Episode: Russia Bots: Truth, Trust and Technology

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Russia Bots: Truth, Trust and Technology
With news of Russian bots’ attempts to damage US institutions, is our faith in the transparency and honesty of news disseminated via the internet being undermined? Professor Charlie Beckett joins the programme to discuss the growing public discontent about the role of tech giants in policing abuse and disinformation. The None in Three project launched in Barbados and Grenada two years ago, included the development of a computer game as an educational tool for raising awareness and changing attitudes towards violence. The project’s new prosocial computer game is JESSE. Click talks to the project’s researchers Adele Jones and Daniel Boduszek. Yto Barrada is a photographer and filmmaker whose latest work at the Barbican in London focuses on the Moroccan city of Agadir and the 1960 earthquake which killed a third of the population. Colin Grant talks to Barrada about her attempts to weave together personal narratives and political ideals to create a complex portrait of a city. The New Analog is Damon Krukowski’s new book, reflecting on the evolution of music from the analogue to the digital age – and back again. He joins Click to talk about the relationship between digital and analogue music. (Image caption: Illustration of fake news on a smartphone © Getty Images) Producer: Colin Grant

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