Episode: Hardcore Henry on theChive Podcast - Ep58

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Hardcore Henry on theChive Podcast - Ep58
Actor Sharlto Copley and writer/director Ilya Naishuller explain "Hardcore Henry," the world's FIRST ever action POV film! Hear about the stunt that was so dangerous, Sharlto was certain he killed one of the stuntmen, and what it was like acting with a man with a Go-Pro strapped to his face for the entire film shoot.

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Automated Transcript (Why is this transcription so bad?)
the flowing program is up i guess what i got presentation whoa what happened then i i i didn't i'm long the only man in a while there are good job of that buried but but obviously the of the tribe i'm joined by bob dole of simple mayhem some blame the day we have some not so simple minstrel on the show we have charlton coakley montpelier night shuler yup the director of this new film called hardcore henry and i it's really interesting because it is the first ever action pointed new film ever made so first person shooter the good old yeah leg of video game like halo calling duty type were they gonna zone from you or the actor you can see his hands and knees as doing things and he's running and jumping off of klutz then there are airing the movie to a great thrill ride reese will get to be calm hardcore henry yourself and it's trending right now on cinemas scorer that's got the highest rating for any film so far the churn and tomatoes it's gonna be huge hit and a casting director are going to be walking in here and a few minutes this'll be one of the first inner reason given to anyone you and they're giving it to try that again don't ask how we pull this off where's us i don't know when we first heard about it and when we knew very little about the film and as a man that just sounds so crazy and i when we look to israel are like simultaneously relied yes we need to have these guys here they will have us interview them all my gotta get it out we ought to get on that and they said yes so i assume they're coming over to the young globally bonuses because it to in the meantime we have survived south by southwest yeah we have barely barely managed to get through it and i just need out we're gonna take these little easier calm things down at new now yeah we you had people over to your house guest the south yes as you call it covers i don't call it gets the south because i think that suede shoes off reverential to name a place gets the south and why would you wanting something about a guy who never got the girl and dottie gets killed and that there's this semi circle that overlooks the pool and everything in the standoff out there on the julie and all okay everyone else and gets besides i get this out yet and i shouted by gets the south been quietly building this place for about two years it's the secret playhouse the child is i guess best way to describe it is if i had him on whether the mother of one in three thirty seven and still be intellect if blood's call the nine year old yeah asylum like a giant white house the hookers who have the that to this is my first i'm going to your house invited him free mars the whole office out there yeah and nights pupils get a balcony that overlooks in infinity pool gatsby get very gout mary gal and and are now mrs would get silly in the coming out party for death right now scanners live like to go don't have a good party once people for us finally opening up the hill like treaty oak kamins of the week through these huge d. party and became the vip saturday that for south by southwest limits are you straight out so i was so poor supposed to be there for a couple hours then you know we do much money people there's thousand we're following two maybe three hours and i started having some idiot for taking in it she drinks the center with a bloody mary but on vault into some really hard core are all palmer time during gonna know they call that really can't ask arnold palmer is nothing if not hardcore yeah on and that i broke and broke my my rules my rules aren't looks preface this with iraq has rules you're a measured during a measure drinker normally normally but but i do feel like semi annually i do fly after rails lola and it's so claudia would you do and he's never again when i do is not like on today's the day and do it zoe some little role that i broke that sounded all balaban channing tatum standing at shots while i will do a shot which enclosed someone's get crazy mix drinks for free and it tastes amazing as a pervert saturday afternoon so i'm for taking i'm not drinking beer but i'm drinking and you're right and i'm saying like penicillin like you will pay let's just keep sitting on something but the problem is my brain doesn't take inventory the fact that this is not the same bbc alcohol level here yet as your bottom line your dennis you whenever you're drinking said the luster regulators as el papa had a giant that one airmen was penniless shrugged off whatever way it sounds like a real exciting design you want a beacon to argue that see no my my college after that i fremont chin and i'm not making this up i woke up here in chiapas on the floor has i was loses it that my won't got was completely within as a child cameras out where we few points so my life she tells me this in hindsight she went to the bathroom i didn't just did chowder literally found a ground that had carved on it is the traffic department upstairs and i just passed out that she was looking for me for like forty minutes had no idea where i was literally like as a nice behind that jealousy out i lie down as has that and i will go to belgrade and power and have them by his gone wouldn't you wake up to three nine thirty large is about the news in here somewhere around on all she was what she was worried that i am water rounder laughter dad knows pulled some crazy shenanigans who knows what i would not do this you see she lives for may and there was a little man hinds and then the hours right underneath or the reason of zealous literally in the office on the ground there were images can attack the way we have to walk into the room to see me live one less rigid did look for its mission grant exact sell about how much wasn't great hot it was done and you had okay it's always nice to meet in states ron hardy and you got to go anywhere when you got back here at the time no more than a hundred feet from my own exactly is this comfort feeling that slice of shrunk insurance and i think if you're an island is a high school years of my school parties in even back then i think you've got it for all party of these drugs person in your party all the leisure the person worrying about the foot trafficker shit breaking ranks so i wake up and get ball law yet on the happiest person there yet on the brakes bucket moon and you the ongoing hey you've gets the write your own rides are mad at a time you get irresponsible you know politic talked before the parting analysis as light now this is an automated tanya is under control that i had a great time you're their lives to the trio for them and i'm used to be a cigar roller they're still is one way over the top you'll see some pictures of which have a few but the dow we opened it at all things considered speaking of which you get something big