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Tim T.K.O. Kennedy on theChive Podcast - Ep54
The UFC's Tim T.K.O. Kennedy talks about everything from how to kill an ISIS soldier in 3 seconds to the two weapons he'd choose during the zombie apocalypse. Tim is a Bronze Star recipient, an American hero, and certifiably insane in the best way possible. He'll fight for the UFC Championship in just a couple months!

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
the flowing program is up i guess one dot com presentation show and yet we get at and i and i i didn't i have a home we'll show what life when everybody welcome back and live live at first one thing everyone tuned into a two part series we did last couple weeks about how a bunch of germany it's started the driver i hope it can of helper inspired any of you entrepreneurs out there i'm to know that if we can do it anyone can do a strong is the i. who is related island e-mails from guys knew it isn't how how did that was so interesting and informative and be noticed on palma turn back on some inalienable is one side of the child and just to hear our stores bates and you're really version of the muslims everything at the senate we really appreciate your feedback and speak to gerson bob we have ten kennedy on the show to do it yes one of them he is number five in the world is a middleweight us cease fire eyes also ranger certified sniper he still active duty secondary today and he's going to fight for the championship here in a couple months and it or not always enough idea because the sole matches upon us no winner of that that takes all i'm reading his twitter right now that he just posted the rules for gunfight number one have a gun number two have friends with guys that number three sheets parentheses there's no such thing as her gunfight at number four have a plan to execute by which we jorge du pont des with us i think it's fair to say to you almost got murdered twice ahead x. arizona on why god by minute i'm i'm hyperactive and nervous all the time to eternal centers in nineteen years fazio and i'll get at what i do blind against go for you bob are you the low hanging fruit i think it i don't base of these evil or building and the eyes roll over black or white shark is the blood know why manila guy can mess with this guy out that now so good i don't really i says he possessed fondue hey man you so cool on your knowledge easy to be on the finer japanese submarine is a bad as even any light on the all hard nosed unlike need not mean that like he's in the standoff fisher carnage is quiet you know not all instead he's a certified winston in the best fond as white hot out yet and he even when we ended he he's lived here is how to take over the world using only two guns the right was acting are member the details of it was eisenhower kill everyone in the world with all its you've got to read owner and spoiler alert the eyes so yeah this guy i came in like a hurricane in disease that energy for days begins and some insights into a means of a three day gunfight i think said yes several less rot and rot at illinois iowa give away everything but his ailing that the stories is that how far beyond any incredible out and then and just talking about fighting in the ring in the year at the insane mindset that is that which i can hardly ran my head or hiking tom bray yeah but my favorite car was him almost killed you twice twice the man check out the chai furloughs animated get hit the donned of shitting is pants in our cabin down the list of freedom and i'm not on love and assuming you but we have not done the round of ridiculous questions to start this going to back into the room the question's the chivers right after us and you had a doozy come on your nest egg yeah i know i was ashes to as low as one of the guy that that's what i'm talkin' bout it is the cat crazy as relates to ship the senate who died in jail and then forehead at so good on his unreasonable and there with me but i'm the time is right you choose your own greg i'd sell my lanes and all your your questions to pontius questions at the china dot com lina we do read them then we are looking you back into the answering all of them reading them in answering them so they can crazy this week to yes or no hell yeah and as olive oil and forbes so you really should just be sending us that knows what is on your mind let's let his listeners bring one for example again has had a nice girl from now for about two has three monson things you may go on well enough but something happened a few days ago that rattled him that we were lying in bed in making relations when she accidentally slipped out the most atrocious smelling part i've ever smiled agenda for the verse why couldn't smell it but the thousand honestly overwhelmed my sense is the measures started to laugh as you can imagine my girlfriend was horrified in embarrassed and eventually left the bad guy rushed out at a heavens butter isn't misshapen i have no idea what to say to her problem is now become a big ever sexually is intertwined with the memory of magda harbison now she put out and it's kind in the reconsider our relationship it had and how did it yes tonight jumper or m. i. overreacting this is jason whoa sovereign you you have the offers i was as i heard that as that but after that bill on health and were hurled idiotic was to look inward right and that was behind him how big a bit like any relationship now and not just before 'cause everybody forts everybody for everybody for its bonnet the relationship is the honeymoon period nine that the first blush of that all over each other they suited for the first time in your work and at the end of sex with their dad is a desert in the honeymoon phase not really because that's three my mind syria in it is the bloom starts to fall off the roads are just a little bit yesterday of bursting in the armor and that hadn't happened i'm not saying it is skinny apart necessarily that maybe she just snap singles talking crazy in any search see the crazy because that's when it come out no matter what some point yeah you don't have like a permanent part on right around three months' and feel like i'm starting to me often she'll not vitality in our mind i've proved that they states rather a sidekick i'm a big picture in relation to at that three or four months' period about the honeymoon is coming in and be over his juergen start to see the little warning signs in the relationship yeah can you can either choose to ron run out or choose to date the girl based on the substance or character right don't do that now ursula not hehir let permanent on him and he oh god i thought but bob i'm i'm curious you're you think about this 'cause you're in the u. develops and parting of the special relationship for south if you don't love far as we can be friends everybody knows and i and i mean honestly i think you really might really if you actually like this girl and not in sheet she's cool enough and it should mean it to the jet's mission in nothingness you beat this shouldn't be a blip on the radar you should actually like or more for it yet because i i sort of first time i've parted in front of laura was an accident i was honest each of our members i'd like your memory of firsts whenever the smaller now mum on first part it just slipped out of nominal laughing hysterically in and there weren't did he i can was caught like a leather couch and lying to get away with alice is that all was that ought to be at my only laughed about it was great and i found at his mind lord that me and monsanto that those in the car rewriting his ass when i'm at numbing at noon the car and i might jesus you smell of sight to in tragic life terrible and antlers and they know how much how far can we hear it and let the to turn out like six months later she says up to submit number back hard news saying how small it tries to you what's in the the how do i get my goddamn dorado thank you mademoiselle but i do think what is it that are you know that i'm an idiot you're you're having sex united not try to think about those got to do it if it's if it's right you should know right now that honesty united to become the wants to walk away from earl because he far did you gonna have some problems in your relationship with the good outdated goodbye dad geology now digestive they use relationship central anymore so were we should break out that the good life image of a ruined for the rest of her life i i just ask are they wrote it i pacified by the mellow out the