Episode: He's the Reason for the Season

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He's the Reason for the Season
He's the Reason for the Season

A Little Baby Was Born in a Manger
He Didn't Have a Thing
The Prince of Peace Well He Came As A Pauper
And All Creation Sings:

Here's the Reason for the Season–I Recall
The Hope of Heaven  Found Redemption

From Adam's Fall- Jesus!
Adam Fell in the Garden of Eden
His Sin  Cost Us Everything
The Father Sent the Son
And Redemption Begun
In the Cry Of That Baby Boy

All I Want for Christmas This Year
Is to Have Your Presence, So Close, and So Near
To Me–Oh to Me!

And All the Angels in Heaven Were Singing
There Were Even Three Kings
They Bowed Their Knees to This Tiny Little Baby
Who Redemption Would Bring

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