Episode: 53 - Eric Schmidt on the Life-Changing Magic of Systematizing, Scaling, and Saying Thanks (Live)

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53 - Eric Schmidt on the Life-Changing Magic of Systematizing, Scaling, and Saying Thanks (Live)
The son of an economist, Eric Schmidt eschewed his father’s profession, first studying architecture before settling on computer science and eventually earning a PhD. Now one of the most influential technology executives in the world, he still however credits his interest in network economies and platforms for a large part of his success.  In this live event hosted by Village Global in San Francisco, Tyler questioned Schmidt about underused management strategies, what Google learned after interviewing one job candidate sixteen times, his opinion on early vs. late Picasso, the best reform in corporate governance, why we might see a bifurcation of the Internet, what technology will explode in the the next 10 years, the most underrated media source, and more. Transcript and links: https://medium.com/conversations-with-tyler/eric-schmidt-tyler-cowen-google-ec33aa3e6dae Follow Eric: www.twitter.com/ericschmidt Follow Tyler: www.twitter.com/tylercowen More CWT goodness: Facebook: www.facebook.com/cowenconvos/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/cowenconvos Email: www.mercatus.org/newsletters

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