apple had a little elmo about our as the muscles i guess you could be worse you and shit a bed and moved of malady known at that we're talkin' like some ink on in tissues humid the deal with the on the road i hear from the chip the bed mega problem now that the girl from the ports guess what you do so does everyone else young man indeed the a lot so that didn't lie ya and so on on that lost you know that could do everything else we wanna talk about it i don't know whenever we target we only one goal take the conversation directly into the gutter yes that is our home not sure we eat and an end to end and bring it back to him how beautiful patriot that at that as violets and then the resigns him for the center just terrible thought when he could not have appreciate your time anymore so that we need to take stock you have an adequate hello so on and no we're not take it out over to a guy whose nickname accused him he kato kennedy please you have an names which are not been oh god pants 'cause of my pet problem here now i still have that and i god is that the note that is good in him as evidenced by the f. you can still putting hopping around in one by the nickname by it's man on screen out always wanna be called like steel and how at you like you'd like names you you gave people a day out our about is our colonies feel that i was a bad debts whose goal nick was an ammonia they knew that that that makes more sense right because people should nickname each an is i know i little honest enough so that there really alone but you know personally builders by columbia like bullshit you be ringing your bell right now that causing the ahead they make you part who you are you know ah but you can have that i wanna be and a guy's name is team je kao can you think about that in my tub or situation yeah i know see that the team he can no kennedy when i did by measuring the melinda i'm now a fought with that guy yeah now many what am i only got he suggests he says that amaryllis on i'll hit you almost killed bob twice target of the inner ear i'm linda and you'll know what happens so let's kick dougherty kayo end of this is the this is a howl ride traversed in this now speaking of americans what is more american than the good folks over it true car is going to do your research when buying a car so what you need is a truly transparent car buying experience not that is the american way that the american i was frankly information is power surprises at the car dealership paniagua and that will train the life how do you see and go on line right now to find a fair price and a new car be a true car or truck are mobile lab now to car you can see with others in years to pay for the exact same car you're looking for which will help determine that fair price you so deserved to die users say you never give up thirty two hundred optimus r. p. manual martha that no hassles no headaches is how carbine was always meant to be your directly with certified to car dealer contact some visit true card back down or downloaded to parmalat today and start saving troops are never overpay let's get back to it there were one the tripod guess i am john resident joined as ever by bob philip and we're joined by tim t. k. o. can see now to then i'm not gonna read does this ms it's important to horn in dinner right somoza don't read it on your professional and i'm a fighter since two thousand one gig puking ulysses middleweight division for your currently ranked number five in the world and it's import looks really get to you next fights and you all for an active ranger greenberg special forces sniper with tours in iraq afghanistan as will ensure other forward operating bases in clandestine locations around the globe and more my favorite quotes from you that is like this every time the train train with the motivation of purpose that you will be the hardest person someone ever tries to kill holy shit temper that have existed then it could have at it and let away as per your records you because you were the only people look fine full time professional and then also the same time the baffled time enlisted in the army gathering he didn't get your deploying to present any time in your going back and forth i don't know how you hold us off get me when people think woody when people at u. know your your fellow troops you know what your guys' re interview that has to do a lot of cocaine that debt and how well egg people with a look at me like or that the a. n. go slipping on beasley them edition of time the day to do all the things i want you and them we're working on horse you work out like three times a day he added too much yeah i see i just wonder read something at those religion because you been recently talking back for just a little bit with the fbi and they reach you because i've got some ices committee in a really good on every something you said you said about isis they'll like me or anything about me i mean they're migrating i stand for their doubtless cowards there in bed and feeble little children and to be poking the bear little bit one column of air and talking to try courage kind i've never lied to two recent days that and that over the course five years in a thing the abandoned this get all upset i think it's fair to say you're not intimidated by ices oh for any tears that matter i mean i i live in northwest austin is going to rule area i scarcely have more fee or alarm like the record it right to have slept like that crawfish old house richard espinosa mean those legal bastard introducing you to get the shells they make a mess by the trash cans is like right how do how would permit these records from mass appeal about what portion patio i'm just a lot more time think about that they're not a whole bunch of bingo disgusting all know we were in the critical human intellect that could be good because when to call them or toward iraq and that at i dare not itself and also the shrugs off as varied as a hard target and then really go for the hard target the all male baby the gaelic on one team of journalists in germany yeah they like it on school children do you like little girls walking to school or the hillbilly pilot said crashed their planes go to the people they go after him on armed noncombatants than a day or completely hopeless humans but they're they're honestly just the disgusting so now there's no concern of last person to ever think about wanting to mess with the others not only to my wife to like that all it nobody really bad and us to let that go to something else and i thought is bigger than you'd get have steered clear that it is not that you would unite the island military bite school kids used to grips with this is it true story and it is for you yes he's my buddy yeah so now what about your early life and death or no one is informed was become you know an instrument of death and put it at first let's not well stop you run your book publisher your mom wanted to get you into piano and cooking gas to do both that let get in your father thought maybe to counterbalance that's what agenda martial arts habitually pigeon shooting me out and how old are but i do wish dynamic first gillespie you're going home and our first began and then at ten and double digits you know that o. one and as your aside out of first ruger ten twenty two could have then religion he got real comeback for shotgun was thirteen and apparently shots i'm haunted a lot of my dad arm you with rule eli come from such unprofor you people write off california you sir for late to get rid of the job you bribed him like it takes two hours to grocery store for what how you out there and i'm yet speak spanish into account anybody besides your family members because of the encore rule it's it's farmers ranchers to like it would award show more inches and importer much give it to it's like yeah that's why i live in how i wonder did you know that first honey you gotta go on with sedated this social equivalent of like moses live from simpson's given during his first be or like he was just fine until my first beard has lets them inside out this is implemented do business in cash in the sunlight hits the activities you know or leo is way seward bought and i have housel my brother's a monster and i'm like he liked them don't want to get out of a biohazard six three two or forty pounds but that's a giant you're a bunch of libyans and met bova as a whole theme and there's like that that is inglese illinois i'm my own one game of the other gerald sunlight is the warring although there's swimmers other world