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Scott Thompson, lead MindManager developer on CocoaRadio

Mindjet For Mac

If you are a mind-mapping addict or business switcher, you're going to enjoy this interview with Scott. He is a former developer on Macromedia FreeHand with a great story to share about a company doing things right on the Mac. Mindjet didn't just port their Windows app (thank you!) as Scott explains, but intentionally set out to create a solid Cocoa app and true Mac experience. Simple logic other software companies should adopt!

Now that it's out I expect to see it become even more powerful via Applescript and their API - a wake up call for all of you power users and GTD hacks out there! So grab a demo and tune in.

Previous post about MindManager beta is here.

Knowing that many non-iTunes PC users don't care for AAC files, I've encoded this show as mp3. I'm just too busy or lazy to add pictures in Garageband too.

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