Episode: Facebook’s Internet.org Ambitions in Africa

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Facebook’s Internet.org Ambitions in Africa
Facebook brings its Internet.org Innovation Challenge to Africa. It presents a chance for African developers who are working to deliver apps, websites and services for learning/education and economic empowerment; $US 150,000 will be awarded for winners in two categories. Click talks to the digital artist and digital ambassador, Jepchumba, about the opportunities and pitfalls that accompany such competitions. Startup Battlefield Julia Lorke visits TechCrunch to report on the finalists of the Disrupt London Startup Battlefield competition. She talks to finalists, judges and the eventual winners about the benefits of competing in such events. Packing a Virtual Reality Punch Researchers in Germany have developed technology for augmenting virtual reality through touch and muscular stimulation. Click talks to Patrick Baudisch about the next phase in making virtual reality more real. Closure Every day we are invited to sign up, to subscribe to new digital technologies, but it does not seem to be so easy to unsubscribe. Even when you get round to it, there seem to be myriad hurdles. Why is this so? Why are so many companies brilliant at signing you up but useless at letting you go? Colin Grant talks to the interactive designer and tech innovator, Joe McLeod about closure experiences. (Photo caption: Jepchumba) Producer: Colin Grant

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