or at the wharf not what i'm so old that was the compact into short school here in body which is mine when they're much more like a beautiful athletics and no i'm sor as like before to walk so esther waugh killing six seven months beyond i'm so it's five point five months old but my brother was walking by cities twenty so points of the months old and as fast as i could vote for and act when the that at that store i must've given to you know this is a master the and the bit about my sister bite my brothers like angles lakes and attacking him what won't hurt pull me off not sit there and a plague and ladylike bigger cockroach my wakes up and zoning law plied a roll over an especially good would attack that dog my dad my mind moment in my brother so that we must recognize krieger lead that the second mortgage and simple to add another parent you get you to puglia years they enjoy that first year with the child was basically a mobile right outside and delany worth i don't want rockets he'll anchor have have as the helpless on line and now you walk in it six months old and beat the shit out your family that yeah i'd prefer to them perot know my mom was like from from from zero which came out of the moon and tell about nine but only thing i'd spend my waking hours thinking about was how to not let you kill yourself with zip to stay out like that no reason voice is so easy except for you which already do is make sure i kept the blood inside your body have the i i have laws as super sweet but it is worse than the vidal the light early on i guess you know or do you really have that passion to just keep getting into fighting because i'm a bit of a self preservation as you might say and i ain't i think about things that you're both in real world combat that and also later on in yachtsman amino you dreaming of don't be a professional fighter for early honored as it has it come about that and what i'm miserable yield easy step from what i've done my entire life to fighting yeah i know it owes in martial arts has wrestler mounted the opossum boxing some kick boxing wrestling college so from doing those type of sports you know which are capitulate to get their duty to just beam indicator be it would do all that seem really natural normal and other clubs expensive ever coercive with its promoters like the five thousand or to passionate about laptop can be for my books yeah the north to do is knock out that trunk do get the easy hair that i never really get half when you went to columbia college our grudges not cheap not to hurt you majored in criminal justice up and now you administer your own brand of justice as gnarly question has always on the set out on you that you meet up with mikey i checked with alan some of these you know he's asked you phone easy trained to shields gimmicky john african man like how do you mean these guys are training is back in ninety nine is that right alone last night i lived in the middle of nowhere so there's not much that sailors disposed toward the city and then i say i'm from their excusable and see that anyone by keeping everything else will freak tilt and cambria 'em to walk would eventually kill or others replaces of the sailors as though has cal poly which is the closest i know that i am exactly at the ice infection with disposal with you you're don't know i'm in some shock when to cal poly has to get an errand and john hochman has his school the pit road read them it was the only place in such a california that you could train more pork styles of martial arts arm we have got a widow who was wrestler at dachau calling in and out and he's also keep box which on how come it's so there's a proximity thank you my word years what our lives are in a bird had the perfect place is yeah fuzzy your ears that things and it's henry us startle billig at what we need is a teacher risky venture in your whole life but then as the idea that level of like i timed out can i put into action and really like is a fight always in a cage in an octagon this can be little different style the newly trained is growing up the the teaches the comet speeded up somehow was younger than all been burned by ten years so i was like this come together if you're an affair it mattered to walk okay good at any other men caged and it took like cattle prod the pope that battle for firm it was to say thirteen years that i can tell you that i am a good idea will that their advocates and as with the get in and so did the like this guy this kid has problems i'm luscious lips bore with chuck thompson of four with jagoda adding a new agreement i hope you don't see it so hard i'm here yeah but i have monkey hands in his hands used when just for the mean he's just this like he looks like he scarcely just killed alone on an open court that big it opens from like the dinosaur days all along that the woolly mammoth and the i is like a right to lament that were recovered in all the sports and that's what that's what looks like and so i i realize that i was a paid at the sport arm when he's hurting him last air and i kept getting up yeah does it not order any troop lead is that you gotta be will recover quickly then you gotta do we get up off the map and the sport be stupid human head chi hung out and i sang that yes i have to tell you stupid yet i'm your little bit insane calm is there something big we'll talk about this is one of the first blush of the u. s. c. finally now you've got all are you armed assault the police tools which the fight but along comes the arena and it alike that must've been a dream come true for you yes i am limitations really thought and a i know you can go down to a big until forty to one or two to one which was only six hour drive to make really easy cash money for fighting effort to his graduate heading west on yes what i said that the bath six hour drive by the elsinore can catch hopefully make back across the border before get stabbed and honor or you or organs old loan church victim yeah i deserve this is this is for us either as western yeah to run of the reboot true underground fighter he asked him if you could put that in a place it would beat you wanna go up or norman's that's another part of the place so i was in nineteen ninety nine hours working for trucks go motorcyclists government more fortunate convention as working for knox industries as transporting a whole bunch guns from california to new orleans whose industry contends recross along about a year and my boss like he does get these these contacts here before and the conference and at the time incomes computed reebok industry they're not sleep years ago according to chief for minutes on to be done or limbs that you had the days ahead times one more time to kill and also that you and whose orders no yes i am a bum i allison is there to be fighter so i i he was having a difficult time finding where the fight was taking place role in the bore the great in the vicinity innocence due to put the club called for years that walking is it just off the board and is used as cut like these that we must do it you'd come in with his friends and debate or drench the board these two guys have pointed boursicot four years point of muscular guy but without it will work as an igor make short jacket and actress won't always do and and and destroy push and show that other guy comes again hey relax guys i got a place right next door that you guys can go fuck eight at omaha have been in our reigning at in i have learned likely ideas and whispering gigs at each other we'll take two thousand dollars kept on site the lunar soon start he had it sorting out for two more minutes later resets look for the next great i'll walk up and short track the of doesn't pay bro what's wrong yellows and pie in all his own ellen bottom the war but money than it should work on monday one boss descended on the big black guy and i'm used to not be but it is one of these is great option is gregor to really get good at fighting before the u. of c. in the u. s. use are putting a professional face trial years of fighting at least trying in the timers before i imagine you were you know sponsored by our rosario stop fighting reading and an overseer and russert it had so tell me how to how i view of seeking to be in your life and then you didn't like it much a person like dogs the silicate play huh yeah i'm isolated we views the u. of c. is a typical the sport on by came from both the promotion of fall for before the u. to strike force on that they're a bunch of competitor csi pride and they're still billet