Episode: UCB Founders Matt Walsh & Matt Besser on theChive Podcast - Ep59

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UCB Founders Matt Walsh & Matt Besser on theChive Podcast - Ep59
Matt Walsh and Matt Besser, founders of Upright Citizen's Brigade, dropped by theChive HQ, and shared some crazy, funny stories about starting the UCB out of a strip club, watching Chris Farley do improv, and the time Bill Murray threw a party for Improv legend Del Close at his hospital the day before his death. It's insightful and entertaining stuff... and you WILL laugh your ass off!

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
the following program is i guess what i've got a percentage and whoa and yet what yap white why why this plan the home they know i'm the only have to have were lying why the ready welcome back that so sixties the old that something needs to something revenge of the age of then add a prevented the audience that's all i got to do that is bob dole out that one of our head of yours girls but but i knew that one of my head and as bill or why then walk home and you're all we're gonna get so where we're at an hour stay right now i'm in the great sage on is a little worse where my power to get to know what's real and present it as we get psyched about our guests a first off we have met walsh and medicine these are indeed creators of the upright citizens brigade which for those of you who live in a cave in don't know what that is too long form sketch comedy that has fostered such sounds of an effort from chris farley amy polar yeah tina fey and you were in the creators a new color but the it's kind of baba branch off of a bigger type of improv that that was really a guy named el clouds still close in many ways is sort of the the godfather get out that i liked calm through his alibi guy who so many picked people basis for the earned respect enemies and be on you'll hear a lot about a man is movie i got to measure these guys made was called thank you down the story of the doll clothes marathon and it's the crime is basically you will get all into that in detail about that is all in these hills or fastening for example than the night before he died he had sort of us all the living wake if you wanna call it will bill murray paint them got a hotel room and this a hostile out as any possible that the hospital it was basically celebration on his life at the hospital any diets again later and again it's not sat down it seems presented away was such a beautiful thing ah yes i knew what we had is fighting 'cause when we interviewed easy as we don't use very early in the morning on a on saturdays built in god and what isn't he had a good but it was a i would say m. now subdued them like acquire very sore eyes heard of them thought pole at irene know they're really smart yacht really we were not classy how does every step of the way he or any dissolving were hanging on every word the scissors and decreed something that as permeated our culture for comedy called to involve we've got guys did it get there are so deep in the improv world and we got to find the really key back behind the curtain really really talk about we've dabbled alot allotted for people but we never really hit it hard these guys gave us an in depth two are so to speak of their role in this world of improv is that you're never in is the connector any aspirations getting a pecan rollers the sketch comedy from the search you got center and teach a lot to them and nigger nigger a lot about the closest well was a fascinating fixture in that in the world comedy base with a bad rockets and was aghast that has bought off of the so close second city all of these yes some laypeople would consider mom and so are mine i wanna talk about you the tennis and his throat finds out only less than sober your gun running on ominous eighty hours sleep in the last three nights were all something crazy you been busting your ass you just got back this last weekend from indiana miles an hour kids it's a town little bit about what's going on right now one drawled now i know that hap hap hap hap happy banks got that but it only the reader's digest version israel letter from us do this and from jobs in the news and last name lose me right now want and that you had hobbit ave i think doesn't bands that you read all of that shit people sending yeah i like that want to i think that the public that chivers need to know i'm listening to them and i i read i try respond to loch ness kids and the letter that said at the hudson mulder fire but in a close yet in american wants me because as property values declined small cities across america so too does the funding that goes to your municipal services conducted the first one that gets caught is the fire apartments then it goes to the police and they outsource them to bother places in this case it would want to say one county which is about thirty miles away isn't our problem as ring no wonder that because i'm from indiana and i know words a woman's i know or hudson's about thirty miles north were up and la lakes of their death and in the spring ah really dawned teenagers go out and they say things like all the sites looks like a popular walk around this island right now it seems fine next fall through the eyes right on through the season killed yitzhak don't hurt somebody is a different path than that and it is then it would he tell you this is very online minutes before our eyes were burning of things that you need someone who isn't let's say thirty miles away respond to you yeah rescue you need to moretti over boots on the grounds of state are you tell these guys people would die this is a mathematical certainty so slick off i'm really did my only three repairman got laid back on how the awhile but room yeah i saw somebody asked the u. n. live your mama i'll anchovies yeah indiana i advise almost reviews the notebook and what didn't you now one participation trophies and that yeah i for some time i respect the amal and her dead if kept most of your old stuff in your room intact in your old trophies and stuff goes by go back to my room it's just gonna there and watched as yet there's two beds and white walls i used to collect all kinds of shit i drove media in my parents were the northern abides or thrown out they're all gone and the germans were i he didn't actually a cinematic it's been put away he that sanchez my dad proctor to put away but i can do that at all in walls of what i was my childhood glory john why do i will save us to outline of rather break i would paint my walls and then i it is really cool are all over my wall that would live forever until someone been over it but they still haven't they been on his rounds recalled his rogues protected myra and i must bear in the polls that it no outside his involvement is about it's about that you out in hives and firefighters which by the way how much have we raise not even tried nation angola's thirty thousand dollars and me charlie pride themselves but all you know regarding a goal much as they are guard like a stop sign old country road and is there to be briefly regarded in long past history and i guess the sister of the f. bi right the stories that soul and write all these stories and caution and the complete and it's really nerve wracking is if you're responsible you pays you get so nervous then you're not a very nervous guy my nerves you or not yes every single time you write historian and you're waiting that's jeffers twenty thirty minutes now i you'll never see more on some person and you ought to make sure that hopefully this journey back to us well this fundraiser whenever it goes well in and i thank god again good view ward from all the thing is