Episode: A Holocaust Survivor’s Digital Doppelgänger

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A Holocaust Survivor’s Digital Doppelgänger
Eva Schloss’s story of surviving the Holocaust has now been preserved through an interactive exhibition. Schloss recounted the facts of her survival to over a hundred video cameras, which photographed her from all angles, and logged her patient answers. The recordings were used to develop an artificial Eva Schloss, housed inside a screen. Click’s Lauren Hutchinson’s report includes an interview with Eva Schloss. Researchers are exploring the ways in which smart speakers can be used to enable new and interesting means of creating and enjoying music. At Music Hackspace in London they are exploring the new possibilities with musicians and sound artists. Click hears from Henry Cooke, one of the researchers. The innovative musician Martyn Ware has pioneered many new forms of music installations. He joins Click to discuss sound installations and steel - part of his latest project, Power. Formula 1, the epitome of a glamour sport, is driven by technology, design and innovation where the slightest variation can make the difference between a championship winning car and not. But away from the track, F1 teams have been investing money, time and skill into ideas that could benefit from their expertise. Jack Meegan reports. (Photo caption: Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss - courtesy of the USC Shoah Foundation) Producer: Colin Grant

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