for them debbie c. will use egos made by those those other promotions me and they get all the fights that the hat and sometimes are able to get athletes and i didn't do it they bought the b. b. c. has to go to get out tonight is that my own contract so they could get me is not going to knock at the office and if you know i fell on him they bought by fell but we can bite the party last week athletes alice would want to collect made out so then open for strike force and then to the contender of them that i'm the number one contender for the title and a bias and ended by the entire roster to which include myself you who's been hawking you get on me now the galley on i know at their acquiring that that's the end of their true by the best in who'll tell zoology every movement and persona got me there and i'm mike to get my contractor had a fight for them to turn down that's honest you see this head happened and lose the gottlieb how do you prepare on these and all the training staff in the physical gunning we must go through and mentally putting myself in a mind set to me is crazy like you know is trained as you are inescapable as you are new on the c. r. still one hair one misstep you know he and hustling you your unconscious is lights out like how do you mentally prepare for seven whatever choked out so forget code for me and i should add at at c. n. now when you like a big is the ne it as get you 'cause you've been in real time combat unit as memorize it so because i carried out put things in perspective for you by his original woman's that's a lot sport that i don't like to know and i he getting hit them you like to do with the less that's the job of it is not to get it or to lessen the other guy the outcome and better and when you had never been hit that is because i just never engaged in opinion is like in medicine and incidentally listen if workbench reach rights new russian said bob is setting seventy four inches from you is only seventy five inches but as i'm back about eighteen inches out on that dog hunt at the notebook opulent and bought a car is the lee used in my face when we all want to ask how is it you're able to come get head can make it into playground three beds were that the rubber meets the road and i know what makes you better than the other guy we really matters on this and to stupid equipped and hooray and i sort of what happened was ringers poor parents are bogus ranger school graduate of the winter class sword grudge week in january which means alec november december january and it's really quarter and the blue ridge mountains north carolina arm band in the swamps of forgot even even though it did degrees in fort a dozen so according to your cold wet for like i'm a mop arm and tortured in your soul we're joined us ambush and the selinger ambush walk we know much road it's snowing blistering and i'm i'm going to kiss my arms it's functions are covered in snow to airy ever wing for this humvee to drive through that were in ambush on a string of shai sha growing into another when they announced this guy like to that huge down for me just to himself he walks down the road in the psych r. i. r. i likewise i thought i'd up i have to withdraw and sit down and she reminded us that he had that he believes in fighting the drug conflict frozen called creek it feels like fiercely hi and then dice more to go at that time i have met is so much on his exit particularly in a moment with our eyes to come in on the run amok mug with no reason you about the cock copied you okay and i'm busted up the walk back to la emotionally and on in how likely that don't listen and i'm stephen august much it's that that that is translated threatening of been too stupid acquitted and i never knew when the right time to quit was in encino anemic and the third round like you just don't stop that i that that doll it back to being the parrot stomach were a bust the one thing would you put on fighting me is that you can't stop me like a b. b. c. the third round common be in your face entire time fog covered this armoire walker in austin losses a big fight city thank god that you're he argued and hunt has seen you before they blow just imagine emotionally dated the hauber in my own blood and then i however i probably the last time you saw me and that's that's typical of you i got this poverty line of like you we go round it relates to this a anecdotes and secondly beating you're not afraid of yellow light injuries as it is a concussions gigi worry about these things on earth and all that was i mean saying yeah i guess in essence a number you seem not to be afraid of getting into the ring knowing full well that night you had injuries and by the injury like for years preparing the best you can try to protect yourself barrymore new petticoat we're on but i'd i tried to give very some of the cerebral touched you bring press preservationists love not elliot have exported the most damage to bring that is donna's been training and it's boring so we've got to jam their sport to three asiaweek he appeared aged to succulent amount of the small concussions are really did all problems that in a fifteen minute fight it could be a horde of arm judge really do damage to to bring them especially with you know big joe mccarthy it's become implore you off the moment modi really get hurt or not in a jam we get wrong in the first round right figured the stoic be guy more rounds to go to agate type but anywhere round sends me go back to the third radically wrong again of the ground and an open up the odds like that with the image gets to them but not to me 'cause i know how to outrun away i keep my body and like them the cold war can be performed twice turned around and i never i never should bore to talk a little bout at getting your actual training regimen for everyone out there is is coming up as the week is to put just a small favors poems that anything is in around them and their professional athletes and they were saying that the athletes of today do it wrong because of their training the wrong muscles too much when you have to really understand that every muscle in your body is working in perfect harmony with all the other muscles on the body you know your body has to be awfully of flushed out instrument of athleticism that goes from your cows to to shoulder city can work one worthy of you have it by the dirt in the school for friends and how people trained in that in but the nineties in early two thousands i'm like the specific power lifting guys realized you'd like that all the wrong stuff like it looks physically great umbrage at the grave brown a record or getting back to the performance based training them come for special forces and the coaches i have that never let me get to do those findings like biceps curls or bench press that the forever options it's like here's a sandbag pick it up there and moron de hundred meters been slowed it down to repeat a thousand times and she ever had that i'm the comforts are luxury of you would you like that stuff on so my tree richmond's it's bombs but probably or a little bit but rather aramis idols of more work than less work but have the right train two or three times a day had died and you must rethink mission the morning and been any minute work out that you start with some played metric mobility stuff was stretching come and we move move into water to haiti strength persistence training things that would show look lifting or sprints with her shoes just very cannonball act explosive movements arm in university knows that it's alex want or bench press corps deadliest it's um defined as lifting something it's like apart and i'm a push it for a hundred meters it's really yet in the very powerful want to be very explosive and it did my entire body and we move into the medical condition in worse than what the last thirty or couch which is some really horrible like this i'm fond of it is that this demon dent on the second is made of baby that baby what didn't work out it's the fact that their own witnesses were as us all in your diet out first and hawk so like six thirty a. m. this morning that it was about we're doing so we have a sandbag that weighed are no twenty five or thirty pounds on you take the stand back and get slam it were to flaunt it in the big dog rover shoulder and step on this box for each box or prefab box but i or his people fight big one time and then you to hope for in front of you do francois and then push up like a short dress up a thruster which was once and then alone they need to