all i am an approach that housing for coble is eric the story that it takes a fifties when ms reed distorts we raise thirty thousand dollars into art that after twenty minutes is sit around one thousand dollars people reading and all the reading the story right right so we had to solve not to get out her i use a million million reasons to get drunk this is a good one an militants i didn't stop as soon as this thing is is i apologize comfortable sign know what's at stake i think in the stories gun ship that like a big crew knows because i am responsible for shepherding this thing yeah virtual goal was finally the vulcan goal now our united to go home at now's my family my parents for this one they came up and saw the fire station ally riding on this life might be did your parents is indiana it is everything that you sort is the end for writing on it right out and again yeah there's no participation trophies that in my bedroom yeah it's first place drove to the leading us why the people in our inner doll not my prince really push me when but it matters yeah like to come back at the goal is time yet so instead of drinking here are his job one or goldwater's glitches that during the letter yes because i sat on one of mocking me all wait by the yellow do pass go quite to arouse the ball i get the vote of brown's i'll be in it yeah it'll hayden the uranium or see i mean that's that is the way i mean it and you get there fast they too much happier cozier play us out and his indigenous night they get the good thing that needs you spirit in which you little idea dropped really great initiative that for every class action i'm terry keenan banking on the bottle in de gaulle al gore and ala a dinar one outbursts you know without my ways that i got a question i've read this tube but i have read it eat involve alcohol to round ridiculous questions yes is not good news is bad but it's far when carry it kilgore powell is on his fromm michael bear with me and he's as big as the child my friends and i like to drink and play different drinking games my favorite is when we played don't drink and drive on mario cart for the week the point is you have to finish of the year before the end of every race by you can't drink entrapped obviously i n as well after about two circuits were setting the circuit is four races of you that our yeah i see you've had eight years and you're just getting trashed anyway what's your favorite drinking game michael first off i love my apart but i've never played this game i wish i thought this game in college or high school team and i think that he's insane at the finish of the year before the race and racism like three four minutes are raised again each service for racism you're somehow pattern i you agent riney that bike messenger does is new age yeah like weedy is evolving in getting more potent if for a length at blocking off the tseng right now that is insane is an evolution wednesday at one reruns on your favor drinking why what is it is michael his pride sums are balking mad genius and you were raging alcoholic feeling you people sometimes the line is there a friend had not been whacked yet and yet we played for koppel lot doesn't really interactive game was cheering ellen's good cheer you get your cheering island in a very bizarre and yet in his ashes and skill and all it's not just lot of the draw out here at the office we play lot of beer pong because someone gave us the strieber into the or politic it'll be a new view is that such i've read your article we will use it as a neon glow on the outside youthful knowing i was breaking out all the time that i'd be so we're the office culture is the i. a. tomorrow on a thursday at two o'clock 'cause we ever drinking cycle here and it's thursday afternoon don't you draw on friday years old i i would do better suited getting worked in has stayed home on friday desolate that out but that beer pong table was out in the middle of everything yeah here we have like we're very successful big companies who have always late luminaries the common for the tech up places that aren't as fond as ours in oh yeah home suits can i thought while the worst in the literal we wasted yeah you know not like wall for wall street style nyack letterhead meadow no it wasn't all there is no we're not wrong midget yes i just bought by secretly loved like all that the balkan highfalutin deep shoots the coming years the ones you drive off it's an orangutan is that i don't want it to their light out on suitable to the wolves in whose mulder out and is the book murray's office in the world and all our employees urges blocking off as far as they can get on layout what are all men now we are a lot more fun than you do its part the culture is brewing army and i i i think or con sani ye mean everything on friday is is is everything so low the more fond of people are more fun time we drop would throw at him but unless as i ever made by the way the appalling is what the best games of all time flip cup was won i never amato was thinking that dukakis was this into this and that is a eliot's then yes it's an iq kuomintang hundred thousand my favorite games in honour the pressure but what happens is eventually here blades in today's new natural light that glass get full which appear pope point here and it and so you know that glass filled emerges yeah but the brawn is any start flying and and and you just wanna win every time you keep you know n. n. at the entrance he likes in toronto division about what you know i'm not drinking inez and i want drink it now and it is that's that's how that day in and and again with card to was like kings kings but every as ten different variations the rules change every time so that the big thing about things in the yards to fucking get all operated on the rules and yacht rules are meant to be broken especially when drinking is involved yeah i think we should go to matt dancer and matt walsh and before we do though plus i'm linda more rodriquez where are you gonna add that all the way we are all end of apartheid let me get together in calgary you guys i get to drink and i need you in the class you and we get into a decade he's beautiful it is like this shiny new cadillac of drinking is in our office it is gonna bleed dennis and he's your goal right now and you can put any variation to for beers ah it's this cold front ninety days i can engage elaine and i'm not going on at that cold got it does do you what it does get to lay and so is working in your life you need to present the light you need that perfect man k. yeah bar in your house this is what everybody needs high and it's affordable but it's very high end and best part is for our listeners our listeners only you can save up to fifteen percent off the most popular character internet is that twin tactic murder and talk about any nausea for premium kind glances from generator for free ads over a hundred dollars savings ah an olive susie's the coach i just go decay greater dot com that's k. ye ye are eighty all our dot com click on the microphone at the top ten minute ago tried to greater dot com click on the night on and then hit chimes that's it your way to get out through a i think we should go and have a much more thoughtful conversation with matt and that the ezekiel has won it oh well look under the job pod guess everybody we're here with you before creators of the upright citizens are good and this is free cool yeah you guys hey edge so that this is matt walsh and met does survive traversed and i you guys are here you came in at ten thirty in the morning really appreciates vinegar we're running through the rigors here on medals gold badge for some itself wasn't issue now and you guys up