Episode: Defrag Tools #176 - CMD and PowerShell Context Menus | Defrag Tools

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Defrag Tools #176 - CMD and PowerShell Context Menus | Defrag Tools

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder delve into the way the Shell uses the registry to provide the Right-Click behavior of a (File Explorer) Folder.

We add sub-menus to the Directory context menu, allowing a Command Prompt or PowerShell prompt to be opened in the current folder, either elevated and non-elevated.

The registry file created is provided on Andrew's MSDN blog (Where in the API is Andrew Richards?), and the Defrag Tools OneDrive.

Enhancing the "Open Command Prompt here" Context Menu experience (Andrew's MSDN blog)
Creating Shortcut Menu Handlers (MSDN)


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