get into brought over your forage for hugo and andy roddick up and ballas want to do two dimes and two two two two two three three three to three four four four bucks attend death and then on back down to one but it takes about forty minutes then throw up around six other that yes ed in a nine ten and then ninety seven six in any kind each second wind and think about the way to fake an injury to get out the last few grafts is that how that now was this morning for instance only the lina writing for tim you remind me in russia of rocking his training you're like all the organic natural explosions are in training we're is i wonder i goes on to guide you in the bench prancing all the machines in office his life mine or yours is having a little willie whatever he does look good one just as proud as larger workout routine is oddly reminiscent of your routine be described in letter from portland where you're basically an afro be the one explain to people at a phobia is reserved for operating base sir you have like a obese which are like the big developed bases were you could see a c. one thirty land and like no other shit airport their image and others hospital there neither side the division of troops that are there such a big huge gigantic altered its obscure get appleby dislike the right let's find some really stupid guy so close to try to get killed all the time that that we leave or wait for the sake database and then known will put into place that is topography worldwide in the week advantageous position it's around that would butcher people that would kill but that ass when appleby i thought you describe it better than i would in your still up in need of work out an l. cfo basic group came up with the routine that is nothing for if you read letter from for an end goulet it's hysterical but basically picking stuff up and throwing it is far he can get walters is it true that i get a two pronged attack your dollar was a good workout that was also weighing the groundwork for the people around us not to screw with us nobility thought harry big bearded bastard is you pick up the transmission and throats for c. t. and men do that for like an hour and a half what i thought with the i i would eat the right is what i see the transmission i think to myself well let's work out that at that at mealtime the daily meetings amidst the alleged investment that put into one with a five gallon on drugs and i expect want her baby to hold onto it all these kids from the villagers and they're watching me and the next day i can come pick us up that climb on top this coin of us live it down it could decimate the whole tardy before making all these pockets of cement to then go climb up on top of things to slam bam public this eyes insane if they had to address the idea of what we're dealing with and i think there has to be other people that we can killed his disguise not worth it at easterly are dying yeah but that's amazing yeah and in one first things you were told as you know you'll get used to it and then you immediately said i don't wanna use to let the cat is not most pleasant place in world minute there's the there's something about the dead bodies which i don't want spread it on funny things were ghosts and demons you know what you call them vampire blood but some believe what i did some pure blood these are like i buy you review of the series with you for so the places that we were how they just blows my mind that people fight over those places the caused her to lie or look at one thousand i have led to the white house where i wouldn't have had my lady who don't who had without whom we began in a lightbulb went there and out of the order with his first acts and hospitals to yell and what will you what was that burned over there oh that's a big huge block if it's cool we're in a fight or realm of smoke for the next two months that circling and yell and every year with bugs it's up my blood every single item now there's better place to put the kids and i said i who has yours is it bad and i how big a bit off more than make it you don't get it out behind and i sell and my a is after the first night i'm and i'm reading here from your show gig to them and scurrying across the bed and up the walls and bad knowledge is not the right word is becoming so it here steve's stena crappy hotel you'd you'd wake up inhabit this route from the bugs out and i k. corral this is like you wake up in your four pounds lighter and in you need a blood transfusion why the idea of god let these things in your eyes isn't that what am so there's nothing to and dinner for them to eat it or or the best thing that they have this electric co is that is because your eyes no it doesn't always sits in this desert is water is more accurate of gold that night and so would like to hear them alone what could you mike stirring the mike don't attack and sir but hey low income above my bed what the at i at this free fall into the air just for luck how the had asked what i really do make blueberry sleepless nights at first and then the next day i go to iowa is prisoners to chemical war department n. b. c. and gotten us like so i need nerve agent public well you are going gray but we just wanna ask why you what nerve agent mostly qual there some books my room and that they get at a i alright have no idea mustard gas you until you get a mustard gas to say that at a half i have to have a beer on that of horses and i believe you're what you're not in a big cut to the numbers of them by a bribe former reagan in fact works in supply and italic this pete ninety nine and even though they may be done in and it says do not alone put on anything living so would you not supposed to put it on animals or humans i'm like maybe closer light trucks from the words even for ices will cause cancer and end an and laugh my ass that's where will it will cause cancer is like the o. in this at hiram covered in bed says yeah hello alex s. snow white it's ceilings just a quarter it and get it and great new and modern day as best as to your entire up there it's good for you that that might come back in my job is worse than that i have two sets runs most killed because you you bet as real conflicts you're in that wasn't there any encouragement to stand with adams bow down the hill and at valley and the notion that there's a gate you come up for three days three days traps on the i'm viper three ask the cap had brought what i was waiting for the big stocks are not yet when i'm walking electronic corporate in wyoming and a flat tyre has led a lot slower motel six and hang out that's got yes i'm getting or p. g. and then blown up by navy them to initiate ambush of like four hundred taliban dudes on to the s. s. odious and about to track guys this is the one talking about that's not the head and i have to and talks of this world about wasn't be alone that was knew it but somewhere basket but this was cut from where they also were like driving down the road a newcomer to his village has set aside to reread him more we goes through now that i'm not a single soul is good for us village as far as those villages go i'll revisit that these are not nice places and that the white out how would know that yet so but even that this was like a kimono and discipline and that is going there as a group this is foreboding mike and more settling in a book out of sight the old joke looks kia steel you're gonna die like and then you see oblong that runs up the stairs again this is war that i i had already expressed by that act yet again feeling the yes and i got to like we know we're gotta get my thousand brewed up right but again what's not the smartest bludgeoned is no worldly how many budget dudes are there not so there's twenty four american special forces guys about forty track of special forces at alone we would do to special forces units were taking escorting that shack group to begin were thus far of course i'm offering bases fought for them to have fallen from the wild so weird it takes to accept teams to put forty due to which is you can appreciate how the whole these barbie says are that it takes to weep for special forces guys and what what special force guy is equivalent to maybe fifty two hundred four fighters i'm undertakes twenty four bus ticket for you to to afford operating base it's gives just add up to forty alike how horrible the spots are anyways so worst possible situation that would estimate and i the good your letters now the road would look at other men village with blake oh don't drive on you all die with