said rumors that the girls and one clan were to be forced into marriage meeting with the marbles were upon these girls were all immediately patrolled we're married to their ranch hands in one of the diehard of this he ordered that all girls over the age of seventy should be brought together and it winds up less than one year should be taken from their husbands of the more than four thousand girls those assembled the daughters of the in the years were singled out and those present were ordered to consummate the marriage with them on the spot an act which caused the death of two girls of the remainder those who appeared worthy were selected for the hare rama others were distributed amongst the keepers of the leopards and wild animals or among the paolo servants also more sent to the brothel with the diplomatic rest house to serve travelers the remainder could be carried off by those present margolin most normal like a corridor rashid all day in the fathers brothers has been isn't relatives of these young girls watch this happen without having the courage of the opportunity to oppose it end quote that incident also demonstrate something else to several chroniclers to describe about the mongol invasions of this area it absolutely paralyzed the locals we now what your mom has many stories where unbelievably the people were so paralyzed with fear from the mongols they simply wouldn't fight back even when the outnumber them and they were armed he tells three stories where a model goal columns and find the crowd of the islamic folks but forget his weapon and tell us that crowd of people to stay right where they are the great cut their heads off the susie goes into disorder they stay there then one by one of these models kill the captives who could've won any time or overpowered there are kept read any time but the actual be paralyzed in fact there were several historians and make the case that the mall in gold tear were stuck activity had a purpose so of all logical insanity purpose to use a term for what her earlier shows where it was a calculated effort to terrorize the enemies so that the next time you came up to in any city they would simply give up without fighting in other words be as cruel and horrific as possible now maybe pays dividends later that saves the lives on both sides i think that's a stretch myself i think if you look at the history of many conquering tribal peoples what you're seeing here is not the ordinary another history to try to explain it that way as he gestured makes a lot of sense it is the scene all of your opponent as something less inhuman how often in or the opponents in war dehumanized even in modern times go look at the go look at the allied propaganda turning the japanese and meat into some sort of animal on subhuman it was a confined to the nazis who certainly did that as well as anyone it seems to be human quality in fact the u. step people's office on the settled in a human origins as it came to herding animals and they killed them like that this isn't a slam against the mongols this is a very human trait one shoe de humanize people put them on the level of vermin killing them harming them mistreating them so much easier i knew she had over and over and over again it's one of the common themes of the who were thick nature few history is that why we like to quote that history is the autobiography of a madman that's how this happened is the mongols traumatized this region and they did so through things like that mass rape involving girl seven years old i'm older get raped by the army in front of the tiger the populace i'm not sure there's ever been in that kind of nastiness on this scale in all human history what changes gandhi aid to this board the world he did in three years john of plano carping you're right after visiting the mongols that they think of the slaughter of other people as nothing now contrast the us with what marco polo all right for his experiences with the coppola come on half century after this total out poor blind was some perhaps the most tolerant interesting unwise of the mongol rulers and by the hailes ruling already this is different sort of view of genghis khan is coming into vogue and that's one more coppola's related fromm to the great mongol court wishes ruling over giant slice of the world by that time and he's taught the changes khan is a bring your options and justice and that his rule is so fantastic that people basically give up because they wanna live on direct you can see the beginnings and the stirrings of what will become the revisionist history sub decree cons tolerant unwise rule in your in a half century after the sort to hillside is related to actually occurred it's the mongol few of the great car he stared george washington and they are understandably do not linger on the blessed beneficial they are elements of his background in this war with the coursing in shock the city's fall won by warren and the horrifying incidence multiply the shipper murmur oh great samarkand the city's all fall with massive losses wife in some cases they fall to clamber deception where the inhabitants agreed to surrender on the grounds of their lives are gonna be spared and assumes the surrender and walk at the city the mongol army falls upon them until the mall and several of the city's every man woman child is put to death and the animals the dogs or cats were all killed too in one city he saw in law and genghis khan is killed during the fighting so afterwards he has the wife of the son-in-law put on a there are two of the throne if you will right now from the city and then has the hundreds of thousands of people who lived in the city be headed in front of her this wasn't a punishment for heard this was no horrifying experience for this which were white these economy images knives and just before this program one wonders visually what those look like imagine if you could have in a modern helicopter news footage of the killing of the population don't need shipper where the dogs and cats the men women and children were all killed their skulls and bones piled up in front of the throne with a mongol woman sitting on a presiding over the whole thing these things happened and the people in the middle east we're accustomed to violent warfare in campaigns of all kinds in their we're dealing with the crusades in the west had never seen anything like this and to this day bear the scars i'm not just this mongolia vacation but the one will come after which two neither of the korea's mean shaw muhammad nor his empire will be around this event second mongolian they shouldn't for after the capture of samarkand which was the capital of the corps mean empire to show off please only dad genghis khan on sundays best generals who would die with thirty thousand mongols in pursuit of him the chronicler say the suba dies orders shrum the con we're court do not come back until you had taken him prisoner if you please before you fall in troy is domains with it so wherever he may turn there every town which surrenders to u. but destroyed ruthlessly anyone who gets in your way in our