Episode: Episode 9: The Height Of Myspace (Jasika Nicole & Claire Savage)

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Episode 9: The Height Of Myspace (Jasika Nicole & Claire Savage)
What happens when you semi-stalk someone on Myspace? You marry them. Or so it went for Claire Savage and Jasika Nicole. The two met via the old internet in NYC, and the first time they were set to meet in person Jasika baked cookies and Claire pretended she wasn't home. But it got better, and one day they kissed. They liked it. They hung out a lot. They both rode bikes. And here they are today, talking about all of this plus more. Jasika Nicole is an actress who you have seen in Fringe, Scandal, and Key & Peele, among other places. She recently starred in an independent film, Suicide Kale, which she also Executive Produced, and a short film from Frankie Shaw. She is also pretty much the best-craftiest most-creative multi-hyphenate ever, the details of which are evident on her website jasikanicole.com. Claire Savage is an immensely talented photographer (who once took pictures of a girl's pet spider). You can view some of her work on her website www.clairejsavage.com (what is this? a coupla websites?). She is also mother to Rosie to dog (along with Jasika), a basketball player, and has great hair.

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