painted on bones i don't like to whiskey going so we drive and what is it sure cliffs on major forsyth yours enough room for two vehicles to pass through this valley and i'm and hobby in the front we see this or peachy get shot from endeavour obregon much sure by mention that they're not good what'd you like to sue the tears they're supposed to kill us and they get scared about them and they're not do that either of those things to him ahead of laughing at the more than we're scared mom but this was kind of a bomber with that or p. g. like skid off the hood of our of our humvee that like it amounted to us what about rocks which sought in a clump palm beach front of me blob on top of my humvee alone that's the hours we back up a little bit and that and so starch the three d. gunfight 'em i'm not a creature steve i'm i'm i'm like i like that of armageddon find out whether to be like for us like two of them at it astronauts and yes yes yes you this was not that case there was a fourth honored along of the week knew there'd be there so we have ladies you want thirty's next six teams apache gunships and getting it this was a bad plan and not but they don't begin and woke them they get old college try what junior college try 'em like they're like okay but middle school dropout lieutenant let it get out and sell it back up a little in the humvee and i'm wish to cope with huge and a freaking out because i look down there still cup would utilize and humvee that got to go on a monday yes and despite worst act that that's next to me he's like what gotten out of style that isn't okay will get on the noise any throats aside we would explain what went back down the hill to those guys were there sid brown do you see roasted not still he go somewhat allowed this to go by itself to like the god of student it is really bad decision to allied one guy image that rifle in regularly to job would retort from the two dudes in the sea other guy no no more try to make a backup to help parents either do or what shorter and my alongside rival this is not ideal for gunfights in didn't know what to do to my look like nothing would surprise the bush is right next to me that i'm my friends i don't think the towel ahmad use these guys were like for me to you that i might try to get my last hacked to death at war to end like the peratis you know it might be for me and so if we may get up the hill with these duties don't get this by with our skaggs about what that decision that i have that pat and i then like seventy hours later we're pretty much but that of life saw the thumbs up didn't know that it out says is dan beard who does that bob title of the forty jack guys that we had scarcely twenty of them left but at the fog seasons in three days and other was bigger there was not beer on billy who can't get oaks and danny they tell us like asshole unbelievably how hang out at this isn't a half and i believe in what he and the or the i. emerged aldermen floods in bosnia that i didn't read it nina you work at three thirty retreated to the kid lady injury bearded least need to partake in the finer things in your aunts or anger was while i'm actually all asleep really drink 'em like last night at crawfish and i'm in the case of crawfish about the year this so i had a beer with them enough that when i finish i had eighteen thousand crawfish that had that what not but that one of them and it was sodium but they're very lean source of protein for sure he knew that i did not jealousy douse them in biter which we don't like magical them in bed like to it the root of no-good of course trouble pot with no water in just that occasion seasoning so it all privilege saul approaching this to get through fifteen thousand profit to get to work for that big-ass three and a half hours he couldn't get it so either your recurring theme here country begin on june stupid to quit an but if i ever make a book that nesler recall in speaking to stupid equipped with a bow with seven november twenty seventh be visited the spa it's gunning for what happens to your curse fire the cop michael whiz bang and anderson silva in a white man finally this thing is number six vital role in seoul listening like two or three he's a he's cannot be performed in houston drug suspension look at 'em into he's on reach right now all wow yeah but he was the champion they of course lost the title that and that's so you have to fight within the year just to have your title it for jagger steaming if you feel the drug test which he has so he can be raised and how to this fight which is a contender elimination of it desire among us yes yes sir with what if michael bisbing here's to solis was last two flights up to the champ he thought he had the title he lost the title the fuckers one again i'm for remarriage and you watch the title would you think that the disease and using a more yes you do yes that's exactly why vessels wiping my book is because really just beat him yes them is because when you been treating your whole career and we gotta fight fair it sets wow out gabrielle to got this so i've been raped you know like in the top ten somewhere between five and ten for like ten years that socks election but could break into that thomas knows has like the contender twice but it's never never won those big fights and ironically the desire lost two are feeling left to right to their for drugs for before getting into dogs and yet so it is great and probably get a lot easier to release next to my division for some reason that we're we're iq hundred eighty five pounds year two hundred ten pound huge were like really that then muscle mass that could get to the most benefits no i did the little guys like that do judo shah's unlike the cruises and the teeny tiny like the plague your size knowing how will you let it from you see someone would have bought into our way way way more fit and had yeah i don't have not diminish returns but did they would get as much advantage from as let's say is that a u. well remember oh who's a very great example of the guy used steroids of the hat and a half so nell now all they have to be clean and you see guys come with me michael bisbing the house just been on the fringe of being champions for a long time coming to the second wind because rubin clear all clear snore like school screws off were messy work yes yep yep who does that fi thriller with validation for you and him like he does so the winner of this fight is this was like the one fight to get at the title would be validation for me i'm yeah it's nice to lake elsinore it's like i don't lose ever not for an excuse not to get sheedy which was not a fuse cheat in a fight which you was not fifteen outside the ring which you was it that says do anything efforts to watch the fighting going to get porsche like i'll get your mate at the most only caught the disease addict eddie got caught by dozens out a re elect right i saw a loss of our record because of the cheater he does so far below way that in my mind that i can validate that is to walk around with a big ole bibi bibi size bell douglas updates as they have our own ticket i have ha-ha-ha i've never wanted and i was used little bit about mike would you think your specialty is the case you see you came six people who use the mid eighties when i hate people like that and you've few more come prominently on the ground as it does depend on the facts and the shinri embalmed ratios little confusing get if you will look good but others missions i have come to whatever solution for strikes so as to their plunge in the dude and guys like it i quit on cement the own lawyers yeah i can also that your details my opinion a line or they're just like to hope was seized have to be taken off the record because there's so embarrassing hello how i had so in that case of like seven seven or maybe six or so i'm my specialty is the act of the senate everything yeah yeah this is a liking to see you going to fight prepping thinking i does my opponent is how i should approach announced mit is much again or i would say to the ground or do you just have fluids or eleven of the moment and sir if you hadn't i had you get a dingo and i guess yes i can only discuss the outcome of sullivan the moment to let that hut the left is good i fit and is really quite good at it simon europe wide open now but you jin su fabric presented in sudan also add something called modern army combat and teach our beloved about those thousand fighting with these were dead teach you a trainee for many others were different and