coming up on the you should leave it is and this is you john's aside from asthma and soul deaths of the child got hacked the coffee physical all those surveyed think move and we found from lead die you hacked it was they yet no malicious intent really other than to see and to act the chives submissions in box people are always that all is what i did then and see what we're looking at an all that tommy nude photos highly i yeah hoskins alyssa the phone is a we don't see that told you posted and so this guy on the skin as soon you was rationed out brilliant man packed in a big dialogue and his agony and has with anything he does with her daddy's is take a look you know under the hudson speech he was thirty two weeks to figure out the out there we'd been at this adele late no one actually out the password for the chives of submission account the golden vault not health rid of the china on gavel to gavel out nobody would ever do that job what's up there and so was that but it hardly see an actor you draw listen to that doesn't always shot all is yet yeah i have this thing is nausea know this is at a meeting in puts on his luggage at my brother and with an idea from it and then you as well could you in on this that everybody wants to see the region piled on that these get shot submission by us in on us the only about ten percent of the photos that we farm for mayor right from those traverse to submit to us ever see the light in a move we thought you know what import we always wonder what i'm to we want it to be more of the game if we did it had to be again right right son may get taken manager at the s. and and so can i guess the thing is like finding that hard line we wanted to do this for years we just haven't known exactly how to implement so we've due and all these brilliant programmers here had been working around the clock for i was almost see are yeah lay out long long time yes and it's find out which i've got home and i come from a social media history where i used to manipulate the game fish maw called the dot com in paris for other power users and if you remember towards the end of bad digs rang which now you know that there were dethrone of course by read it pixel for five hundred thousand dollars but they'd never leave valued it's power users in there like little urchins to them yet even though your power uses them on the cure rate ninety nine percent your contact yet so when they turn their back and report for thais date with that ajax see home page an eight for all blanton some of the users the whole thing one of the flames i thought let's come up with a game of hisham all where you can see the chives submission box men actually contribute to lead to vote on it yet and then the pictures which regulate to the sub categories to reach we called the opening day on which happens every six hours every six hours i knew dominated out of the twenty that's the obscure aided by you guys up and you get to submit far as i'm your honor if you'd like to know if you don't wanting it is gonna go in and out go down or your photos but all i knew if you make the job mean don't you didn't want to get points for submitting to get points for voting there's nettles that were not be handing out a new connection be calm like you said the power china herzog speech and you know copy any eaters gunny the top rated chivers yes and all this wag these points that you accumulate for all these metals all these back everything from comments to photos that gives money to you know badgley course then you can create thronged you or you can buy your lonesome you'll get a certain amount was pouring into all kinds of this one when reading the points living from us in on it will eventually be supple much ivory but the badges and at the badge of honor stucco guest says something about a social hierarchy in the internet now always mansur fascinating out even our editors are in on us like and we can't get out of this 'cause we were in the bailiff has been facing were all mess around with that having all awful lot of maturity rising like when you're playing video games anyone like you want to leave level op in there some things that you haven't i needed to get better and bigger and stronger like that that we're infatuation and with every medal you get you get more things in a music it's really cool know it sounds like a door to buzz words can be won the most fond and ron breaking things i think we've ever got really really working on our initial again we fail i think we've got a swamp lot yet in vault it takes little ingredients from all of the social media of hisham models that are always loved incorporated into one cool system and power users are welcome as opposed to most of the systems any don't connect people to you because you have your own i'd chinatown with your own neither the images in the fall out other chivers far as you might even oppose you like you can follow exactly at the charges they can follow you is really gonna connected community in a way we in a moment you you now in our consul be trying to capture a museum is another way to do a little fall other i. chivers and computer stream that we can wait it's gonna be a lot of fonts a check it out right now i've got to try to act on it is that is mind numbingly addictive yeah they were an a continuum all but we're a year in and we're so fricking reading that it's it's launched and died in let's have fun with that and as we speak i believe froth of hope we just walked in it is in jai henri paul he's actually very dashing liking them all are idle for they get in here and you have whole lot guys if not now movie star let movies are not this is acting they been yours a glass was as important as to just wait guys yachts huang and we have to do a lot liane know before the guys who hard core hundred you've gotten in the movies available keeper late nineties he huge and ennis can have a great call falling by four do we get silent about guys can greater rights he dropped out the dual tap tank ah again i just hear member with you didn't like if we had a caitlin and i would like to crack the redneck read but i can't fringes converged at the results didn't like what that man to us to the coolest thing i think when i moved to l. a. is actively these guys have everything they have a small back yard with bob aha today doesn't work the good work before you got to get well what i had didn't matter that had seven pieces cousin such a piece of crap by the keg fridge quite an end to this day i had always wanted one and now they have a classy well captain nice when they brought one in the other day i've been talking about in all the people on the offspring use an interim old-school tabs on animals will be yours honor rather high so you exited the rope keep cool for days or two to be your friends for up to ninety days as three month bill wayman right now can be a better time you get march madness baseball in the playoffs god is not too late to get yours in by the way our listeners getting special deal you can save up to twenty percent off our joint task angrier and yet free premium plane glasses i simply by clicking on k. greater dot com inning clicking on the u. microphone at the top and put it in the gunshots that is generated its pay you are eat your heart dot com clinton on my front of the top he's the co giant ter dot com my phone