Episode: Do you like China? Newbie

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Do you like China? Newbie
Visit https://chinesepod.com/lessons/do-you-like-china for the full lesson notes and expansion exercises.

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Well, well… what do we have here? A modern-day “Harold & Maude,” that’s what. Just as Zhang Liang is having doubts about Lili, he finds himself after hours with an attractive female co-worker. Sound spicy? Wait till you hear who catches them! Oohhhhhh, ChinesePod, the Sichuan food of Mandarin Chinese podcasts!拨打bōdǎto dial关机guānjīto turn off怪不得guàibudeno wonder打扰dǎrǎodisturb私人sīrénprivate误会wùhuìto misunderstand没电méidiànto have a dead battery; to have no electricity一大帮yīdàbānga big group (of people)解释jiěshìto explain; explanation一个样yī ge yàngthe same; alike
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