that applies to exited out that the ladies you the great season was a conflict made that famous i'm which greasy in the early u. of c. gacy's barney's gigantic guys and the and he's at this becomes a more sheep you didn't love these are two hundred seat and and be the points off i'm an immigrant for their arms or any book puts out his right to break it and that's an excellent quits and any witness and that's great that's procedure to judge presiding judge him the first black go with japanese due to a record that through it high school and your wrestled i'm an answer to japanese are busily jeeves you by cover ramadan the god military but there's a lot of parallels and similarities between them i had in the military and marley combative spews it's it's in the tournament is a three day event i'm the way on thursday and on friday new flight six go for to beat 'em judges who fights to your in your uniform ear and you can reach wrestling you can choke the guy in our barn one o'clock so i'm on friday you have sixty eight matches and if you make it true that you may get saturday's six eight matches just on friday just on friday yeah it's a three day of korbel we don't never mind to kennedy who don't who feeds into the more advanced program but i'll get a lot unless you enjoy paint a cushion the effects of the house it's the pinnacle of of really like to talk miss all the military showed me a navy seals and marines everybody comes to fight in this thing into three that and if you make this saturday it's a limited strike team it's wrestling and kick boxing together oka seventy five to three times on saturday if you win those then you go to sunday any fight the championship for the next full enemy will stirs up the u. of c. of still in uniform up for them are a big bash championship home yes young actors as after three days again it should not doubt you got then you get the fight again on sunday and i do when you when we're plotting you get more more should face the ashley's at losing even though you're winning a little bets bets that out how does that not by the scale of them when you when you use and at that time i did it three times the house it uh-huh and i you know what god every compete and win new treatments who believe none and them and not more son who's at the father of mara combatants he had about three bottles to being an ironically one of my opponents twice and that ended in suzhou pal who's the guy that's what twice to the three of us really guys in the world about black belts martin barbie combatants called smith is in the thirties other vessels what you know you see fighter and arm so it's made out of a black belt in the darts which are getting hills woodford reserved nanjing the pepper c. n. burdens that is still waiting for that and it on and the yeti we live ammo every two or three days shirt and hat and a thought suddenly at the gym suit contesting a berman's haislip the slicks and he's got staffer forever now it's the home of us have been at bottoms up for she in berlin beast days of hageman mixture easily delicious oh my god we cannot come look at the headlines drinkable think you know what you're telling us when you walked in i was there for you your money retired and it's something that that's not think of this act i think you'll explode all die you will yeah well you did not so i wanna ask you by surprise to you were telling us the you're trained to an anti kidnapping training for ceo us yes i was only like that once they get sick don't get killed course openness premature is you know we cover a district manager slick and if you want it would say you like a little and our forces to mexico noticed go from el paso cross the border like it for granted drink to that idea that would tell you don't do that snow of your worth a few million dollars you'd picked up and i don't like yoga going to bar any ciba's should use in a corridor like cleaning their guns may be good at some bar how how how several basics to recover shooting with our self defense to cover its weapons notes like it's all the basic fundamentals of 'em how not to get murdered yeah it's just it's a three course it's horrible it's painful and what people pay to go do it 'cause like it would be twelve hours a day for three days and it's just it's tough because if there is something other than later actually teaching you how to kill its were the only course is the thought of allison yeah so i've taken this ability to get it he got a response course friday saturday sunday they don't sunday and monday ice for teaching us a foul a special forces advanced urban combat course italy couple military schools been anywhere but actually teach you that this is what you're supposed to do to kill somebody i'm no somebody's who's ever schools were about us but for suspects quartz and organizing mathematics which is confident about it mum and is another one like if you're in the city your rule area like a bomb you like who covers this window who covers that the war we go way in the ocean it's the it's all the mine uses of officially beat the purse know what's to be you do that when they like born again is that what can you tell me how to kill somebody was paneling letter leslie okay i guess okay what is everything you do with the pentagon was holding what would your first move our first yeah and you come out of their heads i got denounced the a. behalf who has that want it at the i got my candidate imploded that is the aunt why would not let it stand up i hung up on that bear was indictment is there for just him and it was one hell with the president would have been in the economy has injured and a view because of the blood gas bubbles got killed luke one of the second i have had i know of the beauty or is it not as good or my favorite might've recovered and i'd have actually we've got a lot not puffed out like this on you guys as one might have stirred church been to the top with my little goatee and be back seat next to me you have to pack your mind meatloaf sort of like it there's more than one gunman like it and stark character you're the saudis darkening skies and yet you imagine that this is ugly until you're from your visit your pager is very very tony stark from his suits and guns now for whatever tennis wise and i slept some goods wagons and we can beat each segment with the post apocalyptic question talk to him he's very suited for our most popular segments of all yet to do is i'm at the of course that you are the lone survivor in a world that has befallen some sort of hued stretch gonna i think ultimately you're exactly the most qualified already on to survive this right on the head at i probably iran the mart is literally the run up about it yeah the o. j. and rebbe's not these days is well ha ha ha you know when that all of these mile wide alone didn't know the week is made a movie and even a movie and then he swears but what impact would quickly roth none of us valuable on certain that i live at ease intolerant as reach out beyond him to ease to these big get easily it batteries at that looks like he didn't i saw first question is is the simplest form that you haven't have one movie to watch on dvd only for the rest of your days what movie would you choose to watch for cool huh our children for defrauding questions like why don't we take with you this post pocket to do what we could bring that they would accomplished in spite of that yeah so i have all the guns and ever need so i can take all the movies out what this is al at the limit this will in my ears all of my heart about that what would be you know yeah you got out you have to limit the amount of juke ennoble the guns you know let's say you googled to go to guns that get off this case are safe that it had i but says the liz your readers and missis but saying one mile okay yeah he showed no sign of a giant try race for white families lucia items that is so island and i can choose somebody let's say from half of this robbie hundred years on all the way to the smile point there's very few people but the chimney in this area that is me stand up that means all these people died before i knew mom and dad i want something that makes me very efficient and that's being that one person that survives this yeah industry so on with their own probably take the tube whether the three thirty eight were poor i didn't hear me the over all we are two new souls were all larue will be our guest and optimize bought our rightful achieves seven six to buy seven war on the one five one of the business from runs out it'll