Episode: CocoaRadio @ MWSF07: Tyler Ballance, Bleep Software

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CocoaRadio @ MWSF07: Tyler Ballance, Bleep Software

Tyler arrived at Macworld surprisingly in one piece after a non-stop journey cross-country - the things people will do for their favorite computer Mac+music+TV+phone company! 

He's a quick study in Obj-C and Cocoa, responsible for keeping the conversation rolling on #CocoaDevHouse, and attended the first event in Dallas.

As a Barcamper, Tyler gained notoriety for his hack to share contact details. He calls it BonSoir which got picked up by O'Reilley bloggers and TUAW among others. It was released it under a "Taco License"!

"Bonsoir takes advantage of Cocoa Distributed Objects, Bonjour, and the Address Book API for allowing the quick and easy sharing of vCards on a local network. The basic idea was that everybody could grab Bonsoir here at BarCampTexas, select their vCards, and we could all add each other (into Address Book) to help keep in touch"

With his forthcoming Emission app, we'll see further proof that he's got something between those ears.

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