Episode: S4 Ep1 - A new era in crime fighting

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S4 Ep1 - A new era in crime fighting
Forensic genealogy has ushered in a new era in crime fighting. Season 4 of Criminology is all about cases solved in 2018 using forensic genealogy techniques and databases to match old DNA to suspects. GedMatch and Parabon are names that have been in the news lately as they have been used to solved cold cases. We will be covering these cases in depth over the course of Season 4.   In this first episode we lay the ground work by diving into how law enforcement is using this public information to zero in on suspects to solve cold cases. We have a great conversation with Paul Holes about his work with forensic genealogy that lead to the capture of Joseph DeAngelo in the infamous Golden State Killer case. We also talk with Curtis Rogers the founder of GedMatch which was instrumental in zeroing in on DeAngelo and and a number of other cold case suspects.   You can help support the show by going to patreon.com/criminology   Please support our sponsors:   Madison Reed - Go to madison-reed.com/criminology and use the promo code criminology to get 10% off plus free shipping on your first color kit   Winc - Go to trywinc.com/criminology to get your first 4 bottles of wine for only $40   Bombas - Got to bombas.com/criminology and use the promo code criminology to get %20 off your first orderSupport the show.

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