to make a documentary called thank you tell the story of the doll clothes marathon but yeah this is really something special because of this and as was done while most powerful things that you can have is the legacy is effectively to live on forever and most people in it just i had a visit to get to hum the at these amazing torch bearers for doll clothes on who died of liver ninety nine nine and now anna is it true that the day before he died he called you yeah he had this bat death party has declared alluding wake the hour is there is no limerick nelson that part in his oval room actually the concern omar omar it another and we'll let them worry henna party the day before he died nearly enough nurses in chicago that as masao i'm solid hospital and i'm good jazz musicians there now now i'm here to which there can be an area is one what i ate in a good which nothing but like magic folks know flynn was once upon a time the house not a physician for senator lott if you have to go to our homes on the loan he was awakened had seriously heh heh heh heh heh that would come into some improv workshop to sometime yeah he called us on the as he said to give us our mission which ones to spread the love of improv and assisted us in the cunard the documentary him like that because the only time ever had talked to doubt me that said the word bob between each other and bene so it was in the soft guy who is denying he was kind of moral hard assets are likely center and talk about love which allowed him frog beer is from chicago did in fact without the opposite in the spectrum which to me of the allied people's army del sur refreshing was to such a harsh guide black to get back to this nice moment at the end of his life he did call us and didn't say universe below the improv an is continue the work that i've been doing to him we didn't at that point we even have the school of appoint knowing i guess we're just starting a note of the area now tom so in that bed never even been a plan women in your bed i guess we did do that we never planned open theaters now live and we we we have to have followed his mission if the thing is religious images of lace and we've had made and joan worrying about crawl we had our own family for five guys named reference don't close any this viejo emery was in on the second or first generation rhino us second city or know all the bill murray have him back against the second city and maybe arsenal to none but when he really started his own theater them problem that i'd think like jaw was on the ground for that was me his presidency generation estelle directing second study shows a group of squeezing jordans and second city together let us running boats down there and they talked every tyson same way and it's just his mentor this version of the cool guy in and day comedy rodney improv world we should really just like a moment's it's a taco bell's my god is good yeah i'm in the heat on coach was mike myers chris farley bill course hurled for him is held on blue she john kennedy i believe that imagine being partially responsible for the success of so many icons yeah i mean by china degenerate marcy best multimedia how is fifteen has ruled province home in my life here denzel tell us what happened i don't read trotted out a cuba of the leg nobody in the general public either so few people who know outside the county world delegates and that's why i think that these movies is such a great thing you do and he putting a spotlight on a guy that is so powerful so important some new people uneasy genius clearly is the godfather of empresas but that so few people know audience i've got a recession eskimos name he said monica mike myers and farley as saying in particular i'm glad it didn't like in the ticket to like raw forces of a comedy that forces of nature bats terrific gallic farley and he needs to him you guys like tell liam you know some structured format as structure and some new darryl n. c.'s desert stand up to nina another way they get their coming out in tuesday's perfect for the new watch farley in like ten meadows unsettling thing you can see you know our live for shougang farley was imminent jiminez is there a vintage kantner was there is great group called blue bell the which is the best group at the time and mulder blew the lid yeah if there is and isn't that the best thing i did at a minimum own not that after the show and i didn't know this was not our improper to alex was like the fact that one eighty one and ha i'm you know what am i not op at veterans who are the motive that cute cute as you walked us through by his man you're joking listening ear managing a lot of purring and speeds and helped create a perfume the head and water if that's what he did you see visas a mainstay now in american culture on 'em and long form improv is as good as yours then what spots on the locals who saying that people should pay to see such a thing lot of people been at the time you guys didn't create the upright citizens for it it's something you very proud of can you walk us through the genesis of wall maybe something maybe people will like this and you wanna had something to be and probably was there something you guys like you know there's something missing that i think we can bring that to our own brand of them fraught with p. c. b. i think the organic evolution of our school was we landed in your store during sure he won in the show on comedy central and eastern dumas furry improv show called fast track which has been running for yeah twenty years ago only and this is ninety six issue new york and we started teaching of for most of the cruiser swords injures know when you're was doing on forward work on board people's minds of those improv show it away you could extend scenes of the techniques of all the mike manipulating ideas on the fly that goes with the new generation swerve of comedy fuel for the people in new york it's absolutely or bring something they were doing so the russians will passion that we met them we start providing classes to the super find people vs four hundred do it alone the holes we were directing shows in some of these classes had taken him to go to classes if it won't matter rearing and then they want to do shows in the meantime we're using their classmates who fonder you see beach remind going for showcase or make a short film called on him and sort of became the classes hours further christopher know some point to him of classes buster found a new and old struck on the giuliani it shouldn't lose sight of st p. m. we knocked on mom years need to hold under way at the net which to god and something there for a yes there could get it through a lot of mix tapes that hap the girls movement for change them i'm not so much like the broad strokes of all the momentum of its started and we really does want to have everything under one roof desolate over frenzy shows and so we could you know 'cause we all different since the woman shows or whatever or you see beaches are we want to use for korean return or discover literal for structural and alessandro now so one of our clubhouse there's good news impulse in a permanent too annoying to me or in what is it like for the layman person what is long form in throttling the fellas to learn about that just add well i know you guys are good question now i heard the question arkansas you're short for measure for ms were new so you're doing game animal that we're safe reason you're nervous no motion ever go back an event sing sing or continue dancing with emotion you gave us so you sort of short term you lay out the rolls right away a new address the audience at the whole time that a telephonic part is already built into the rules to the