Episode: 08/13: Wide Receivers Preview Part 2 - Where's the Upside? (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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08/13: Wide Receivers Preview Part 2 - Where's the Upside? (Fantasy Football Podcast)
It's an ADP review for the Top 40 (or so) WRs, with the rest coming tomorrow. Which group do we love? Which group do we avoid? Where is the upside? We start with a look at the Top 7 WRs (2:00). Should Odell Beckham Jr. be last in this group? Is Tyreek Hill due for regression, and would it even matter? ... Moving along to the Mike Evans/Keenan Allen/T.Y. Hilton/MIN WRs/Julian Edelman/Antonio Brown/Amari Cooper group (16:35) and then into Round 4 (30:00) with the LAR WRs, Kenny Golladay and more. We discuss all of these guys. Is there a big difference between the Round 3 WRs and the Round 4 WRs? ... Round 5 WRs (37:05) including Calvin Ridley, Cooper Kupp, Tyler Lockett and others. Is this the last group that has WR1 upside? After that, we discuss the mid-round picks (45:15) that we like and don't like ... Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

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