Episode: Episode 15: I Blocked His Phone Number (Mike and Angela)

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Episode 15: I Blocked His Phone Number (Mike and Angela)
A handful of years ago, Mike saw Angela's clipboard at a party she was coordinating and knew this was a special girl. Italian AND intelligent. Hours later, he found her on Facebook, sent her two messages in one day, claimed he wasn't creepy, and she went over to his house for homemade pasta. We all know how this one turns out: a years-long erotic bi-coastal friendship culminating in one happy, in love, thoughtful couple. Listen to find out how they follow Angela's mom's credo: "It's not the problems you have, it's the problems you solve." Bon appetite!

Mike is the best producer/mixer and Angela is a creative marketer for a tech company, aka Eventbrite, so you've probably bought tickets to a rooftop from her directly. They also are wonderful cooks. They live in LA with their rescue puppy, Lucy.

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