changing emotion part so that your nino scowled at money's gonna come up that purses long for ms keller misnomer snuff that is longer than the usual go to a half hour versus a five minute game like you to do one scene that's two minutes into the long for missis to defer wave of doing him products we take a suggestion band and without knowing we're the committee's gonna come from we start to build a world turning to do a couple different ways one which is take a suggestion you build we call the wearer were iraqi you arrived just in you find out who the people are in this where that's the roof what you're doing and then you run into the first unusual thing that comes out the first thing is so little bit funny basically you go okay here's the funny part let's focus on that and that's the become the same that's basically how you're a sketch and i was back to one year aggressions alike would we do what he taught us i think we we were so focused on sketching using improv to build sketch we really focused on this one part of long form called finding the game of the scene basically in the lake said layman's terms with the funny thing was that one final thing if you look at any seen on us now there's really only one funny thing is this that there might be many characters doing a lot of phoning things that are serving the purpose authorized to maine funny things i recall that the game finding the game of the singing then first ashore for the games are either long form yet to find it right to an dislike you wouldn't have writer's room of sketch show you go how but this this funny thing i've observed no dna soils ago yeah and there's a way to build on the notes were doing on stage even at the improv for so long i mean do you find it easy things that my pet peeves like rookie mistakes that you attacked these these guys roy stratosphere was seen or maybe it's the trial i want mine earline parcel likewise coming from our thought i had to be the phone is pursuits or was way over on the way that story we not listening and you want to turn to say as many findings data that i think that's rookie mistake is as it were to say to learned listen slowly and didn't take him it's like scenic colonies so it's not mom or alone it's like oh horrible something the government read it together yet again addressed the idea that she helped contacting unbelievably hopes to accommodate to learn and really commit to be sort of spontaneous thing gerson interim it embodies them as reality that until has a quote on about people getting into improv and i love that i come on you're putting on dixon a few months early rufus says enough to reduce improvisation you have to assume the funeral can do extraordinary things the assumption in improvisation is that anything you can do someone else can do on and you can do it to a very eloquent and i think eddie's great yeah lace is just such a great philosophy that every scandal doing something began in figures the thing i take a little bit of issues on the contrary in her for a moment sure because i've always thought you'd maybe you can but i think it down i think you forgot your ego in some way i think that and then that this is done that he in and maybe the rest the group today to discuss the that at the armory used to be chief live like i do that you can't teach funny you say i can make someone flamingo i'm the u. n. chief sumner do successful improv on really pants you don't necessarily but that's the thing in back to the last question up at the mine is somewhere or walsh was saying is when someone comes in in third like you are that the game establishing may come in and they do to stuff about character that might be funny but it has nothing to do it again and slide isms and insecurity it seems like they're like i'll know what my manager with my thing that these why make my presence known him plenty of urine or fails to make the building maybe something foreseen and it's not organic and it's not on the flight is not helping it looks as though total those hazeltine if i lived in usually that simone issues be straight man we call that top and told us just be yourself ministry acts to the game the way you would have been a straight man such a wonderful great part of comedy many moments unappreciated chrysler everyone feels like every whack you're proud of voice rebuke range are letting us everything in the atomic war right sure yeah yeah and so you can just be a smart person who understands how improv works into holy serving in the scene without tuna character saying fine lines or anything just being a good actor in there and that's necessary every improv group every group under yitzhak on in my opinion so you can still service calmly without being with us just naturally whole areas people live was no surprise attack mcfarland yeah i also think it's like your background in your life history makes you following an interesting journey people an with alive which which is an oddity is interesting that war there was a monologue certainly never observed that in the other thing is like ours to all of teaching runs seats is always you can have a hundred people get on stage and read this free crafted joke that i guarantee you the fat guys and get the most lives yeah and that i and you know to an ivory his positions we like to see the intelligent one dong su worry man pratt the pratt would see him fall like to see a high set us free posters people total fall over the losers that yeah we will never love that in aliens human beings are escapes from the same thing with five jolly we're let's hike back to a more for muzzle mortals that laws that are in fact hype of person is instantly sort of we have a free to visitors alike that delivery device yeah i know jim i mean politics it's an island mr stern kind was very scared me from what i've learned is that is a blockage as i had a clear it sam i as the idea that i love chicago your thoughts are also can you see my side to see my room set yet for now atheneum adjourned that has hundred fancied that was you returned and your body to thaw out turn into an entire your love to you at el of the one with a go it alone would be improper huh kid that health bill of fat and you know maybe played your image of the habitat of the straight ahead and do what you like it or not you're in a sort of thing to know to what how did you and started the dull cosmonaut on disappointing it's it's fifty two hours to come from all over the world and i will i'm a film that you followed these the small group of guys from nowhere in the state is missouri loser in and i'll earn enough misery population fourteen pounds but how do you guys get this marathon going at it like you know against eighty two hours of improv is basically people and all walks of life in a different styles and spawning 'cause there are places have very different techniques can and so you're kind all embracing each other's own version of their improv and i think it is such a cool thing again it continues you know everything is is an item as thousand progress all still rooted in del not helpless and his teachings oh yeah i'm trying to christianity man that so i had that is like the thing that started in you know once again for him to act that it spreads out the tribe to know too far reaches of the earth and make fun of preachers interpret the words in different ways and focus on different lessons in different lessons you know and then this faction on and even here in austin same thing like why we stand america members warren i'm guessing guys but i'm guessing a psycho and improv theater here now there's allotments is perhaps is the zedillo county town a little bit now right so i mean it's crazy alone like we suddenly went