Episode: Cultivating Place: Dr. Gordon Frankie, Bee Gardens & Bee-Loud Glades

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Cultivating Place: Dr. Gordon Frankie, Bee Gardens & Bee-Loud Glades
This week on Cultivating Place, we’re joined by Dr. Gordon Frankie, professor and researcher at the University of California Berkeley and founder/director there of the Urban Bee Lab, research initiative on the lives of California’s native bees. Co-author of “California Bees and Blooms: A Guide for Gardeners and Naturalists,” Gordon loves bees! Since 1987, he has been studying bee-flower relationships in urban gardens and landscapes and educating on the ways in which home gardeners and public landscapes can help our many native bees as they suffer the consequences of lost, degraded or fragmented native habitat. His work can be followed at helpabee.org.

Cultivating Place
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