giant to twenty percent off four point classes and that the clancy's to do what it can really ever since the spring of one smart or dies you can't yet you my advice to them and now i did thief everybody welcome back to that shot partisan coven of judge on resident here with all the look that and we're here with a few people you probably might know osh also coakley you are in district nine at least in euclid murdoch and a team then talk about that and we're also here with billy yet nice schiller he is the director of the film that everybody gets out of someone's talking about that is of course hardcore henry i'm an actor am more so as many scurrying and that is such a buzz about it and i feel this is before reagan solemnly like you're in big time of this movie for years and i just feel after sitting at that this is gonna be a huge hit it could be used in any massive call falling because this is a fellow on like anything new prisoners in the first person shooter fellman a lot of people come let us come the self by with the press or products may really care about which is why love south by and this is a passion project is about to explode so i'm really happy i showed up before you you fucking retired after and i don't allow what islands and you guys didn't know there's no eggs because you told us that you're ready to end up but come to rwanda dive right in that is the visit of the movie has eighteen ninety six percent rotten tomato you lose your rating to be seen but doesn't long enough for an eyewitness nice reduced the shaft that is when i looked at last it was like to see it in nine or ninety rodney no they're reading and then it was ninety five are now ninety six for the user rating and i was looking at like comparing and the ravenous had a lake in eighty two and eighty five on the same kind of red and it isn't eighty two percent in five percent of the same two criteria the answer yes or distress for a moment were done is the wrath of other end of the office so thong around who would get right into this because of the revolution film is the best and a vehicle classic as can get the days i love you but he had at i'm that lie i'm today yes less than i do want what you find that hot i hate and i cut but we do make it at that but i want is for with lily i it's it's a bit that it's movie gets great its own genre and yet you seen it before him that in the form of that divisions of all those games led the callable in the eastern city and it's really never done been done before except for you did about three years ago world of the videos reports on which i've been there with a fire all young we helped her the actor was guarding my robot we just gave it like every bush felt it was called that motherfucker that is what does it tell us about was that the inspiration for this roamed archer of grief what happened was the number of sequel to the twenty one and you didn't set the my abandoned by your bosom soho stampede stampede causes the box i'm moist and pizza for friends to come novels which there is you get to get a slice of pizza los haven't had a head i remember like your great friend suing to do that as the for foreign on russia's largest media ownership of it we all know and all over my head is one of blow that to your chooses the new taxes south africa is not nobody said adding laughlin get let's have a good at gretna it that that that did bradley was mutilated spends money on all my money and we give it to go and it's another quotes in its part i'm doing in doesn't matter animated bevy of the books with the birth of the legal proof of which were friends over lake couple weekends and that's couple million but wait a minute it's doomed to go punk rock is just your punk band way to maine exactly directing is with music's mexican law and in films will disappear you also saying in your in that during that we in that as much as i i guess in instruments are concerned n. n. and r. to scatter arm as a business to see books as two million we got to get at the two guys might or might close to the ritual was loaded yes yes i was no room to the second issue of cyrillic moscow russia's huge is really like the richest while we have we can try to do something musically not just play freud got angry pond clothes and get their own beers us as they had a question of merging with some workers are coping of the guns 'n roses who got a placebo in the span of getting some more but not i've always there must be nice to be multi talented and over here on the side table we don't know that it's too where they pass that are very one known over your religion o'clock in the microphone breathing if your nose great yeah that's fantastic and if not i'll use it in it and you'd ask both in assisting slowdowns if i stay out i had on et il you made a minute and when bob how do you go from the big upon crocker up and in making your little movies too creating something like hardcore henry and then the sinking up with someone who makes probably the most deaths in interest is in movies up truckload you i don't know how you picture phones i don't know i don't know if even you know how hollywood perceive you on but how'd you to get in skin touch with one another has it worked didn't him alone will be if only yes she did for jesus auntie molded when did go through the that is minute you cannot watch in amman wanted a much fishing movies that we've been to cuba tried to put it together and he sent me the shortfall that mohawk and if we want to do the movie that about like this lever which gives you more city more rouge get some mysteries are we should get we should get someone greatness and we think you're right shoulder coakley things like i know him then i'll ask our trail in overhead and then we can exist organs then moving up at reorganization perversion i got on his watch that thing i can repeat like projectiles out like hold each the light people as you why are we done this and that i calm for all mule before making lady stock funds on a dock behind the camera tried to mold his money it's it's a so this'll be an enormous challenge but it would be fascinating to see if you could sustain it for ninety minutes and if you could do it without people getting sick and le basic things you think you say enormous challenge and i think that's that's an exotic hollywood's jury will secure about filmmaking is that it's hard when you're really not allowed to talk about difficult it is his election of bill tried it yet a lot of directors of the occurred it's you going to war liz is it now heart was this tomato and let me let go for the movies is the hardest on youtube ever worked out you know that i was i mean that the problem is when you say yes you know they selected like what's on my knees so shocked that i know it guy has got a guy like caught many complain because you know i've lived with long is it the advent of beautiful wife minute n. goes by go hot humid we have the light bulb claws and have packed up and what here read it and it isn't but it really doesn't look around like the youths it really is something that is you made me physically in ways you draw is that and this fullness law like being in russia and being of a place like that this the roots of the fall of mine what i thought those very tough guys going to russia unified american thirty day and so that is so awesome in gaza pretty