Episode: Create Your Magical Life – Respect, Relationship & Being Seen with Lianne Raymond

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Create Your Magical Life – Respect, Relationship & Being Seen with Lianne Raymond

There is what feels like an epidemic of disrespect in the world right now, as evidenced by the way we treat ourselves, each other and the earth. How do we change this? What are we really talking about when we use the word “respect”?

What does it have to do with allowing ourselves to be seen?

I invited popular life coach and teacher, Lianne Raymond, to join me in this conversation and share her immense wisdom in the realm of the wild and magical human heart. She answers the above questions and we talk about love, grief and the 4 R’s of relationship.

Learn more about Lianne at LianneRaymond.com

Also in this show I talk with AmyAnn Cadwell, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Good Trade, an online community for ethically-minded consumers. The Good Trade searches for brands, products and ideas creating positive social change so it’s easier for you to support companies that align with your values. Find out more at TheGoodTrade.com

Create Your Magical Life – Alana Sheeren
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