Episode: Episode 14: We Got Secret Engaged (Wandie and James)

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Episode 14: We Got Secret Engaged (Wandie and James)
Wandie first ignored James's OK Cupid message because he seemed like a nice guy. Then she was bored and they went on a date, quickly followed by really liking each other and texting about birds. Soon, James was single-handedly managing a pot farm in Northern California with nary a firework in sight. When they got secret engaged on a road trip across America, they knew one thing was sure: they would get engaged another time, this time not secretly, at a later date. Trials, tribulations, and a brief mention of a dog named Pickle -- all this and more!

Wandie is a producer and travel blogger whose adventures you can track at wandieing.tumblr.com. James is a self-described cool guy who makes short films and wood-working tables, gardens, and likes to watch basketball. Together they are Wandie and James.

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