Episode: Psychographics, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

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Psychographics, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook
In the aftermath of revelations from newspapers claiming details from 50 million Facebook profiles by Cambridge Analytica, a firm employed by Donald Trump's election campaign, were gathered without the users' knowledge, Click's Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson break down the meaning and intention of psychographics. The Composite Technology Team makes prototypes of unmanned aerial systems. Click reports on how the Belgrade-based company now specialise in developing drones for surveillance and also possible internet connectivity for remote areas where connectivity is poor. A whole industry has developed around the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT). Some have voiced concern that many of its products are designed too quickly, without care and putting consumers at risk. Two new reports published last week by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the PETRAS, the IoT research hub call for greater cooperation to secure cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Click is joined by Rachel Cooper to discuss the reports. And ahead of her talk at Future Sessions next week Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino talks to Alexandra about the Open Internet of Things Mark project she is steering. Producer: Colin Grant (Cambridge Analytica's chief executive officer Alexander Nix at the Web Summit in Lisbon on November 9, 2017. Credit: Patricia de Melo Moreira / AFP / Getty Images)

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