Episode: Music and Technological Advances

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Music and Technological Advances
From the BBC Radio Theatre in London, Click brings together innovators and musicians to perform and to explore the credits and deficits of music production in the digital age. Rachel Chinouriri a performer of Zimbabwean origin and a recent graduate of the BRIT School for Performing Arts has embraced new technological tools to produce an EP in a day. Beatie Wolfe performs and discusses her recently launched The Raw Space Experience, a "world’s first" in 'streaming' an album incorporating real-time AR visuals. Andrew Hockey’s installation Kinetic Tones which combines open source software and hardware, contact microphones and re-purposed Newton’s cradles to create an original piece of generative music. Helen Steer brings the components of a do-it-yourself kit to make a musical instrument in the theatre. And Michela Magas, the founder of Music Tech Fest, discusses her new model for rewarding creativity, described as "Linux of the music industry". (Photo caption: Rachel Chinouriri performs at the BBC Radio Theatre in London for a Click special on music and technology © BBC) Producer: Colin Grant

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