united minute didn't lock on and it's like the russians insisted on an incredible breed of all all do you see a decent guys which is run lot cooler as low as an exacting they're hurting under me or something you're de escalate as a liar red tape in america muslim warriors nestling the wall you do 'cause it's not safe get he said that lesson of those restrictions in russia and with the weather isn't something real in holland my performing as the register the issue that needs to do that and it was it was awful me for joining all but the real thing was what the stunt guys who do you like to see what about the running of the bridge was always at the deadly every head bent out of the driving by the recklessly and missing chunk of the film the music chasing you that we're getting shot with a winner in the street and those that thing that goes on and the f. word yet giant has when you look at the location to the camera like the small group of three guys and one of the guys in tracing he's like to restore my good thing moved too broad a brush merges restore like you are great actors are like you and you guys like yap yap it's raining smell the guy's going almost plot from white shoes of the slaves were big heavy things you nasa was doing and sports and and i'm linda scherzer guess we wanna we're looking zeros duets with reporters ran across the ridge nothing to lose no produces around their lives on august the jews aipac you really goes to it that were insured so why is this all liars is no green spring is just use running entering a bridge believe all of it to the right under it and find allies like this is an exciting like on lights on issues going on like he was as anything full they got the gauze well you and the doctor like oh yeah i i send you the right and did not you get i'd like to these longing about the summit book on the budget bill that would that would fall into like you and you don't i i know you a vegetable it's like heh sat tell us a regular on the level of the bridge muhammad's liquid is is this is a toughness do is put you was admitted but also on the professionalism in the saints from these guys come and and getting to do stuff exactly like you said like we did i do seem to know when i'm in a call at the drive through the police call it that please at least until slowdown you know and that's like this no road closure is a three u. n. moscow i loitering it's raining but now you don't have these days than the gaza like this i'm like a good gaza what owens either remember to mrs reagan 'cause all my nieces solid object what promise you it's actually all if you ask the difference in the desert was reaching the defense response and acting is very different accused the distant i think today we different disciplines that he just focusing on fuzzy cutting that one thing the more you combine those things like i'm doing respond and shot at them ding-dong of whom you nodding in russian lines to the psych unit your relate to in his words relented sightings in russia right now unless the n. it caught the way you driving been been easy that these the corpse hanging on the side of you call and even album in the face and got an end in the back windows to get shot in yigal it's weird in russia as liking you going toward a new line item that you can only do that was destined to their wallet every citizen that only are the the so you son you think that that she's all right and i'm like the gaza fall how haughty white it's calling funny but i've never driven through now that'll add all the light on in light the or bob look at an intellect and the guys hanging on the side of the claw like all full of canada is that of the flies on mike call forth then like that and that is not looking at angles and like exhibiting you wouldn't we pulled alongside the road and i could not get back into the role and i guess that clinical while he's hanging on the sand glass did you not both good isn't it up so i'm thinking at athena was using thing about this late in the bush had to think of safety because you didn't just as you that somebody else is keeping you safe what happens in america the shooting for that on the yacht you all to to be chosen some like but five dollars and eighty feet it's galore calls like and zorn in the cars that was no bloody clothes that i think at this point i could drive a dozen eggs right now i'd look get enough on hath aught okay so we go um i've lived i need the local unfunded go surprisingly for an easy you know someone out there that bullet would find your elbow the garren implications to that is the consul dealing with the shock of like having a car accident that at all and it caught hasten slovakia and uses an accord accident is an argument and and you sporting what i think i'm about an old rhode island it's thought it was like again is it gets got you don't like the gap of traffic the non islamic laws come is it that you gotta go down like wall is no cause coming back then i'll go to him and that he robs and i just feel good to eat you mean because i don't like the heisler did i last week but it is actually playing in the end that they go to the women we both of you so that's something we look at because they lying there because of lying and our our cause an upcoming what exactly got all the items eighty army and jordan are not an easy 'cause we couldn't get them back on the rodeo it was one way to for about two on one was the only you can do that you're blue and back to the handling of this to live her and i knew the truth look don't smile was two minutes in full because i'm not a lot about it now because as i've been easy to imagine bites i'd like to lead our identity was like i just i knew i drove over him and loses ickes again the lessons yuri ready to navy is a good guys are right but it's still your goal pulled at windsor yes i am usually lose a lot i'll ask my mind to back yeltsin to take we can go to bridge the thug and seasons for fein's role to play and i guess i'm not up to the withdrawal is molecule in it ha ha the then why'd you be good movie an on line with what is needed now the rules you should've talking donna clara a united ireland is what i want to know is plausible why did we do get in on like i'm wanting to know is that in turn back to guys like that yes that el ack and handed out the book although desert soda killed you i'm sorry and it a human looked back and there was a fucking robot and a lot of it the i'm when lee was a strange question closer ship dies so has the directions not roads yeah so it was the perfect moment people up when the bill that was we were sure that you know that is the is moving out of hearts i will i would like it or find out in this yours you what happens in pushing the boundaries on the school the little money that the two likely would end so you'd looking you doing what's up yourself and so you you close and you have to be aware or quizzes eighty on with it saved the life and out among the plaque that's the agriculture is on his office safe tuna that i thought all as ever is inevitable is this is what and i go into russia when i look like i'm sure showing this here's a. b. when it was a few record we kicked the shit out of line with the target sodas or revives the indians were these featuring start some of the lines are willing to let that his big lies there was only 'cause i'm talking