to new york in ninety six and this is just as the internet is becoming brows and also it's not like to you two videos and people can check out things you know there and everywhere out so isn't that we're done the biggest city what is it isn't the world newark city people that know about something in our farm to me that's bizarre yeah that that is is a uniquely chicago it started other places to bitch cargo really grew to another lab on we i was like to say it's like marco polo greens and so it's our people have not seen that thing as a success a lot of ways is being first market i'm not that i ate timing sometimes the knives yes about the maddening answer but we set when he died were likely gonna it should be to myself when i first was twenty four hours in what was a shock to twenty four hour a marathon think that's not enough is that a or a feeble get better once the shannon's they are the haitians turn to the thousands of tons really i mean overnight but i think miguel the first i'm probably was barely twenty four hours young and everybody in that show we knew we're probably biting people thought was sloppy early saturday the fact that inside the solitude for archambeau yet while the house who am i using the show as it was a drunken scientists know that i had no that night at buy that willis has this last month and i am can make the numbers to know exactly who's basically likes of india news knows thousands of groups of that dozens of countries and that's the one that so weird when you see people to an improv and languages it's weird the tiny see some new art form known by some kind giving them some ross of that slow death it's we're in is yeah and when i know more about the differences which are molest i like the japanese grown in the documentary to examine the japanese improv tends to be about word for trickery in the words of one sort of yeah i am the latin guy for your country they're saying like it's more dramatic go yeah newman was billy's a person is medusa portuguese team i hadn't warned him that i ever met with their say it's more dramatic so i would love to know the difference him like cultural destroyed humor plays in different countries and their resume our live agenda nice kid years ago years ago to run away like him you good job 'cause i want to have that is a joke was like a mystical researchers murmured his job was like the guys buying sushi and psycho kennesaw hundred sushi makers are going to spain them beckham says no was the triggers of suffers movies or go to use it to check the better more money at it and i will slip on a downward plane trip previously out of the girls that have a baby it's everything's about thought that i had to win is really a latent in sweet watching people like him during a dizzying people mary's porn a young and sometimes like the kids reasonable but first i'm not the kind of thing a lot at big hat failures on our become law they bought it it really has a bomb when you start adding an end i think that that's friends mule cross any platform in your words tried to come in and i'm scared nervous got that one of ryan's like where reviewed is coming and all you know not big failed not had just yet and the chai fail i'll have that thing for example of some of us noble like to go through the eighties not only going out and taser incidences jersey out there was one that note we get we feel we have one number new ways to ease the security guard wants alcohol was involved the outcome is that it was a girl and she was a dangerous thing we enough about her father was checked chuck norris is stockdale is joe zealously juror was so she went into the parking garage into one of our parties in dante's yourself monsieur to guard the nuance of these are not important yes let the year and oh that i think a thankfully she missed bought ledges and alice big fail that was not even as she got to ride on what that scary not well and i remembered how de los it's about time we started is at the al gonna discuss the last couple years let's do is your guards were good friends now emerton together and with my brother and his and you saw when she is here now and that's what she splits boom in she's charged nor says that that's just what other handling the law expect to now's level of skipper and see what happens there and at analogies that it had anything to the news of the aisle is cusick is about the applause he is coming he's a polarizing figure and what is right he's he's a bad iconoclast the keys out and he has drug addictions negro and on and on sets a bright people would call an ingenious like and you guys have stories about angie think i'd bet on the scene they would like it was a hard working with and you have a zealot hello bill or you know an interesting honestly he he made me feel ashamed to the key never made me feel lying i never left going what an asshole like they're really did love the way he was and i didn't hear so many improv classes at that point there were kylie opposite like very coddling word just everything was great and i still like jackson knew he was a non credo wasn't in scenes it does seem terrible to me so he really did whip me in the shape and people around me sell at soccer coach you respect feel awkward for practice who called to score doomsday lead as an led an oppressive are only a gun or mom but he avenue murray's it's almost emblazoned on my brain of the specific rehearsals where he was disappointed us like the first rehearsal ever did with them we were so intimidated it was awful back to the river so we thought oh my god we blew it into sticks we're developing this form that became the movie became as a form called the misery that wouldn't he be working on for years and never do that ryan any hat did it he didn't do it right with us but it was a process it was a it wasn't right for weeks so they're weeks we felt like oh my god were blown into that you see the disappointment his frustration with less than the things we're doing in awe it's hard to explain but it may have been made us feel like are gone for the job for being cheap and he sources stick and smart were no women up to on but we eventually got it when we did so it was worth is once we did get us with this epiphany that hippie you'd mentioned he had not yet he had a very swirling around then when we were in as by ace in the lab man in him is that different drugs in this basically how goes it to prove out a new form of crowding and it was several sites that's that's why my high points an improv is doing for now we created the forms with them by those seymour based on that bus other form harold ickes started in order rid of them that's been seem like his big of accomplishment for some reason the vow was like we were there and we helped him do that and we didn't show that everyone can see in these very satisfying artistically like i haven't anything but people always ask us are you better in provenance probably better improvising by it i haven't rehearsed improper every day for three hours with my groups and so's my twenties yeah thigh wound so that's when you're really doing the most artistic work is when you're rehearsing a much new are trying to develop an informant that's been done all of us in which you relate we get is the bread shopping in dc the daisy young lady now are things in love with a new one is the prior accomplishments of the light and sentiments were type figure that he would embrace what you guys are doing in putting your own stamp on the improv world in our men are not ever won in saliva think we came back you know i did a classroom course you remember the sa i know any daisy ever used to be in this very fertile mountain we just want check out those clouds as we move