Episode: Machine Learning In Everyday Life

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Machine Learning In Everyday Life
Driverless cars struggle in rural areas, either because of a lack of mapping or because the landscapes often change with the seasons. MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is trying to combat this problem with a project called MapLite, which uses LIDAR to detect the road ahead. Gareth Mitchell spoke to Teddy Ort, the graduate student behind the project. Then we go from the tech that drives you to the tech that dresses you. The Smart Dresser is a system that aims to simplify the process of getting dressed for people with dementia, while also restoring independence to their lives. Click is joined by the lead researcher, Professor Winslow Burleson of New York University. We also have more from our virtual reality binge at the New York Tribeca Film Festival, where we hear Jaron Lanier thoughts on the twenty VR projects at the festival. And finally, we go from New York to New Zealand, where machine learning is being used to track graffiti. Simon Morton met up with Max Voskob in downtown Auckland, where sensors are increasingly being used as a tool to resolve social issues. (Photo caption: MIT's self-driving car – credit: MIT CSAIL) Producer: Jennah Dean

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First episode comes out Friday, June 8th.
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