Episode: The Last Great Commission | Scott Sauls | October 13, 2019

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The Last Great Commission | Scott Sauls | October 13, 2019
Matthew 28:16-20 ESV PRIMARY SOURCES: Don Carson, Editor, The New Bible Commentary ESV Greek Tools ESV Study Bible IVP Bible Background Commentary Augustine, City of God Robert Bellah, Habits of the Heart Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio Constance Grady, “Ellen DeGeneres, George W. Bush, and the death of uncritical niceness,” Vox.com Anthony Ray Hinton, The Sun Does Shine Timothy Keller, Logos Sermon Archive Nicholas Kristof, “A Confession of Liberal Intolerance,” New York Times Nicholas Kristof, “Desperately Seeking Principled Republicans,” New York Times C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves Eugene Peterson, The Message The Rachel Divide, Netflix Documentary Semisonic, “Closing Time” J.R.R. Tolkein, Lord of the Rings Trevin Wax, “Expressive Individualism: What is It?” Gospel Coalition N.T. Wright, For Everyone Commentaries

Christ Presbyterian Church of Nashville
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