Episode: Andrew Keen’s Ideas on Fixing the Digital Future

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Andrew Keen’s Ideas on Fixing the Digital Future
In his new book, How to Fix the Future, Andrew Keen combines his experiences in Silicon Valley with extensive interviews and analysis to identify the strategies we need to fix the huge challenges of this digital century. Click talks to Andrew Keen about his call for governments and citizens to rein in the internet giants and tackle a crisis of historic proportions. Scientists in Belgrade believe that they have developed a bullet-proof anti-forgery invention, Teslagram. The idea for Teslagram came from Dr Dejan Pantelic, a science consultant of the Institute for Physics and his research team. Click reports on the technology - inspired by butterfly wings, with some one hundred thousand tiny scales - which when applied to assets such as bank cards, will make them unique. Woebot is the brainchild of a group of Stanford University psychologists and artificial intelligence experts. They have invented a texting chatbot that offers basic mental healthcare via your iPhone or Facebook app. Silicon Valley journalist, Alison van Diggelen, investigates. (Photo caption: Woman engineer looking at various information in screen of futuristic interface – credit: Getty Images) Producer: Colin Grant

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