Episode: Ep 175 - Codex Imperial Agents & KoW Masters

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Ep 175 - Codex Imperial Agents & KoW Masters

We talk news, hobby and games played. We discuss and initial review (as revealing as we can be at this early stage) then Kris Kapsner joins us to talk Kings of War, Masters and global community events coming up.


See you next week for the Reflections of a Decade of Horus Heresy with all-star cast of...lots of HH authors, fans, podcasters, artists and painters from around the world. Don't miss it!


https://www.facebook.com/groups/USKoWCampaignDay/ the campaign day info.   The following is a link to our club website where we have our podcast and info for the Lady of the Lake GT. http://www.lakeswattfantasy.com/

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