on to his clients were about ye is very proud certain that they had at the thought does the decorous people and adolph hitler couldn't is moving yeah frontiere the lead at how are they out there lydia penury junior junior an analysis of the religion and young do you get out your thoughts about that now that you is your movie but what if you kids you that theft and attained dissolved the old village in the night trying my best how that lets you must assume which is reels and the man i think you skate boarding up the old whom new year from a statement so but don't minimize the challenged how proof with a dead sleep oldest on voyager the movie has the will reveal this opens up if you are a month ago strip club was adolf hitler june it at isn't let's run introduced sodas in a village in doesn't necessarily have to be ashes like his father that might be known as sewing on the funds that are fighting a few named after him and asset that is really unfair pre judge him the knowledge is based on now what's in the to fantasia on an efficient and clear and hunted down says that's must not let up to the last three kids folks knew what to get out there that i really didn't seem mad as a u. do you end up like yours wrong called improper humans and has on you before we started that light i had listened to you is common to read to us cowman c. dean hammond with red and yellow you learned hopeful it's unsettling again there were five hundred no questions you answered all of them which yeah don't know the time had a choice to not doing that i felt like that and i'll is that is against the culture of a mayday wouldn't understand that is what were you writing reduce the grandson of a high as they do see you're riding on you are well on them take its run run for it but it is a trip there was one thing that orange elaborate on that allows for an interesting and i you advise somebody that improv isn't all about yes and no it's more if that ranking u. discredit his i've heard yes and light yet as i can walk us through the yes and i think people are pretty familiar with that now right and that's that's become the the term the people associate with improv in maybe even has reached the mainstream michael you can see that reference in the sick on the spot just a strange but he be ye sand is why you bills turner not make these two teacher you buy that all right outside sight out of sight you began to build a scene like i was talking about earlier about the new one where when you said not the senior yes standing up building with each other to up the scenario showing were you are but as soon as unusual thing that happened earlier arises then you're saying it's been years saying is this unusual thing is true then what else is turning you don't need to ye sand anymore because now you're defending the i. that that makes us so and safe youth dear listener glove know who the white just get shooting you could say that phrase if then before every line 'cause that's that's how was sketch bill spirit but there's some unusual things an unusual character in this thing is this unusual thing is true that no one else is chairman of the subtext of every line of the singing hymns so i guess that's all we point out like him or impromptu up guys that that that's really what the focus is so don't just think you just as likely voters think he does say yes to whatever and if you just did that when we come this childish to be like children improvising just like he'd be all we call crazy town just everything's crazy but at some point we wanna go around the same man does have one thing be crazy yeah it the militia measure my lacey as co wrote a book and you're all in robert's also wrote this book the average citizens brigade county improvisational manual eyes yeah so on is a lot of people alive roses on ciardi fascinated if you turn it into the improv world that is something at school everybody should get that pays its isn't yeah i mean allowed marla surgery with us and with with the structure so don't feel like murder you if you're like treatments that thought isotope forget which war as soon people knows presumed are going to know him as that but were saying earlier about as narrow once funny but it got part of the most money personally room or whatever but you can learn to avoid said maybe not everyone should take four levels of improper and you wish to one novel white as everyone with it i just did anything lydia isn't it how easy that if if you're a minute pactel party in you know sir connor was thomas story now is usually a team to this this young does i tell a story in utah story is completely unrelated slayer bites of story bargain pulled over by the cops in units will be new to me like ali al was got pulled over by the cops is the third guy goes all yeah i saw cotton in the last night knew i had ally at the end when i asked for adds that that that's not the thing here man not just the opposite of that being like it's been pulled over an anxiety of when you're being quicker when every now you railroad it's in you need to do as soon as bonnie it is still the deval because we seeing first of all solid time people started singing in the mood to reassemble say no but you'll say some of them now it'll just in so it's not necessarily an innate instincts improvise there are certain techniques it does make you better person a crowd of that data is your neck to you've ever seen and it becomes pretty stupid question that comes of the local want like this kid's operating ole sir for right and are accurate yeah sure that you have any examples that want to like we came to new york for people like trapped in the daily in the community of such well-known calms some phone calls for smith mules review them for example and he technically was um hum qualifier unskilled performer but he was already time doing comedy in the city never-ending across my phone yourself on the edge at that and no my son my neighbors distinct was back in chicago i ate yasmin neil flynn is i trust her roads in the middle ago venom that iraq has his hand organized crime rates yet follies is like and when people to and broach that have like six five but that i tied him which is a joke images back in his first class and he was settled s. his shoulders both literally and figuratively of the rest of the class that alan i felt embarrassed giving them that's 'cause he does take the hat and talk about straight man he he's a whole arison actually fighting these also a bumblebee you bubble straight man he does got that concept right away like a cary grant had no way of reacting funny premises it does it showed how funniest training to be is got that right away i kept going and my notes at the scene would be to mar what is it aha ha i knew i just did that and and then months later use are improper it like you wind up the ladder so now quickly as i was theirs and teach him to do you find out improv to be that also useful tool and might just with acting like you're out you're on the brightness in late you find a moment sir the center is a very well yet scripted right highly that it seems like it's not buy them on earth and you get to the boring and it is fitted you still find ways to cut in a moment to take some tools lessons you've learned music when you're acting as i think the simple answer is it the descriptive but only shoot or not really improvising ranch all yeah but i think because of showing the puzzling maoris and three cameras are there are always on that sort of like bottles see you never we should we should through the shirt and the remorse more than ever you're always on terrorism other words improv he's just everything that's happening when you got to the new lives unless you knew me