Episode: New EU Copyright Regulations a Possibility

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New EU Copyright Regulations a Possibility
A large group of Internet pioneers have sent an open letter to the European Union urging it to scrap a proposal to introduce automated upload filters, arguing that it could damage the internet as we know it. If passed the new regulation would require mandatory filters on all sites that accept and share user generated content. Not only will they be scanning the content but rejecting anything that doesn’t pass their copyright rules. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia tells Click why he’s concerned about the changes. Click speaks to Norman Judah, Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Worldwide Services about AI - where Microsoft is heading and how it is adapting technological innovation with cultural sensitivity and ethical values across its global market. Do you like your data warm or cold? Can we really separate individual data sets when evaluating complex issues? Click tries to explain. Picture: Copyright symbol, Credit: BBC Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

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