Episode: New Voice for Radio Journalist

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New Voice for Radio Journalist
US radio journalist Jamie Dupree is now back on air after losing his voice due to illness. Unable to broadcast, Edinburgh based company CereProc stepped in to help. Using radio archives of his reports they recreated his voice. Click hears from the company's Chief scientist Dr. Matthew Aylett about the latest technology that's used to clone a voice. Where are we AI in real time? What is actually achievable now? Katy Takatsuki reports from the AI Summit at London’s tech week where she’s been investigating what companies offer today, and she was drawn to one area in particular – transport and more specifically cars. Promises, promises, promises from AI industry are not being delivered, according to blogger Filip Piekniewski. Despite progress in AI, he says that we are about to embark on an AI winter as a lack of progress will hamper investment. As Google announce that their next AI research centre will be in Accra in Ghana, BBC Africa Business Editor Larry Dowego joins Click to tell us more about big tech on the continent. Photo: Getty Images Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

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