Episode: Highlighting Involuntary Sterilisation in Peru

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Highlighting Involuntary Sterilisation in Peru
An innovative interactive documentary provides a platform for people who underwent involuntary sterilisation in a campaign devised by the then Peruvian President Fujimori in the 1990s. Click talks to one of the key people behind the project, Rosemarie Lerner. The launch of the project coincides with International Human Rights Day. Virtual Reality Video Sharing A New Zealand start-up 8i has caught the attention of investors including Samsung for their virtual reality project. So far we have mainly seen VR in the film and gaming industries - but 8i is building software that lets people make and share 3D virtual reality videos. Simon Morton met up with the co-founder of 8i Eugene d'Eon in Wellington, New Zealand. CardioDiagnostics Researchers at CardioDiagnostics have developed wearable sensors attached to the skin around heart that links to a mobile phone in your pocket. It then sends data (electrocardiogram data) to a remote hub that relays the information automatically to the medical team. Ziad Sankari, the founder of CardioDiagnostics, a Lebanese tech start-up, came to London as part of the UK Lebanon Tech Hub's Accelerator programme. He joins Click to discuss the technology behind the project. Wi-FM – Using FM to Get Better Wi-Fi Connectivity If you have ever had a problem with poor wi-fi connectivity then that might be down to too many neighbours trying to get on the internet at the same time. Click talks to professor Aleksandar Kuzmanovic about a clever means of delaying/sharing connectivity through FM broadband width. (Photo: Contributors to Quipu Project can record and listen to themselves and others, through an interactive phone line © Alejandra Velez)

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