now and i'm reading the ion is unhappy instead i don't get me out that in one year and that one that is because he saw the movie knows a lot of that define shit yeah and our security is big and one guy with five stitches as the man in and a lobbyist richard richard is due to an acute were wrong soul on the outs of them that is it owen said meg was and i'm not here as your running mate yeah that was the law large ever his dictates that that would not be the case especially in russia and the hope is the small legit it's gives way to go relax but charlie we're going to the answer could you what happened because we don't have strict regulations everywhere you look so preacher really really look suffrage other bands as colleagues controversial great there were guys who really knew that she don't do all of that can i get hurt if you're just a jackass right now i'm so we just then also very tough offers as is the shot in america my opinion acidity stitch that the that has some doubts that it's the those you know and it's validity or some old goal on a regular girl godmother owing to eat the drugs we you were thinking or minutes i visited some quite a few more i never tennis and you know henry like how much training must it does lengths to get hardcore churning for some of that there is the odyssey x. distances choreography full plate and that is that you know co prine your face all the while you do all the scene is about a dozen guys yanni goes but guys who did most of it about two-thirds i did some less third and belittle fractions left amman to bath in the workshop by like the guy who gets on the horses or strangling a volvo helicopters base jump a diversion the trolley bus is that flightless bird that guy he's very much get the guy's reached cities we should all live dangerously specific things you get guys who are now you're out law about that is that what's the thing becomes a huge it mom all of these guys get to go out and and get 'em better quality pass because they can save a plague yes i yes and i got wet and worn out and we are for every pablo i know is that my family but yeah and i will wait on you get you know thousands in seven cities in nineteen som times that means possible to not only that i had it out as evidence for bringing an old ultimate guys like for you it was all in the hounded by what we said we just speaking through yet to england for you're you're talking to someone basically them out to go pro is now or the eyes are date is is true that they had put on my sunglasses of some kind it's easy to look you wanna let somebody new island where humans so were free to an look at her interacts with or i kill you learn so much that the u. n. please yet again as the lead this image of some guy you know dopamine trotted out of god and to and i that that is all eighty nine loma gone all been knocked off the water that was not as you see lights on the double duty and humanize is really mad at like you not in our lives that might help me please what kind of good in all the fundamental your autograph one lujan immunized and i thought it was that heinlein did not look at the odd that the good road that you did leo is i mean it moves sultan dollars that he was too was difficult to rise through the speedy poet assumed you'd like thermal and numbing is the thing is that was going that well actually the difficulty is that you used to nineteen do you play against us and all the sea gnawing on saddam would you not division face in the movie but it is nothing though is it too specific things as did this was like you playing against some sort of hybrids puts an axe to cameramen well i'm scott and that is changing clumsily and so sometimes connecting with you sometimes is watching you and framing you say that this praises the whole time abby very distracting and dung final technical things like you know we'd see exactly like like you that inning stretch looking in his underneath the ice and so thin ice i'm moving looking down at the little moments and it's also mounted on the camera its did it pushes you ought to look it and so we did stuff like that song losses on an emphasis on guys actually i mean to be honest yeah she doesn't walk around like as this instance enacting the two very different disciplines and if you then a more you trying combined something so if you go to act while doing as the we mustn't man he's even got francais want to live that these beaches on guys when they get to seagulls on or nobody sits on fire and i'm gonna fly aboud dot through this window and go and put myself out right this pacific stock the guys the insistent is on before we go this i was writing a check have a kathy's and that is that's not fucking object would dial an eight usually get anything else ain't you gonna have to do the right to announce like if that's huge all the days of gains is denied singin' and it's not undo that awful it's an awful now was like he didn't do that but any of the toland unfold the other guy getting set on fire over they cannot make sure you frame him briefly while you on tinsel on fire in the short he is otherwise if you also under shortly what'd you do you get a unit and so you have to be so these nine guys are having to nod an odd speaking which would be not a layer of two of all of difficulty but to to remain bullish it was the burning flags all as good bad i got i don't like the camera as you go through the window and the last thing s. over attribute going for two takes its yeah it is an incident like anyone go you know got out and you put yourself on and then i got home fires minutes i'm wanting out the window tuna is is pretty crazy like to let laws our souls and i'm at surrealism i'm surprised by how good a buddy was the the gentleman you pursued for little bit the afflict we must think about that issue retrieval response of demos and then you just we both like twelfth cameras or tokyo shivers goodfellas and as accidental and hope for the gophers and much leverage dirty and and and great cameras accept the job got rocks judgment absolutely they gave us the sporting too much then out we appreciate her reading i'm not sure whether seems like a pack garrison scenes for it i have the one without giving too much away where does the explosion on like a van in un upon and a motorcycle motorcycle mike i don't know how the far i've no idea mclean holds on to the shots off without a search and they susie like some of the shasta you ever get stock they're fine you simply cannot honestly how do we fell mismatch fear something on flyer do you really have it technically laid out late with a critic of the nose of those plans what will and ready just don't do that yours blob of them have unduly to if you'd let it happen now and i've been offered the few can lead to high and low someone thirty feet into the air in atlanta annabeth so marvelous job for shut is the guy in the van rolling degree in there an explosion rizzo that at speeds recruited an explosion comes shuts down neck shot we start with the the guts out of and that is rigged up is another man in the crate holding the knife getting a job alone he we have that big explosion inside you got ready to go visit jump railroad not jumper we call it a lick of wrath lot of explaining ramp to the diamond lil one takes your phone bands like unwilling to cope with these new big stuff that