yet that so tell me in that way and it's also about it because in the show we were encouraged him required to contribute to the narrative of the charlotte from faye wong we went to england in the courier for english lit want to know all americans would say the size of a great scripts the bills were willing to kill you nigger it's a business most crowded when that we can say trial we see stroller and that brilliant thank you for i saw the law needs an american city yet as intelligent i yeah outbid liberalism the reversals yes mostly were ordered to shine improvisational then it's al cola's that discover these little moments that you know existed that serve the greater unearthed and into big a part of a hung isaac to be told that after this i set up a little heh heh up again in our algae eighties the head basketball swat getting years old at the la got sight on the i have got blue eyes that you she's done it mid no i didn't quite adamant that the goats with eddie and on and the public to solve not good at my dad didn't say that you put it through stole three lights my pilot michael in play soccer ers and of that it's gonna be it's gonna be nice to see your your fifteen at fifty one to vent doing this for so long as the kid's school and we we we interview all these great comedians who of peace abilities and long careers most people don't have the luxury of an dawns on how to how cool suffer bull put you to have gone through these different stages in your life in the still be going to still be training is amazing documentaries youtube you made a movie with him and two thousand eleven rays of light most people were flesh not enter the northern never made it a bomb did you ever wake up and pitchers offers adjust to life now you're listening now though i mean it's all subjects fly i met like that did you can be making comedy in on this silly be making money moves what it's this one thing making money in common is one thing coming coming in you be satisfied with her comedies and not pay what's great now versus manual we started as you can so easy to make all these things in an distributor self whether it be upon past like this are you to video or i mean it's amazing edition for this you jump start today she has a sitcom she's more popular probably acid issue for courtney cox sitcom the same day i'd say she's probably stop whoppers courtney cox his millions of hits on each one every two koreas weird world that's astray covering taxes and and that he is a common three years you can like so all renaissance saying it's all it's all relative so you can be i was starting to be a star every eleven and create your own digital continent be phoning in you know you can fool yourself knowing of five people look you two to youtube video that is honey ha and i think i think that's a thing of the longevity of it is my growing and is who might continue to do news stop for my amateur riots i guess it's for everybody to his eyes the new persona as well but i just do the same old show that i don't spend my repertoire of them the same domes the first rosenstein figured of staff my bones you and what we want our bring in nighttime the rarity of that era on item injured her alone which is the job briefly about the month bob dole's first major is right around the corner and you can play one week into gold for redirect it reads and love that a lot that's nice fantasy football in more play golf call the bleeding and local next to whether you were a miserable for just ready to try new fancy sports you can play one we didn't see goldberg friedrich things back on just that simple first before the t. op stands salary cap and rack up points for streets purple performance tournament in issues and more outscore the competition and you could weigh in with every turn attracting springs excitement into a whole new level with every monster bride and made pot bring you closer victory in france king's is more than fantasy golf shoes for a variety of sports that showcase your winnings kills millions sports fans already discovered drafting snout church work this isn't fantasies youthful bob this is draft hangs welcome to the big-time fancy golf contest begin with tournaments tee off sogo directing spectrometry should roll first use problem coach i can play for three that's pro mako tries to play for free now only drafting back on track and dot com play for free and i'm so now we're now joined with tinier and inger idea correct i directed the film yet placate how did you was it really hard piecing it together didn't you have just sit at qana at one of footage and always get all these different groups did you choose that group sir leon have you figured this out as though they're in busy and enters and about four or fifty hours of footage that came together d. three minutes of documentary so there was away too much for age yeah or anything minute back marion reece actually sent out of the deep misery the exact number as in our cameras to ten teams from like japan finland all over the world i think that that the misery seen that we wind up in the documentary s. violation fourteen thousand fourteen thousand at this nurse's aide the most compelling story the most like i like you to lie to you know that star now trendier improper and anything in that there is this story when we get seemed to first place he shows and a cash is spirit like the ellwood is who knew so little name just getting into the world and their small town and it just started their own improv yes i'm sure they are from you guys in nachos as we gonna get to sing their growth throughout the movie was was really the f. b. is there are countries that you think they're here to there humorous lot of stuff or that it has lost a lot of them in general and it has for anybody as he needs the out of the owner race is it a ally the right draw our own way and i have the neptune in monterey witnesses say if the germans and how to put that i didn't i'm need that important to him then we're screwed up that in the u. made a five hundred five hundred hours of the distance the distilled down into nothing and they'll wanna documentary filmmakers incidents will artisans dipshit church roseman research and then you've got to get on your feet to singed constantly getting thrown at you like these kids for misery would call this is that this is what i need the bill needs the day that salad hour we're does that i mean as in every morning you get out and like i like to know storytelling so lucky if the fortune in films know what can happen to them that that would fall into the storyline america now and then by about twenty minutes n. thrown away because if he does follow what has actually happened rather than what they need you know you want to have happens is impossible in the movie was so high it was the tell the story of dell and also the doll clothes marathon but it didn't do was nine house ways and i thought the movie was so well put together a vanity captured the spirit and body still close buddies teachings in the world is fired and i and i are things you proud of what you've accomplished all of you guys because you surely are again wings of the torture for is legacy last year in his teachings and you've seen this world explode and then as things in balance things the guy's a viewer in output is while i get on a guy the self you know about that people are picking up on and rightfully so than that yeah in as good as you guys have just visiting should know about filmmaking we're leaving out are not aware right dollars anything it is just using altogether and now the work i guess of broad question i had on and young african it and then there is as an engine the i and i'm in effect and get rid of you for