Episode: Getting a Sexual Health Check-up

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Getting a Sexual Health Check-up
Simplified:  Key Vocabulary性病xìngbìngSTD检验jiǎnyànto inspect性爱xìngàisex; love making大概dàgàiprobably性伴侣xìngbànlǚsexual partner戴dàito wear安全套ānquántàocondom不过bùguòbut检查jiǎncháto inspect药物yàowùmedication过敏guòmǐnallergy全部quánbùcomplete; whole具体jùtǐconcrete验yànto examine项目xiàngmùitem体检tǐjiǎnphysical exam既然...就...jìrán...jiù...sinceSupplementary Vocabulary尴尬gāngàawkward脸红liǎnhóngto blush性行为xìngxíngwéisexual activity保险套


Key Vocabulary性病xìngbìngSTD檢驗jiǎnyànto inspect性愛xìngàisex; love making大概dàgàiprobably性伴侶xìngbànlǚsexual partner戴dàito wear安全套ānquántàocondom不過bùguòbut檢查jiǎncháto inspect藥物yàowùmedication過敏guòmǐnallergy全部quánbùcomplete; whole具體jùtǐconcrete驗yànto examine項目xiàngmùitem體檢tǐjiǎnphysical exam既然...就...jìrán...jiù...sinceSupplementary Vocabulary尷尬gāngàawkward臉紅liǎnhóngto blush性行為xìngxíngwéisexual activity保險套bǎoxiǎntàocondom (TW)全面quánmiàncomprehensive

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