Episode: 08/09: Preseason Hype! Late-Round RBs! Duke Johnson Trade! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

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08/09: Preseason Hype! Late-Round RBs! Duke Johnson Trade! (Fantasy Football Podcast)

Who are we putting in the Hall of Fame after just one or two preseason series? We'll get to that, but first let's discuss the Duke Johnson trade from all angles (2:30). Does this affect Nick Chubb and/or Lamar Miller? Some say yes, others say no! Is Deshaun Watson a winner and when should Duke get drafted? Plus some more news and notes from around the NFL (12:00) ... Finishing up our RB Average Draft Position review (18:30). We start in Round 7 with guys like Latavius Murray and Rashaad Penny and we discuss backfield committees and players we take with late picks (30:00) ... Our thoughts on the first round of preseason games (36:30)! David Montgomery looked great. What do we make of the NE WRs? Who is this Preston Williams character? What did we learn about shared backfields in DEN, MIA and LAC? We also answer your questions (47:30) and do some Fantasy Regulating (56:40)! ... Your emails at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

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