Episode: 0237: How To Write A Winning Contractor Resume

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0237: How To Write A Winning Contractor Resume
This Podcast Is Episode Number 0237 And It Will Be About How to Write a Winning Contractor Resume Today's Podcast Is From An Guest Article Is From Mary Walton

 Mary Walton is one of PhD Thesis Writers, community for students who are in the process of dissertation writing. Mary has a blog - Simple Grad, where she shares her knowledge about college life. Also, she is an editor and proofreader at Research Paper Writing Service.


The contracting industry is one of the most highly competitive business industries and you’re going to need a winning resume on your side if you want to stand any chance of standing out among the rest of the people in the same position as you.

There’s so many different aspects to consider and approaches you could take, but at the end of the day, all that matters is that your resume lands you your next job. Today, we’ll explore a few ways you can create this resume for success.

Create a Profile

The first paragraph of your resume is the most important since it’s the first thing your recruiter will read and first impressions count. In this section, you’ll want to write a summary of yourself. In this, include a brief summary of your skills, any security clearances you have as well as any unusual skills or trades that you have. Show Your Competence

Once you’ve drawn your employer into your resume, you’ll want to share what skills you have and why you’d be the perfect contractor. You’ll want to tailor this section, so it suits the job that you’re applying for.

For example, if you’re applying for a job which uses machinery, put your machinery-related skills first and then prioritise the rest of your skills with your least important at the bottom. This is why you need to edit every resume for every job you apply for.

Annie Grindstaff, a resume editor for EliteAssignmentHelp, continues;

“Within the competence section of your resume, it’s important to include any licenses or formal qualifications that you have. If you’re licensed to drive or operate a certain piece of machinery, include this information. The less questions your potential employer has to ask, the better your application will be received.”

Share Your Experience

After your skills, you’ll want to share what past experience you have. This is also your work history, so in chronological order, include your previous job titles, the dates which you worked these jobs, the company’s name and any other relevant information you’d like to include about this role.

In most cases, you’ll want to span this section back to a minimum of ten years. If you don’t have the experience, make sure you share all your experience, whether it was projects you worked on during your time in education or personal projects. Feel free to include photo evidence of your projects.

Use Tools for Perfection

Once you’ve completed your resume, it’s important to go through it and correct any silly mistakes that could cost you your job. Any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes show a lack of attention to detail, so it’s important you get rid of them. To make this easier, here are some tools to help.

Resume Services

This is an online resume builder that can help you create a comprehensive resume in a professional format.

Via Writing

Use this free online resource to brush up on your grammar skills.

CV Service

If you’re struggling with what to write, use this online writing service for writing advice and a collection of writing-related services.

State of Writing

Use this free online blog to refresh your knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Word Count

Easy word count allows you to monitor and track your word count in real-time so you don’t use too many words to bore your employer.

Type My Essay

Use this online service as a writing guide when creating your resume. According to HuffingtonPost’s Write My Essay article this academic writing service is becoming increasingly popular in the business world.

Cite It In

When adding references, quotes or citations to your resume, use this tool to add them in a professional format.


If you’re really finding it hard to write your resume, use this writing service to have one created by a professional writer on your behalf.

Other Aspects to Consider

There are several other things you can add to your resume should you feel you need to. You may want to include references to employers in your previous roles. You could even include quotes about your performance from your manager. You may even want to include information on your ability to travel short and long distances to jobs and a note on your flexibility when it comes to working hours. This is what you can end your resume with.

About The Author:

Mary Walton is one of PhD Thesis Writers, community for students who are in the process of dissertation writing. Mary has a blog - Simple Grad, where she shares her knowledge about college life. Also, she is an editor and proofreader at Research Paper Writing Service.


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Lisa R
Lisa R • 9 months ago
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Amelia Stone
Amelia Stone • 1 year ago
The first paragraph of your resume is the maximum vital because it’s the first thing your recruiter will study and primary impressions count. In this section, you’ll need to write a summary of yourself. In this, include a quick precis of your talents, any safety clearances you have in addition to any uncommon talents or trades which you have. Show Your Competence. Once you’ve drawn your organization into your resume, you’ll want to proportion what capabilities you have and why you’d be an appropriate contractor. You’ll need to tailor this segment, so it suits the task which you’re making use of for. Engineering Dissertation Help UK