get right is right and it get those is that what you like to see which are there i shot andy rooney people make me something really needed right now get what i got right there is a mean guy needles given a threat when mag others not issues but seldom newfangled soda hundred meters them you're making a grouping that smaller than what show while ya that's a that's pretty accurate got yeah it was the guy making way for me i should not sell half minute angle yes well a lot he died without everybody or reject ago because they aren't some of those people out there that has opened a clever arranged a couple of times in and have a happy fun time to death and that's to say sassy out at vanities not missouri out in a minute and it is the knife is as ernie i just you know and on automatic weapons at ease you know the ninth acts you know something more to tomahawk billion yeah so in that space you ever call an instrument of death in the show so they didn't feel it in action tomahawk and that she split wood with your leg on to braintree image office down the slick world which will lumberjack to respect the tomahawk is designed for the sole purpose of killing something so i would not have an exit out of the top of the besides the blade that spike the end the week the handle all those things are designed the purpose of hurting somebody were to activate cut wood to make a difference look at him well and then when the local out what caused your saluted the flag is it that easy but one out that had them a life whenever the party i found an charities that all of them upon us the best in what we normally isn't going to i kill an idea country three tender you love and true grit our saving private ryan yet realize earl israel and that makes the interstellar low sci-fi all the store church or star wars and those who want to get first he doesn't like to be limited hat on and now that i got to him that caught sight will love this night until it was a good i know you're married mean that we always ask if there have been the one other woman on the planet in which your john breaux populate the world who is to put a typical woman an icy for entertaining would only say to the shiseido white did not make it but she want you to carry on the legacy for c. of free rein answer is on assignment just be she be alive or dead so the lorena murray o'hair they did the other loans use of the center of your phone that the willamette i don't think you would alone for though we would have some conflict you would tell about the blood that has to live and that about a coffee audrey hepburn but she's a pretty good no way to survive the popcorn kind of guy the bird take it that he thinks so and i think and he still skinny one of the birthing problem you know when she died in childbirth that's a whole different as eunice and why what that number column marine corps airstrip or not that big murders does not want it that has a big hollywood all right in the big make department hundred reduce her chances show with one of asia brig oddly enough birth that was taken consideration of that but that is a lot and i do know that one hundred and found it there and my question assuming you saw the slowly drifting in and it's who's gonna be better now but i lose one conversation you like to lose nate having with me a person or figures throughout time to be now or forever agree on a talk to him to hitler at not yet you my whenever there is some alzado that no-good i'm arbogast that was that one incident and made you want to move by the bloodlines juries when you were on the outside use for smarts hughes charismatic he was passionate he was a true believer 'em and then after our conversation on tuesday beaten to death that with your pen it yet i i i i don't know that you know you behold nicole's murder yes you can admire him up you know that you can actually like good shot and then you just call right he's a philosopher a million years ago with you he's like he was a mind he was writing or the greatest minds and then i would hurt him for so long yeah yeah they just when he's asked crazy eyes disgusting human yellow light the approach to learn always like to just before the outfoxed and that that i heard the thumps on the back down to one on the one i haven't even isn't that odd is that really quickly to arrive at the u. just a few things about yourself you should know what the fight began when we don't know when an x. files we will be looking for it the owner of so visiting the u. s. he has to give me a fight yes i'm i'm on social media lot trying to position myself for a fight on the fans have the most say in that argument of what can i get and so the tantamount say what you find anderson silva and then all fine anderson silva been asked to be the house the momentum behind it has the fight that people wanna see that my eyelids were there larry adler facebook so twins alison kennedy is your vision twitter time now is using kennedy animate dot com that's your personal web site with everything happens i'm going to be revised version doesn't look and that's really great side muscles are interrupt a rather off here of your own clothing i just killing it yes or no stranger and tom congrats the amount that we piss off like half this is brandon thirty million people in that state's i'm we're trying to piss off what hundred and seventy five million of them best of our parties for success is one how the population was just completely hid everything about us to work for enclosed that you get the denim i'm not on the door to get in line and let the good and something that you because you wanna rundle like you were you doing it we're on him so you're deftly not that i send you were one most fascinating characters and we've ever had on the show and it's high praise because we interview all inhofe fascinating they urges that you were that chick crazy in the most wonderful way that no one is the lake to early on as like i'm really really wanna know just your mind sad because what you do is be aligned this day he likes it's insane is also so great is in walden says i don't know that we're all i don't know how you go about doing it from preparation to be in the range and i received no traveling at it and not to afghanistan all hear the common use experience in real world situations like to me you're just beyond talking cool and then at that time and i are now ma'am so does that figure things does all this blood because can you can catch of the tripod gift every thursday on pot as one dot com everyone out there if you haven't download the neutralize it out on io asked to leave it seriously think is saying do it is lifted up and we've really appreciated that you come on the show bob hours plus an ally the sweetest interview a couple people remain unnamed mckenna although our liked no no not yet we can get this but i feel we need this guy alienated do is enter the idiot and spine to chairman we're prints says that like that when one of those that no no i'll tell you that your jobs on line to think and say that on my beauties and the sheik that at we don't get you was what was the to the baby out of that or cancel it for the allied root out nobody asked me on that but you we put all parmar possible locally libido evening i'm calm at your view that the cloth that that's awesome death well got a train to the authors prisoner world to look up at the ice is your pussies how it had not met bob silhouetted brought light figure of the night and lecture money stay tuned for the week is the key news headlines from party has won right after this a. b. update on diane cackling game on in the presidential campaign in california today hillary clinton and donald trump had been taking aim at one another witnesses tromp should not be elected president i believe with all my heart if i weren't running for president myself i would still be saying this to anybody who would listen donald tromp is not qualified to be president and commander and say hi into sharply critical of tron for clean up the judge in the class action suit involving from the university explains that judges bias because of his mexican heritage is entrance as quick as dust in the monica's the questioning whether he is qualified to be president you talk about them all here to talk about temperament you talk about all these things all of these are still open to do what he did with their e-mails interim says the clinton should be in jail he's promising that if he's elected to lead his attorney general look into the scandal at the update i'm diane cat fight