Episode: 5: Bryony Gordon & Martha Freud

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5: Bryony Gordon & Martha Freud
Join Matilda Sturridge as she talks to journalist, Bryony Gordon & artist, Martha Freud about motherhood, friendship, sobriety and the importance of community!

Bringing Up Us is a podcast hosted by Matilda Sturridge. After falling pregnant at 21 and becoming a single mother soon after her son was born, Matilda experienced a non-traditional nosedive into being a parent. This podcast hopes to explore all the bold and beautiful ways that people's journeys evolve as they raise their families. We all know that life is never simple or straight forward so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect parents? How do you bring up a child when you're still growing up yourself? With a host of incredible guests, Bringing Up Us hopes that by delving into peoples narratives we realise that there is no set path.

Join us every Wednesday for new episodes featuring intimate interviews with a line up of amazing women including Jessie Cave, Bryony Gordon, Natalie Lee, Emma Freud & many more!

Produced by The Pink Protest
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