Episode: Episode 8: Birth Class (Zinzi Edmundson & Jesse Kivel)

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Episode 8: Birth Class (Zinzi Edmundson & Jesse Kivel)
13 years ago, along the collegiate southern coast of California, Zinzi and Jesse embarked on a whirlwind friendship full of instant messaging and tambourines (an unconfirmed fact). That friendship turned into love -- one that hast lasted since, except for one day when they broke up and got back together. Now they're married, in a band together, and have a son named James! What happens in the middle, the bridge, if their life were a song? Listen! Jesse is the co-founder of Dart, a boutique DJ collective based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, focusing on unique weddings and special events across the country. Over the past 7 years, Dart has shared stages with Vampire Weekend, Missy Elliot, and Robyn, just to name a few, all across the world. They only spin vinyl! Zinzi is the co-founder of Knit Wit magazine, driven by the 'modern craft movement'. Their motto 'interest over instruction' speaks to their mission of creating a space for both craft novices and experts to come together over a shared love of design and creating through lovely photography, story-telling, and personal experiences. Together, Jesse and Zinzi created the band KISSES and just released their third album, Rest In Paradise. They have toured all over the world and purchased very nice clothing in those places as well. You can also find a jam, inspired by their song 'Jam' at SQRL in Los Angeles.

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