c. n. n. has a living and we don't object as to happen when you knew we do things on itunes and that's what's that's a great question eileen we're trying to figure out how vast it happens and so we're to young isn't it enough what's the b. s. that this is like a documentary junkies you go to natalie for the doctors as i obviously don't risk strategy by the pound blue why is it should we ride is strongly worded letter to do that with flounder give us some spring and head tonight why is it not there i'll on italy has eluded us huh it is on a documentary japan and what will be there all that i hope the acting we want to be out isn't the place is named as possible so hopefully soon you build it they get damages on haven't nailed down to declare that time frame or how me and i have to do and i know it yet how's the cards i got you covered his hand that bomb and then thank you for a thorough for putting this on the other kids as amazing as many people should see it but flicks as possible bomb and and i like that all three of you does it become torture for somebody sliding see we can only couple of life that that would have so many people care about us on do you that you have seconds and they had locked he's a young hour and yet so speaking of death how lovely as you know valerie n. now it's the jimmy and we were reassigned woman at it that it but i don't know so we normally outshone with sayings an every time we got our post apocalyptic segment basically and it is yes mines the pack and will let y'all is the answer to the histories of questions but my son is in a world that phone some sort of tragedy the new guys the lone man standing or three horsemen and stay standing in line you're here alone times in dire it's probably a pretty poor place to be so that's where the mind's eye going into these three questions when the first question would you get all this young shy man of mine is that the zoo on the lot softball as you had one moving on the video and which movie which you choose to watch for the rest of the electrical grid is still up and running on the map that i was on the one i got to milan surgeons robbers making sure women from among some odds and ha-ha-ha it got to know more about that air quality and on to the park with and that's what's going to laws and others the reasons would blow it most but a few but you've survived what it look somehow ryan malone air that and you got what movie one of the f. b. i thought results so far ongoing bo beavers would walk outs movement to increase yes yes i wasn't gonna get out the accuracy lorenzo that smoothing out of this is funny when you got an athlete's that's still continues to climb up the charts everyday those hovering around him in nineteen eighty eight others and alice number was my top ten movies being watched her not learned out these hot always has a child is the counting average height or the cases people 'cause my brothers like to see the present c. n. n. i i watch of course the house and this makes sense and i told my friends and maybe plug on a part of the symptom the larger problem with that one you know it's a theocracy make our right amount and yet so some way or get ugly that once hanging of the relevant data tomorrow the church does so you didn't say you're correct wheels problem closely at the analysis ruth by adding the gradually retraction now say to her now now acknowledges the rent is that sillier it and i know we have some married man here by the common area like they either have me one all the woman on the planet is your job replied what kind of this is yep i'm wanting that yes i asked that i had i know and i as i say hi this is a the wives and girlfriends they did make it but they won't carry on line on till morning at ha-ha hello incident at and new voices and you don't have to huge so chooses there was a prudent woman and i just think about it had gotten used to cellular and about the case is populated move not to what you wanna is the one that made you will enjoy herself was asleep which you and i guess as if it could have don't call my wife does that add out is that pervert our i thought you did not one of the park here who have exactly and apocalyptic world yet abiding love and making love or hate to use the odds are that they had mer can then insert holly home hot he was she at cia and yet those stronger reyes she's the one she does loss of your candidate who then i met the hour right that's a lot in this line that was the new ones wednesday that it real sexy yeah but i hear is innocent or in stimulus money that has nine and he's it's up to battle the means of knowing that i get it but the third but i never know about it hasn't got any ideas mustard actually did i thought so i thought it was in bolivia it has a good have been acting out as me and married the the i cannot answer that you love as also monash it and i've a third got a question which is zoom in years all up to the altar an amends who but moved and you've got to lose a connoisseur of them is the u. is a henninger conversation with one person in it to be anybody throughout time would you most like to have a conversation who'd like to talk maybe it's down maybe it's somebody else he'd never an opportunity as b. mom bastards who merely him not to sue for going parents isn't and you haven't got ten alive the arkansas yeah i guess see what's happened with one of the neck to choose one like him hell itself is sure she'll know mark twain's pausing that's out has sadness major new to me an urgent yeah buys you a picture of the bill murray that'll ella i'm marie colvin it to you that that that that that a backpack they share of what i think hey yeah i think it had but i do wanna talk to jesus and i'm not privileges that have denied that would bring that information back to bureau wrong and a lot it daylight brought series and the wire and not wells was yet we high of the whole idea that you guys a vote of no for joining us will ever march when quotes is the wearer of those who boldly ambitions brothers there the smalls people that truly great people make those were on them feel great to open you guys have been teachers for long time even sparkle of people and you don't get work and that the movie is thank you tell the story of the doll clothes marathon thank you todd the road map that certain that walsh for joining us you can join us every thursday thank ye have you can download this broadcast wednesday about midnight eastern standard time on pie kills one of my guess though in the us on the great minds and counting joined us this morning early that we hear that you enough and that we helplessly as our runaway freight train of success on this and we just urge them to carry s. that has advanced traversed cathay some glitter money stay tuned for the latest repeat news headlines from pod cast want right after this a. b. update i'm a donahue the search continues at fort hood in texas or four soldiers missing after the truck they were in was swept away by high water major general john you bertie is debbie commanders off with a tragic accident or remorse live up there soldiers to take a quick action at some other soldiers in training we were able to rescue we soldiers those three soldiers around the hospital in stable condition for good spokesman chris hogg says this whole all happened very quickly who reigned in a while and crying and the negro has one of the man and nearly the entire eastern part of texas is under a flash flood watch or warning third person you're the first prison near the brazos river it's been evacuated because of flooding about seventeen hundred inmates at the ramsey you ridicule sharon were transferred to other prisons in the area eighty update on a donahue