Episode: Create Your Magical Life – Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life with Feng Shui expert, Tanya Jahnke

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Create Your Magical Life – Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life with Feng Shui expert, Tanya Jahnke

How do you feel the moment you step into your home? Are you overwhelmed by clutter or the desire for a house-cleaning fairy? Maybe it feels beautiful but you’re having health challenges or family conflicts or you’d like to boost your income. Feng Shui practitioner Tanya Jahnke has spent the last 20 years helping families and small businesses create tangible change in their lives using the principles and practical solutions offered by Feng Shui. In this show she explains where Feng Shui comes from, why it works and offers fun, simple tips to bring more magic into your life.

Learn more about Tanya at FengShui4theOm.com

Create Your Magical Life – Alana Sheeren
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