Episode: Create Your Magical Life – Becoming a Well-Fed Woman with Rachel Cole

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Create Your Magical Life – Becoming a Well-Fed Woman with Rachel Cole

What are you truly hungry for?

This is the question Rachel Cole asks and helps women answer. Your answers could be about food but you might also be hungry for freedom, or love, or a sense of purpose. Rachel believes that satisfying our food hungers and our soul hungers go hand in hand. In this show, she talks about why dieting is a violent act, the power of intuitive eating, ways to savor your life more fully and what it means to be a well-fed woman.

Learn more about Rachel at RachelWCole.com

The Hunger scale Rachel talks about on the show can be downloaded by clicking here.

Also on the show I talk with Patricia Tsai, owner and chief magic-maker at ChocoVivo.com about her pure, all natural, dark chocolate creations, stone ground the way the Mayans and Aztecs did 2000 years ago.


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