Episode: What Happens When the VC Music Stops?

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What Happens When the VC Music Stops?

You know what happens when you assume: you make an investment mistake. So why are so many startup founders and everyday investors assuming today’s endless well of venture capital is...actually endless?

This week on Morning Brew’s weekly podcast, Business Casual, Union Square Ventures managing partner Rebecca Kaden explains that, even though venture as a whole is armed with more capital than ever before, “nerves are spiking and we know change is coming.”

But what does that change look like? When the change does come, where’s the opportunity in a venture-funded world packed with potential WeWorks? And what are the long-term implications of today’s multibillion-dollar private check-writing?

In this episode, Kaden explains. Plus, we...

  • Determine why the inherent risk of venture capital is so misconceived by the market
  • Explain why recessions are good for venture capitalists and bad for you
  • Compare and contrast our economic predictions with those of Juicy J.

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