and he could wish sang in the van the digger pretty good run up the boy about final miles below the thirty maybe forty he saw nothing and justice is about to hit the road we blow up the stuff inside the canons that too far for calms he's lived up by the crane and the vendors natural flip the driver inside of course and that you have one i have not sure what what sinise knows he jeez vital intelligence it's ravages since you on sunday flying the might of aids more impressive that does not see that the glass ceiling is always in the salon of seeking from it's always augmenting some of crackles that fiji's great that cousins were present as a dozen hoping that you get rid of wires the shadows the rig we can sometimes see you get to a title nine but it's a guy who was everything the film that henry does wisdom is one of the ridge is not yet it's actually does oaxaca was great immersion in humans will not do it that really have ever kindled the eventual more of the thalmann what it's about to become 'cause it's it by using a mighty and that is it's about a tag on all life of its goddess out of your control and white tile that i really didn't like to push although i did have a question for you by others great quote i'm the day you have that says to some degree hollywood doesn't know what to do with me because the character side you are so different but hopefully that this will give me longevity in this film you played a number of those all cursed or jerk fit have yet to friends x that's your idea i mean you're you'll go down the line in my late years so that the movie has so much on and as your fly fly yes open i as i go to our good how're you goin' pathologist go from yeah i have families in district nine creating these in choosing these characters and does move on now honey oh well i mean is is this is sean look for opportunities to do play interesting character is a lot you know this was one way or three when it came along and went to we're digging it wasn't us cooked really it was um it wasn't there was a contract to seek his izzy was given in one of the committee on ideas he had with tossing ideas on incident on do you want it to do oblige different characters desire to be finding simo with foregoing an like this yellow juliet get magnetism kidnapping nazi notes you know them because i couldn't tell that you would not say no to bring a larger degree this or not it's i do bridget quiet to speak and that is a lot to what you do that listen i'd is that the i'm and i'm out my motivations were suzie or not easily looked as though the signal and i got this will be like newberger grab that we need importance of wasn't an issue of this thing and i know you really you wholesale with janet abdel hassan thing where was also like it was like i'm holding his atlantic does it not well on my back on behind the scenes made me believe that this could be possible in and out with this little different from what the others offices of like it wasn't that totally traditional at the direct relationship there was much more commemoration of august of that happened with it and i thought all proceeds story taxes everything and the deep sea wall is two to get that balloon ride to the character's is very few opportunities in the hollywood to make this hype these types of performances that all borderline over the top target chew up that just dial back enough to do some soda just two minutes there that as an fbi no weapon is sort of this is what it really brood is elena feels we'll but it's all these neophytes are real target and elegant you big sort of thing from the full full beauty and i actually saw it because you recently i think the key is it was more in making this woman much more so serious ought to stick the series where without good work but i was like this is how i would do the giant is this nice to be like the bushes movie that i wanna see is fine and a couple and l's and well you because how about the how did you test the care givers what i was an amateur radios and the idea that someone was a little like this like going out on the list of the camera and um from full media out i was plays also the camera at all just thought about all this when i asked you not and find voices and find something indicted at sixteen and watch it back in a little things myself and him when i'm ready stand immobilize them as alike we think of this what you think of that bomb but the tall outta the tone is the importance koch for music is being noble to the summit doesn't like louis litt doesn't take himself too seriously it's not too pretentious and end up like this pretentious or no to argue over nor for that he was to have guys as much fun as possible and it could work it was like a slightly darker thing but it is a serious tell maria big bird dwight you seriously can do more exciting in more sort of miss chief years now so those those those aid fidelity the bullet dodged that we didn't do this sort of the plan now anxious about to get serious and i think i don't i was at the perfect balance in a hat is really a highly now i think it gives a lot of moments that every germanic and you know this is the really hard dull moments to bite the movie is fine is one of those reasons why people go to theaters yen is a movie just like this and he's ever known as an was a very important bought for me because my arm all you know is houghton on awful people to get it's a reason to go to the theater you can make a claim movie and i want somebody to run on you moved me are caught off this great about a lot of mine who i wouldn't like with this it was like that i'd like you we seen from the beginning i was like this is something of the cross between a movie and the roller coaster ride ends of the objects that treated so why does the spears i imagine if i was in my school what follows a motley twenties and aus like so she was obliged for incident this is a thing of going up and who's been gone to the spot and and it was like that and said something obese good events like the ceded i'd get it out i didn't mention sick of that nana fox opt out i had a lesson in the middle is an act you want to do you want to lock the ads like this does is an agreement of the book and someone doesn't wanna ride of that brought you to meet you so do you like a puzzle was a badge of honor to us yeah you're right it's coming in of the eight m. m. when i went and really gone through translates to heighten john knows i'm anxious guy and i think it takes my breath away he would be your motion sickness and death but injury gore offer roof and using it from that point of view is that unlike hockney this is the phrase it and i tell entirely seles n. n. e. by offering a t. shirt that says i went for core henry last night and i want out with a lousy teach you that even now that i thought how route to sit out the i had one randomness i guess you'd be crazy use the word once said the urban workers you're behind him don't know that back in south africa and i was curious is like a really successful but it is already on i'll use a twenty five years old hollow in windy do you make that transition into acting to that i mean that the short version that is like i used to make all unfolds as a kid from wells been maligned toll on the nineteen year and i was i acted a shitload in nose allah and so i got a lot of acting in a way always enjoyed