Episode: #23: Make a Decision, with Erica Jennings

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#23: Make a Decision, with Erica Jennings

Erica Jennings quit her day job in early 2009 to run her graphic and web design firm full-time. At the time, she had a mortgage and one client. Today, Jennings Design LLC has worked with dozens of clients big and small, from national magazines and nonprofits to local consultants, authors, and professionals.

In this episode Erica and Stacy discuss the decisions that entrepreneurs have to make throughout the life of their business, starting with the decision to just go for it.

Some highlights include:

Why not now? At minute 1:00, Erica talks about her decision to quit her day job. After listening to a lot of personal development audios and videos for her day job, she realized that the time was right to make the plunge.

Make a decision. Lots of entrepreneurs get stuck and don’t make decisions they have to make, Erica says. “You don’t need to spend six months coming up with a perfect name.” (minute 6:00)

“I found perfect work-life balance.” At minute 9:00, Erica talks about making the mistake of saying this. She’s come to the conclusion that work-life balance goes in cycles.

Do your due diligence in the hiring process. Erica hired a person through a temp agency, and the person left her completely hanging. Make sure you’re hiring the right person for you. (minute 11:00)

“It can be very nerve-wracking when the money’s not coming in.” Erica talks about learning that it will work out in the end, no matter what. (minute 14:00)

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