Episode: CoinWeek Podcast #111: Talking CAC Coins; the Future of Grading with John Albanese

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CoinWeek Podcast #111: Talking CAC Coins; the Future of Grading with John Albanese
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Collecting and investing in rare coins at the upper levels of the hobby requires more than just money, it requires considerable amounts of knowledge, patience, and a great eye for quality. In this episode of the CoinWeek Podcast, we talk with Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) president John Albanese about a number of topics that will prove to be highly interesting to even the most seasoned numismatist. Charles asks John to explain the grade of MS62, John proposes that the current grading system has too many grades, and over the course of this thirty-minute program Charles and John discuss the way the market is and what things could have been done better with the benefit of foresight had the major grading services understood what John and others have come to realize today about the shortcomings of the 70-point grading system. It’s an enlightening and exciting conversation with one of the hobby’s most fluent and articulate market makers. You won’t want to miss it! CoinWeek is the #1 website online for news and information about numismatics. The CoinWeek Podcast was the 2016 and 2017 NLG Winner for Best Audio Program. CoinWeek has also won the NLG Award for best numismatic website for five of the past six years! Copyright © CoinWeek 2018 COINWeek is the most advanced independent on-line media source for print and video Rare Coin and Currency news; with analysis and information contributed by leading experts across the numismatic spectrum. More news and videos about coin collecting at CoinWeek.

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