Episode: 088 Auto Racing for the Average Joe | Chris Leone of iRacing

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088 Auto Racing for the Average Joe | Chris Leone of iRacing

Imagine being able to race any car on any track in the world! That’s the power of simulated virtual racing and the realism is mind-blowing! 

You could race a Porsche 919 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for a couple hundred bucks from the safety and comfort of your home!


In this episode I got to talk with Chris Leone of iRacing. iRacing is an incredibly realistic sim racing program used by professional drivers but available to anyone. All you need is a computer and a digital wheel/pedal.


Join Chris and I in this episode as we discuss how iRacing scans every square inch of a track to properly replicate it, how they recreate the driving dynamics of real cars, how iRacing alters driving dynamics to incredible detail (like the temperature of the track pavement!), how to get started sim racing, what equipment you’ll need, how to get better at racing, and much more!


For more info and to try sim racing for yourself visit http://iracing.com/


*This episode is not sponsored by iRacing. I just discovered them, thought they were doing cool stuff, and invited them on the show to learn more.




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