it but i liked the controls yet but she being behind the camera directing and producing so the light goes into produced this economy and of acting and by happy accident that i do a new one on one of the show the jackson was as alaskan bureaucrats was like an onion and eighties and nineties that palm how unhappy i thought it really started yeah it was a nice enough on most things like that he has said are why they haven't seen this lies the navajos losing can fool but the utilize these cleveland cruelty of like we have these girls because you still have the soul of a child and i think we do to you like that's what nat rich white people scare the shit out of me and all that i have this guy big loss that reticent usefulness in a minute is still not dreaming anymore so odd do you came in like a like it is this what it is a part you this though on a girl that that is i played what exactly i play that how could i see him a corner bring up um because you don't not easy to point you movies we're looking to continue doing that relate to do more traditional and and and by the way what is for you the difficulty low doing more traditional filmmaking dresses that because i think every film is critical get the big two guys are talking that's hard sell to do his wallet did that thing that which we probably will be more conventional network because both know bob if our literature pugh reads save this for some people begin is the man for more i think you have an occasion also oshiro ways to our vision that his mother yes human s. m. f. is for for tonight a magnificent over indonesia's came to me in the trigger finger we're going to think that i'm also knows is now appears in the states yeah was it then russian big if that and it does his thing i'm ahead how but if it does what they leave when did you just the ages of twenty bigger budget and as long as this one worked out because of the juices pinky me shipp he may support in the media reporter walk out and that's the best way to three years and that's why aid we have we have the best way is like that you could you think that the quito's work it might take place but a wrecking crew go international farai to augustus shoveled the death so maybe russia the ukraine gift that i had here we have your green the words unity gold rush into the community an eye it led to a little beyond lecturer as for the enemy's knows we thought things that we will bosnia's well and and it makes it and so on the elmo bought us yes i do not like you guys are going through a year in florence alanis young up and coming filmmakers to start thinking this plague is that no one's ever actually college and i can actually make a film that way and i wouldn't be surprises not since her copycat going on and you can anybody going to get anything to revolutionize and changed film industry in a way that is in a dynamic new layer of something i think ninety spearheaded that with this and you're so young and we should know for all us if you don't see how young and good-looking elliot is you are just on you've got a hell of a birdie when i heard the had voluntarily i had i met how about we are constantly on the people are the odds are thief everybody casual no golf is near and dear to or hurts we are sponsoring the p. g. a. tour of the sherwood bill murray yeah she's here is we really really as lessons not yet goals first major is right around the corner in you can play one week since the gulf for free address king's that tom just pick six call first before the t. op stay under the salary cap and rack up points for streets purple performance term it finishes and more cows were the competition and you could win it big every turn and with you live and breathe golf or you're ready to destroy new fancy sports drafting springs the excitement of the game to a whole other level with every monster drive and made pot bringing due plus or a victory in drafting says more than this eagles choose from a variety of sports to showcase you were winning skills millions of sports fans already discovered draft hangs now which your turn this isn't fantasy is you fool bob it's my turn on an oasis is drafting says i'll walk in to make that and i had my job azar and the golf digest begin with german steel also gets directing start on out and use your goal first used the promo coach five in play for free but soprano could try to play for free now only drafting stuck on press king's dot com cresting stock calm cha what ion but he rescinded that every segment with the cars are close upon relatives question was is that it is the third as his three simple questions by yet is that i did yeah isn't the mindset of these these questions is in a world that had befallen some sort of tragedy and is leading was a huge you guys is the lone man standing normally sweatshirts just well the and i let elena that the audience today and the lead that lies ahead in loads it god how good we don't we don't make a good golf ball you answer is margie like some of money which is they probably guys probably lonely times it's not the happiest place is necessarily to be as the first question easy question was awful is if you happen have one movie indeed the only to watch for the rest here days what movie would you choose to have to look jesus that reform first i guess i'd say that i am one movie awards for the rest of my days and i we say like you doesn't it be your favorite economic slighted i really a citizen watch any sign an idea because people say that they are like you know my prayer and it made it so it should just a bypass that never really bring me out of that route is not uncommon in the ngos the cooley the p. l. o. talks things comedy man diana on it use of words and i know it was a world and bows this will do said to watch and learn our in the kuby and it was mad mad mad mad world that just because but i'm really an old movie furloughs lydia girdle off synthesizing overall mrs doubtfire it at a level urine and that is the know going without the ice has had a i owed and rode into thinking that the islands off guard and if not you know this is miss the judges like eats you didn't please get voices yet like at sid unit out the legal into orbit google and who now i have them and animation as you see people when is likely to cause the lighting was eased off his voice though it's important and other bodies of reasons the people who are there are and composing adding up to the memos isn't she already written iowa vs as your cfo is greatly zapata this rat race online rat race car is based on race day someone writes prefer the body to back that that's rat race minus thirty years but every poll start comedian emerges in the movie the suits d'amato was the mouth is a star on the scene yes i can act on larry i don't already slab of these shots on homogenous do not want the year of their lives by gets a little hasn't solved love to become the trident is use it to be myself and the character of what will you done that before he's a big incidentally know i know not a job is like i've done is that my third inner beauty of the other like howard stern and he had our own outside thirteenth july twenty minutes in an hour in half a dozen of these italians were listed to themselves and it's not like a train on the city's rein in his path here so that was to audit your girls yeah so this is in the habit be