Episode: Chris Forsythe talks up Adium on CocoaRadio

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Chris Forsythe talks up Adium on CocoaRadio

With more than one AIM and Jabber account, you know what must be done: download Adium, of course! Join Chris Forsythe and me for the first of a 2-part interview on CocoaRadio. You'll get the low down on Adium's history and future. Learn about open-source project organization, forthcoming file transfer support, GAIM, and their need for someone with Quicktime / AV know-how.

For more on Adium, check out this interview (2005) with Evan Schoenberg on the Apple Blog.

Chris and I first met in Houston earlier this year when he expressed his desire to put out some new apps of his own. Keep an eye on Foom Software where he and Evan Schoenberg will soon be unleashing their latest Cocoa wizardry on the Mac world - "Just Awesome" promises the page header.

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