Episode: 84: Hot Trends in Sports Philanthropy

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84: Hot Trends in Sports Philanthropy

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Alisha Greenberg, the founder of Rounding Third, a sports philanthropy consultancy, and director of the sports philanthropy program at George Washington University. Alisha discusses the growth of sports philanthropy in the United States, but especially outside of the country where it's beginning to gain steam. With the Olympics just finished, she also talks about athletes that have turned Olympic glory into support for good causes. Specifically, she talks about her work with three-time Olympian Tracy Evans and her work in Rwanda. Another hat Alisha wears is director of the Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy, which is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She shares how the award process works and the type of athletes and sports organizations they seek to honor. If you're interested in how sports and marketing intersect with philanthropy, this is the episode for you. Tune in now!

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