Episode: Zone 9 Bloggers freed

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Zone 9 Bloggers freed
Zone 9 Bloggers freed: Most of the young Ethiopian bloggers known as the Zone 9 Bloggers have been acquitted, after many months of online campaigns by their supporters. Click interviews the co-founder, Endalk Chala and with the Ethiopian writer, Maaza Mengitse Digital Matatus part 1 Click reports on the collaboration with Digital Matatus, Google maps and matatus bus drivers in Nairobi that is creating more reliable and robust digital maps to help with travel in the city. Click hears from two members of the team, Sarah Williams and Jackie Klopp Migration Watch Migration Watch is a data visualisation and mapped artwork which tracks migrants’ journeys to Europe in ‘real time’ over 10 days. The scheme recently won the Dutch Architect, Alison Killing a Wired/ the Space Creative Innovation fellowship. Clear talks to Alison Killing India in a Day Google is teaming up with filmmakers Ridley Scott and Richie Mehta to capture India in a day. People in India are being encouraged to send in short films that give a flavour of their lives. These thousands of films will then be edited into a feature film to be released next year. Click is joined by the director, Richie Mehta. (Photo: Members of Zone9 before the arrests © Endalk Chala) Producer: Colin Grant

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