first resistance and co the shawl wolf leave through his territories and as he passes through the leagues or the natives to burn their crops kill their livestock and ron now moslem chroniclers often portrayed this is a form of cowardice some of the better military story today suggest that the core reason you shall was pursuing what we call today a scorched earth policy trying to deny the mongols any sort of ability to live off the plane and while the mongol pursued his relentless go sue but i often driving his men at eighty miles or more day forcing him to change course is several times and sometimes dismissing the shot by a whisker that we the dangers him in an encounter when they got really close as they follow the shah they're taking cities sometimes the cities have disagreements amongst their population as to what the best course of action is do we surrendered to put up a fight military history richard a gabriel he is one account i found fascinating imagine being in your own city and having the population has such a serious and it's stressful pressurize debate the court outside the city of riot martin duran to let eyes columns clashed with all loyal remnant of the shows are made thirty thousand men took the field against the mongols bogor quickly defeated within the city ride the population was divided into two factions one that favor resistance am won the favor surrender the two sides came to blows with the factions they bring them on goals gaining the upper hand and slaughtering the other faction in the streets so but i rode into the city him watched with fascination is the two sides killed in that at last the pro more legal action carried the day only to have stupid i'd turn his troops upon them who could try such men to bid on must've thought in the new york extermination of every male in the city and co gabriel continue to use cool between ahmed darman the shores of the caspian sea the mongols lost the trail only to pick it up again in close rapidly on the shah muslim legend has it been sued the dire ride on the shore of the seed only to see assailed on the distance carrying the show on the safety is men were so angry having failed sobel legend goes that some of them charged their mounts into the sea swimming after him until the trial in court the shaw we'll find refuge on the caspian highland only to die there a broken deal man with the mongols still circling the shoreline lest he tried to get back to his empire which was now in the hands in the sauna was raising an army of resistance in the east disarming we smashed relatively easily in november twelve twenty-one at the bottom of the indus the survivors crowding in river as they went away thus marking the end of the organized resistance from the corps mean empire arm soon to die himself will return to genghis khan somewhat ashamed of not having captured the shabazz for his orders but with an interesting story to tell he supposedly heard from the turkish tribes that he was chasing remember many the soldiers fighting the corps new show or turks many of these trucks inhabiting the area it reached in the eastern europe today they told stupid i but people who live there the narrow faced man with white hair and blue ah i asked and stupid i've never having seen such minute quest in from the great on twenty thousand mentally recognizance mission to check out these territories scout come up and then come back and report to jenkins what existed there the column like the idea and gave him three years chickened out the mission in return home that endeavour will turn into the greatest and most devastating reconnaissance in force in all military history the more we introduced an entire segment of the eurasian land mass to this strikingly ferocious people the mongols that hitherto and even known existed this is global initiate the wonderful contact between asia and europe are so many of the revisionist historians how to score the lasting benefits of the mongolian your option outside of another step toward us into the saddle societies around them unfortunately just as in the middle east it will cost the lives of millions and millions of people uh we told you now for many years that horrible is the inner next leading provider of spoken audio entertainment that's in all encompassing term isn't it but if you look these day jewel find that the spoken audio entertainment is beginning to rival the amount of print content it's being produced today by publishers of course this includes audio books obviously 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going in the military what they're going to fix to give them so heads up under the impression that this will make their return to civilian life afterwards easier sort of warn them all the reality of what's going to happen i get that from this book instead it or i got was one of the there are first person accounts of combat i've ever read anywhere you were worried an account from vietnam war between the over what he went through first of all in the conflict and then it his attempt to come to grips with each of those incidents now what's fascinating process were you get this would be the fly on the wall if you watch this guy re kao peace incidents that he didn't think very much of wally's in the middle of combat after all that survival technique right and i'm watching come to grips with it now that process is fascinating any insight into what i'm lying to the eyes in combat is timeless edict is feeling like we did in any different in their ranks of the roman army in a winnie empires day it was in the u. s. army in vietnam or the north vietnamese army fighting them it's a fabulous read it's a very heavy book be ready for it but i find it valuable as all get out what is like to go war by car or more land to sniff igor ballpark cast on concord slash hardcore history if the teacher free audio book out you think the shell you discern is worth a dollar deanna dad would lead to have it about the shell it's all we ask don't forget you can buy yen instantly download past episodes of classic hardcore history right from the website committee and karla dot com for information on how to donate to the shell the next episode of wrath of the commons the great connor since enforced by the mongol general sue but i will take a detached calm own goals move on the edge of the middle east and then shoot up into europe introducing the trademark mon goal sword and flame and destruction in atrocities to region of the eurasian land mass that had no idea the mongols even existed and by the time they come to grief of what's going on the mongols it disappeared as quickly as they came heading back to their homeland to deal with a tragedy in the mongol world the death of the mongolian george washington but the rest of the world thought that that was an end to their troubles they didn't realize abyss george washington had to sentence and they were just as hungry for conquest as their ancestor round two of 'em on goal conquest begins that makes wound worn out but positively pacifist all that and more in the next episode of wrath of the combatants