Episode: Episode 10: I Saw All Improv Ladies As A No-Go (Heather Woodward & David Kantrowitz)

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Episode 10: I Saw All Improv Ladies As A No-Go (Heather Woodward & David Kantrowitz)
Have you ever gone to improv class or been in an improv group, or gone to any class or been in any group, hoping to meet your future partner but knowing upon first entering the door that this will never happen here and you've thrown $400 down the drain only to learn how to initiate a scene or learn the rules of Dungeons & Dragons? Well that didn't happen to Heather and David, who did in fact meet when they were on the same improv team. Here's to hoping they name their first born Harold. (Del Close can explain.) This episode is guest co-hosted by Julia Nunes!

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