Episode: Holding the Internet to Ransom

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Holding the Internet to Ransom
Each week brings new threats to our online lives, threatening to exploit our contacts and bank accounts. It is a pressing matter that many companies have to address. Caleb Barlow, IBM’s VP global cybersecurity discusses the latest threats to internet security and what can be done about it. Refugees Welcome: Airbnb for Refugees Abdul, an asylum seeker in Germany, has moved from a camp after finding new accommodation through a website called Refugees Welcome Project. The project was started by three students in Germany a year ago. Since then other organisations have been founded in countries including Austria, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Julia Lorke reports on the project that has been described as Airbnb for refugees. Here Active Listening Doppler Labs have developed earbuds that simulate the effect of ‘turning up’ the conversation and ‘tuning out’ the crying baby. Here Active Listening gives users the ability to “live mix their environment” with effects such as reverb and bass. Click talks to Noah Kraft, CEO and Co-founder of Doppler Labs. David Eagleman: The Brain The brain is often described as a kind of a computer. But what use can brains be put to in the modelling of computers and digital technologies of the future? Click talks to the neuroscientist, David Eagleman about human computer interaction and his research into a sensory vest to help deaf people hear. (Photo caption: padlock on a computer keyboard © Esther Barry / BBC) Producer: Colin Grant

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