Episode: Create Your Magical Life – The Magic of Sound Healing with Ted Winslow

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Create Your Magical Life – The Magic of Sound Healing with Ted Winslow

At our very core, we are all vibrating energy. It makes sense then that we are impacted by the vibrations around us. One of the most powerful vibrations is that of sound and it can be immensely stressful (hello noise pollution!) or deeply relaxing and healing.

Using sacred tunings, different sound healing instruments and his SoundSyncTech™ technology, musician and sound healing researcher Ted Winslow creates music that awakens, transforms and heals. In this show he explains how and why sound healing is beneficial, talks about the divine beings that work with him to transmit their healing frequencies and shares the gift of his music with everyone listening.

Learn more about Ted and his work at TedWinslow.com

Also in this show, journalist and author Stephanie Hepburn talks about how her years of research on human trafficking and her love of fashion came together in her company Good Cloth, where she handpicks ethically sourced and sustainably made pieces and shares their journey with her customers. Find her at ShopGoodCloth.com

To access Ted’s gift, follow these instructions:

Go to www.tedwinslow.com

Under the store tab, select the “Angelic Sound Healing album”, add to cart.

Go to check out, there is be a section “Enter Coupon” & type in (all caps) “RADIO”

Hit the “Apply” button & check out

This will then show a balance of $0. You can then individually download the songs.

Create Your Magical Life – Alana Sheeren
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