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Steve Harris of Reinvented Software on CocoaRadio

Steve HarrisTime to get some schooling on RSS on the Mac! Steve Harris, founder of Reinvented Software, has been at it since the beginning of podcasting. Whether you're blogging or just want to serve a feed from files on your website, Feeder has you covered.

Steve worked at EDS for 9 years prior to jumping into Cocoa full-time Logo-1 and hasn't looked back. He's a great example for others seeking to make a living working for the Mac market (yes, those iMac switchers are your boss and could hold the keys to your freedom). He's also one of the many OS X notebook app developers with some new ideas for updating his first Cocoa app, KIT.

Update: if you're looking for the link to the MyzteryZot clue, try here: MacZOT/cocoaradio

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