Episode: E013 Tips for XCON 2018

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E013 Tips for XCON 2018

In this episode, Carol talks about getting ready for Bluebeam Extreme 2018, which is now called Bluebeam XCON 2018. This topic leads the BluePrints crew to talk about tips & tricks for getting ready to attend a conference, and what to do when you return from a conference.


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Show Notes

  • Episode Hashtag: #FindCarol
  • Use the App!
  • More people in the AEC industry need to be aware of what the Construction Progression Coalition (CPC) is doing. And those that do know, need to share with those that don’t!
  • Not sure what that font is, try WhatTheFont
  • Want to find out what Bill have been up to with his rover? Then check out his site:
  • Make sure you make at least one new “Conference Friend”

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