Episode: UNIDENTIFIED: Flathead County Doe

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UNIDENTIFIED: Flathead County Doe

The Flathead County Sheriff's office and the DNA Doe Project are so close to identifying a man who’s been a doe for almost 17 years, but they need your help get this case across the finish line. Could you be related to the Flathead County Doe?

Based on his DNA, the DNA Doe Project believes that his family lineage could be linked to one of 11 family names in one of 3 different counties. Please keep in mind this does not exclude other last names or locations.

He could potentially be related to family members or ancestors from: Harlan County, KY with the last names: Saylor, Helton, Brock, or Blanton

He could potentially be related to family members or ancestors from: Montgomery County, IN with the last names: Ward, Linn, or Barrett

He could potentially be related to family members or ancestors from: Hancock County, TN with the last names: Greene, Epperson, Seales, or Trent

The DNA Doe Project asks that anyone who has taken a Direct to Consumer DNA test (like Ancestry, 23andMe, etc), to please upload your DNA to GEDmatch.com and "Opt-In" to help solve this and other cases!

Sources for this episode cannot be listed due to character limitations. For a full list of sources please visit https://crimejunkiepodcast.com/unidentified-flathead-county-doe/

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