Episode: Episode 5: Your Cat Won't Let Me Leave (Liz Feldman & Rachael Cantu)

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Episode 5: Your Cat Won't Let Me Leave (Liz Feldman & Rachael Cantu)
This episode not only teaches the proper elements for each anniversary (1st year: paper; 2nd year: cotton; 5 1/2 years: Rolex), but is also a peek into a loving, romantic, laughter-filled relationship between two people (Liz Feldman + Rachael Cantu) who started out as friends and then had the gumption to kick it up a notch. If you're waiting for the part about cats, fast forward until the part about The Morning After. Rachael Cantu is a singer, songwriter, and musical extraordinaire who got her start as an opener for Tegan and Sara, Ben Lee, FUN, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, and BB King. She has released two solo albums, ​Far And Wide​ and ​Run All Night​, which include songs that have scored television shows such as ​Private Practice, ​​Royal Pains, Degrassi, ​and ​Pretty Little Liars​, to name a few. Recently, Rachael and Harlan Silverman released ​Little Brutes​, a seven song indie-pop EP available for listening online that is sure to get your little heart bopping around. Her next solo album is in the works! Liz Feldman is a writer and comedian. She recently created the show ​One Big Happy​ for NBC and has served as a writer/producer on ​Two Broke Girls, Hot In Cleveland, ​and ​Ellen. ​A new season of her vlog ​This Just Out​, in which she interviews guests who are either LGBT or allies, aired in March of 2015. Guests have included Tegan & Sara, Kate Moennig, Uh Huh Her, and Clea Duvall. She and her sister recently teamed up to write, produce, and direct a short, ​My First Time Driving.​ Liz is very funny.

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