one other woman on the planet beneath your job to populate the world and and and who is the prototypical woman now i know right away that where you are in danger you now man you married i saw an item as well as you saw the unread length have any brothers is a constructive but i cannot happen is they might as well and now i call you look on one hand the unknowable and says bull getting any luck have you really had that and i just don't like having a good a year but what we had hoped out on clinton and his wife brenda moran was on this bomb on the stage is and as a witness for lot of issues you help us out and yes there are he was united we will have as young and the done why i have a concussion latino hearing any word on july she does my naked on a human right when i'm just kidding all know that she's bad that it looks like that and she and timing isn't it time when it comes with me to write you received it just goes to gloat optimal use over here and that it of you every other episodes and i think that i would say like this a good entertainment the winds in a good example that scene in which the care and lazy but at the polls and i know how to astronauts i'm glad the i and i knew in alignment is blue and she's a hillside she's closer to issue and that has landed on the new drugs in london in the movie almighty anja as good an rejects soon she goes on and what an ride bikes so arm but i guess at them panama and the blue chips in years back yet you are how did that and that is all things bright enough sir that is really live an hour he and as you say from the dominating why has that he put it that correct answer into what time is you have an assassin count right now it has not mental outlook is monday morning rejecting my wife of the lake aviation diana shooting of hers and that's how i thought i left it bought us and for a visa assuming you guys are the u. slowly drifting in and it's the you're listening having a conversation with one person any one person throughout time which you most want hawks who feel it my dear i find it in jesus christ by just one on iwo doubted that didn't mean is that you didn't really happen islamization mice that at every level with me 'cause that is everything man that got us like i'd really like that is that none of the floor of this is sister into it the plaza you and see the fun it yeah allotted whatsoever and by the reminders it i i'm i'm will have an answer how has this home i think of a family member the kid in half and had you born worthwhile thing that did well and the serb film and inspired by that much ha ha ha ha ha ha i knew that you might have to like i like comic book characters village of making a higher in its own israeli again and again let it in the politics of this is you great question answered your question or stoned or didn't close the wound and as she says it is elena is a chance he shouldn't they digest this is a man as a body that has a half hearted i'm phyllis in my mind eat it must open to anything we actually about as me out there and to no i'd die effect on me huh can somebody up looking up at school and you need something super smart view on his robin williams bill schneider think ellen actually the lower rung the bell in every last one was that you have to go right that i might put a wild price you violated an then he's dead as these delightful exceedingly letters urging wrong you robin williams in half and hour ago the existing home i'm an border robin williams i'm done is idea contact i'm sure i'll walk out that door go up as lines like gonna go do it again to we'll walk a gauntlet sobbing audition answered then baby to lead by the airport revenues is a fine i. r. s. is rather just so at once and i see beyond an executive them and i that i cannot let that night that hannah whose cause for like three hours i was putting his long pose nicaraguans because it is hurt me so bad ideas and i'm going internalize which is happening shifted from me is a lot is at that moment when i hate you know 'cause i've been acting long enough that people saw speaking shit about june incidental and we need to suspicion good use of his eyeballs ito did you not a lawful hates us like we're not hoods him in an interview that i didn't listen to one loss and these he did when he was the signatures like the navy's on thank you goodbye to sell this thing called incident that light on ozick fever and robin williams and still feel the honorable takeshi right out and still feel like you hadn't gotten off with you and you can we end you know you would you annoyed with my choices you're getting a visa the senate and industrials acute you know something shift in my head was i'd never end of the myth that ship fought with it yet and it's a psychiatric yourself from that sock and stuff because if that happens to him you know that it's like anything that is that you know i mean at exactly know what is as item on and like most of it really doesn't somebody who is in and then amount of fighting genius and love and light and everything's off of the world as like that is still clutched in his like to take to solve like a modified form has loosed in half an hour i am the not really it's like flock and you inhabit a close quarter of a piano and enter you and then that is all moise everything outside and was assholes you know it's reagan's and leave everything i read i had how myself with yes men enough to of both had a bad girl a tiny it's it's by no i do me coke the athens didn't it and on and on the line and later i find the right of the dividends like a jury because ma ghanaians thought that was one of one pauses and can lead to smoke weed to leave him on the are and other rochelle yo zeiger is easily zigzag he was reagan's but not so tonight i shall to god and you'll join us in on his good looks innocent and futility and sailors as i write that one of the antidote to the summit but you'll know why then we look in it no we will know you can like you for real crack n. n. g. exhale and then i tell him what's in it or are you watching healing and that sola i mean if you do in the cocaine jimmy i'm adventurer from the screening of suspicion of that flower and a a drawing need the energy all signed in just a it's so funny i tell it to every seizes froman that's what we're all driving adequate an idiot comes out on the role he not only at night thriller and charles know we could get a minute you guys i had to do it on the counter and dumped onto the tribe audience is probably planning on seeing the good moment in a city has its center rollercoaster it so much fun it is so funny he has is everything for it is why in theaters and i figured i'd say it again that's on you that's your mistake and i think you're not really knowing what you know you will like i should enjoy it and i'm here is that they as we were not a woman congratulate you as a time but i needed some spots on hands and grabs on everything we are coming your way you can join us every thursday for the fat content on park has won that contest pony dot com again guys out thank you for saying that the fifty five minutes yet that we stole from you guys let's do another as the osaka and all idling tens and as the head of the sights and on the state visit to get on it at all i'd like for money stay tuned for the latest geeky news headlines from pod asked want right after this